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Lets rate each other's game in this thread!

A topic by Smoothy88 created 69 days ago Views: 264 Replies: 71
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Lets rate each other's games and check em out, 
to start things off, here's my game:
we will do a release the feature complete version once the gamejam's over


irated your game😄

Here's mine

rated ^^, also really liked the way your game looks


Rated! Interesting concept!

Submitted (1 edit)

Here is ours. Give us a honest feedback. Now I'm playing yours. And small tip: There is more than you expect at first. Have fun! 

haha your game is awfully relatable, especially since our game happens to be incomplete too we all have a *Michael* in our team, the idea behind it is great solid but I cant say whether it can expanded upon or not, the music is fairly decent but a bit overbearing. But other than that its great, made me chuckle at the credit scene.


I hope that you stayed after the credit scene. *Cough* there is more *cough*

Already rated yours couple of days ago :) very cool game seriously. Look forward to see what you are gonna add to this game after jam.

Don't forget to rate my game please if you haven't yet.

yeah one of our team member was talking about your game too, I really enjoyed the presentation but the text I thought was a little slow(?) it clearly comes off as something that can be expanded upon in near future and I am totally looking forward to it if you consider doing so!


This is my first game jam, if you play my game it would mean a lot to me...

Please play my game and give me constructive criticism if any, really looking forward to improvise it after the jam

Love the music and the character designs, looks very cute.
the mechanics is interesting enough to be  fleshed out, and the humor take advantage of the said mechanics really well, as for the fleshing out part,  I think you are already planning on that. But for your first gamejam its a great attempt.


Please check out my game, I'll play all the other games!

rated! your games goes very well with the theme, enoyed the sound design  too, all it needs is some feedback.


Heres mine

rated!, hope you checked out ours and the other games in this thread too! really digged the concept btw <3


Hey ! 

Checkout, challenging yet funny, you can it try in browser and windows! 

Please rate, this is our first game and first game Jam 😊

rated ! for your first entry for a gamejam its pretty solid, the idea is pretty cool too, if you plan to make this into something bigger later on, make sure you nail visual presentation of it, because the idea leaves a lot of potential for going crazy with the visuals. btw make sure you rate our game and the folks participating in the thread <3


Check out my game here:

Thank you!


rated! really dig the overall look of the game.


I will rate your game when Im at home, 

here is my game!

rated! the looks and the puzzles are great, all it needs is some better color palatte,other than that its a solid game, please make sure you check out all the games in this thread and give them a feedback accordingly <3 


I will rate yours this weekend 👍🏻


Here you go. It's a longer submission that has a story and quest line leading to the ending. Works in browser or download:

Rated! couldnt play all the way through because I had other games to check out but I had a lot of fun exploring so far.and hey make sure you rate other games on this thread ,mine included <3


Where did ninja panda wake up, and what are these voices? Is what's happening real or illusory? Find out here!

Here's the link to the game my team and I have done, being my first game jam!

Probably  the best looking game so far in this thread,atleast for a first gamejam project you and team did a great job on that, rated! Oh and please check out game too if you havent already, its our first gamejam project too and make sure you have rated all the games in this thread.


Thanks :) I'll check out your project


I would appreciate it if you could try playing my game. You can find it here.

If you need additional instructions how to play the game please watch this video.

I found the game interesting, and sorry for taking a while, I was busy playing all these games.  The visuals are kinda lackluster but  the idea backing it up seems solid enough, as for the tutorial, you should write it down in your game itself, it would be far more intuitive even though I did have much issue with it.Anyways rated! so make sure you check the other games in this thread including ours <3

Submitted (1 edit)

here is my game:

I am a beginner so sorry if there are any bugs or problems😅

rated!! I really found the idea interesting and to some extent our game is kinda about the same thing, or a fragment of it. And please check out the oyher games in this very thread including mine, that'd be great!


Here's my game, hope you like it!

I have rated your game already just for visuals alone, guess I have to re-rate after checking it out for real,lmao but seriously though great job on the visuals <3 oh it'd be great if you check the other games in this very thread.


My game:

(1 edit)

your game is easily something that can be expanded upon, already finished it once and digged the messaging. If you are gonna flesh it out further, make sure that you focus on the visual side of things too! look forward to more stuff from you <3 . btw please rate our game and the folks in this thread.


Sure, thanks for playing!


Please try out our game. We are a team of two. This is our first time participating in a  game jam and it's only been a couple of months that we got into game development. Hope you enjoy it.

Any constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome!

There is also a web version that we uploaded -

rated! for your first gamejam project its a great little story, looking forward to more stuff from you two! and make sure you have rated our game and others participating in this thread ^^


Thank you so much for playing our game! we'll get to playing your game now!

thanks!make sure you leave a feedback on the comment section of our game too and check out the other games in this thread ^^

Submitted (2 edits)

Here is my game:

rated! I like the flavor, goes very well with the theme but only to some extent, dig the looks though. Make sure you check our game out and give us a rating, and rate and interact with the other folks in the thread too!


Thanks and I already did it.


this is our first time in a jam but I hope you enjoy it

rated, solid idea that aligns very well with the theme, and congratulations on your first jam project! just make sure you have rated the other games in this thread too


Hello!!Now i'm playing your game!!Here is mine!I hope you like; The link:

rated! a little bit buggy at times and some design flaws here and there but interesting game nonetheless. Please check out all the games in this thread and the game that we made for the jam :

rated urs awhile ago :/ 

Heres mine! I hope you enjoy

your game was one of the first games that I checked out alongside Lie or die, couldn't finish it back then but now I can confirm that it makes use of the short length and the theme very well, I really enjoyed the voice acting because hey its one of the things you dont expect in a gamejam game haha. A few gripes that I had with the game would be, the thematic backbone(i.e EDEN and the ideas surrounding it) becomes overbearing but the world itself makes up for it, you can easily flesh this out into a point and click in the veins of The last door and Gemini Rue. That said, I have rated your game, so did my team mate <3 just make sure you have bumped all the other games in this thread and leave them a feedback.

Thank you for such great feedback! (Will check out the other posts in the thread) :P


Here would be my game - also the first time participating in a jam and the week was very stressful, so it became a bit "too" simple. Hope you like it:

first off, congratulations on your first jam project buddy! I dig the idea behind the game, even though general presentation is not upto my alley, it makes use of the theme well enough to score a 5/5 in it. But anyways, make sure you have rated the games in this thread(including mine) and provide a feedback. Looking forward to more stuff from your team.


rated! sorry for taking so long btw, I really dig the controls, it took a few minutes to figure stuff out but i really liked the simple concept behind it, hoping that I makes it to 20+ rating. and hey, can you rateback our game and the games in this thread, rating and giving us a feedback would help us a lot!!

Submitted Check out my trailer I made for my game heres my game

rated buddy, also nice trailer you got there. At first I thought its  a Mother clone but ended up really enjoying it, good job!
Make sure you check out our game too:
and the other games in this thread


Yo, I would appreciate if you could check out my game. You can play it on the browser.

One of our team members suggested the game to me few days ago, beat 3 levels and it was really fun. A lot of game in this jam utilizes pixel art, but only a few of them are good to look at, yours is definitely the latter <3. That said the only grip i had with the game is that the sound design related to movement was kinda jarring since moving around is what you do for the most part,tuning down the movement sound or changing it completely might do the trick. All in all, a solid entry for the jam. 
please make sure you rate the games in this thread inlcuding ours and leave us a feedback!


Check out my Game: You thought!

rated, like the graphics a lot. The themes are well integrated while a bit unfair but still a great game.
Please make sure you have check out our game and rated it:

Submitted (1 edit)

Amazin games, rated a few, will rate more gradually. Here is my game :) Please do rate and try to get to the secret level ;) (Its browser playable)

some of the sprite work and the presentation looks solid, didnt manage to get to the secret level but I can safely say that your game deserve way more ratings, rated your game btw.
Since, you have checked out the other games in this thread, just be sure to check ours too, that'd be great <3

It's a Web puzzle game

Hope you will enjoy it !

rated! like the way your game looks, good job.
Be sure to rate our game and the other games in this thread!


Here is my game:

Hope you like it :)

Already rated your game buddy, you were in this thread too!
please rate the other games in this thread if you havent already, and check out our game too


Oh sorry! Yes i will do!


Simple 2 min fps game that will surly make you laugh read the comments if you doupt me hope  you  play and enjoy and rate! : )


Hii, please give me feedback of my game. Thank you !!

It's a game of following simple instructions". In this short but great game, you must follow simple instructions given to you by your friendly neighbourhood Phil. Will you follow his instructions? What happened if you don't? With over 45 ratings, this is an epic and hilarious platformer made for the Community Game Jam in only 7 days. Good luck, you challenge starts now!

rated bud! I like the tone and the use of theme in your game, it works very well in that enviroment, good job, one of our teammate liked your game too, so congrats on your 49th rating haha.

Btw make sure you check out our game too, and leave us a feedback!

"A game of following simple instructions". In this short but great game, you must follow simple instructions given to you by your friendly neighbourhood 'P.H.I.L'. Will you follow his instructions? What happens if you don't? With over 50 ratings, 'DON'T DO IT' is a puzzle based platformer that's filled to the brim of humour. This game was made for the community game jam in under 7 days. Good luck, your challenge starts now!

It would make my week if anyone could check out this game which me and a couple others worked on. It would be greatly appreciated as a lot of work went into making it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! :)