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Please rate my game here(for LD):

Nice game!!You can rate my game too:

Hello!I’m gonna rate your game if you do the same with mine!


Also thanks!

I’m gonna rate your game if you do the same!

Nice game!!!

You can try and rate my game(if you want):

I try too!!

Here’s mine;

I’m gonna try your right now!


Hello!!That’s my game:

I will rate yours also


Nice game!!Well done doing it!

Your turn:

Ok!You can also rate my game!!

Let’s rate each other’s game which has less than 20 ratings

Here is mine:

Please help me get 20 ratings

It would be great!!

Yeah,you had a gun which has 0 ammo and you can’t get ammo.That was the lie

Hello!!I hope i make it before tomorrow!!

Here’s mine:

Thanks man!!That’s awesome,i will play your game too!!

Nice game !!I liked it!For a week this is a good game but i had a bug when i sent tanks .They got blocked in the middle of the screen

Hello!!Now i'm playing your game!!Here is mine!I hope you like; The link:

Nice game!!!I couldn't finish it bcz of ragequit but I liked the idea!!!

Very nice game!!I ragequited at chapter 5!Nice graphics.Congratulations!!

Thanks man!!!I will keep in mind!

Good job!Nice game

Nice game!

Nice game!The world was bigger than expected!Nice game

Also, you can try my game too:

Hello!!!It is nice!!This is my game:

Nice game!Good job!!

It would be awesome if you tried my game:

I am gonna rate your game right now!!

Hello!!Here is my game:

I’m going rate your game too

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Hello!!That’s my game :

It would be great if you have time.I’ll rate your game(in exchange)

Hello boss!!If you have time you can rate my game


Upload sth and then you edit the post

Good luck!!!

Mine is Cube Wars :

Go to edit game and set the game to PUBLIC.(you find in down of page)

Theme was :"The game is a liar".If you didn't see the lie leave a comment and I'll answer as soon as possible

Guys,good luck for everyone.My first jam was 1 month ago.It will be ok,don’t be scared.

A very easy programm to make sound is Bosca Ceoil,you can learn this in just 1-2 hours

You can use any game engines you want.

Nice game.The story when you die a bit longer though..


This is my game:

A little shooter with one bullet per target.I made the game in five hours do to some problems with teammate(I ended trying alone)

It has just 2 ratings