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Small On Top

A gay furry RPG about muscle guys bottoming · By Spedumon

Help others! Sticky

A topic by Spedumon created Mar 19, 2020 Views: 78,468 Replies: 996
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If you have any questions or are confused what you're supposed to do, ask your questions here! Where's that one item or where can I find that one event. Stuff like that!


For the slime wanting "sexy" clothes, how do I trigger that?


You need to grind the slime armor for Lace and equip it and show it to the slime. There's 5 parts to the armor and you can get them as drops from slimes.







How can i beat Wulfric?

Developer (1 edit) (+4)

The easiest way is to throw the buttplug at his head. It's in the items!

hi all , I try to download yet I cannot get the actual game only a folder and inside the folder there isn't a application for the game . im on a MacBook Air . any help will be appreciated .


Macs aren't supported at the time because I would need a MAC computer to export the game on. I'm sorry about that

Sorry if i kept trying to get the up and running really sorry now understood


Search for projects like Wine so you can emulate the game like it was running on a Windows machine. You can run the game inside MacOS without any Windows installation required. Hope it helps.

Hey, I'm a Patreon for this game, so I'm not sure if the Patreon builds have more content than the public builds, but here goes.

I'm trying to find how to initiate the following scenes:
"Speedo Boys"
"Good Boy"
"Too Big"

and "MANta Ray".

Any and all help is appreciated!

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Speedo Boy

Go to shiptown. At the bottom of the town there are 2 homes. In one of the homes there's a swordfish. Talk to him and then go to the beach and talk to him again there.

Good Boy

Go to the other home in Shiptown and talk to the crow over there.

Too Big

Talk to the red orc in Shiptown (East, near the docks). He gives you a letter which you will give to a green lizard. Talk to red orc again and they should both be gone. Go to the inn in Shiptown and go to the left-most door (it's a storage) you can find them both there and the event should play when you get closer.

MANta Ray

Go to the right-most building in Shiptown (Pretty tall building, where the red orc is) There are stones at the Northern part of the building. Go there and Wulfrick will throw you through the window.

Thanks for the help! :)

MANta Ray
Couldn't find any stone there, is that part still under construction or I went to a wrong place?


Like stepping stones! Not rocks. You can climb to the second floor of building from the left side of the building.

How to use Sword's key?


The game is still in progress and the item can't be currently used in any way. It's just in the game to tease something about the future of the game.


Where did you find it?

What platforms does this game support


Currently Only PC. I would need a  MAC to be able to export it. And android is a thing I will look into in the future

As I understand it, the Android version will be released in may, right?


I still haven't learned fully how the creation of android game goes. I've found tutorials but they're outdated...

Hello, how do I activate these events: "Milk Me Good" and "Logsucker"

I know theres a note in gloomy forest that tells the player to go into the "dark room" in Bangers, but I can't find any rooms besides the three main ones. Are these two scenes available in the public build?

I am in the same situation. I'm also not sure where to go after getting the third party member. I accidentally skipped one box of dialogue when talking to Lace after the fight, and I'm not sure if he told me where to go. On a related note, it would be nice to have either a text log or a journal reminding the player of their current objective or something.


Those two will be the next events released in 0.5 and 0.6 they're there now so I can make the builds so that you can bring the save from 0.4 to the few next builds!

Alright! Thanks for the clarification, I'll just be patient then.  Also, does the dragon tourist ever show up again in later builds? The scene with him was rather short (which is fine) and I'd love to see more of him. Just curious.


A lot of patreons liked him so I might make him a possible encounter at the glory hole.


I'd love it if the pink "not gay" dragon was a gloryhole scene. It seems so fitting.

For the life of me, I cant figure out the rock puzzle in the Gloomy Forest...  I don't know if I'm stupid or what. I adjust the rocks to get through, but that doesn't seem to solve it.  Am I just supposed to bypass it?  Now the quote of the second wolf makes sense, "It'll stay on your mind if you don't solve it."

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Try to push the button next to the puzzle a few times.

(1 edit) (+3)

I was thinking there was a way to fix whatever the orc broke with the puzzle.  The poor wolf just so sad.  I figured I'd have to fix it and not break it!


hello. SOOOOOO basically i'm at the part where you enter the place with the ID and I put in the new www/img/characters and it complelety wiped out all my progress. It did it twice and I don't know whats going on. please help <3

how do i get to shiptown? i cant seem to find it.


Shiptown is only in the Patreon build.

Is that going to be a Patreon exclusive? Or will it be released to Public at some point?


For now it's Patreon exclusive but it will come to the public build at some point.

I can't seem to find the "Beach Fuck" event, how can I find it or unlock it?


Oh, all is well, to start a "beach fuck" you need to put speedos on YOURSELF and talk to the wolf on the beach.

What do I do after getting Wulfric, I got a little confused 

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Assuming you're on the public build, that's where it ends for now since you can't head south to Shiptown - but you can grind up some gold & Wulfrick who starts at lv 1 to see his combat, talk with some NPCs again (namely the betas and the spider shopkeeper) to trigger some dialogue from Wulfrick and backtrack to places you've been for a few lines of dialogue and a special item.

I had this doubt, so after Bangers for the public the game ends there? how sad, I can't wait to get the full game, this is the most perfect game I've seen. I hope he keeps this story line that makes everything more interesting.

Sorry, but how can I get a “beach fuck” scene and a second toilet scene on the docks?

Oh, all is well, to start a "beach fuck" you need to put speedos on YOURSELF and talk to the wolf on the beach.


With the docks you just need to go in and out. The events there are randomized.

Deleted 3 years ago

You need to go back to the first town and to the gym where you battled the bull. Give the snack to the slime that has appeared there.

Where can I get the snack for the slime in the gym?


You have to craft it at Lace's alchemy station in Shiptown. You need lots of slime goo so farm up on that too!

hi, when is the next update coming out here on itch?

Developer (1 edit)

The next public update will be released on July 3rd.

hehe~  best birtday gift ever!  no, seriously, july 3rd LITERALLY my birthday.  EXCITED :D

I can't download the game it only shows me a folder and I can't play it  I'm on pc.


The game is inside the folder.

(1 edit)

So I download the game and I don't how to start it and I'm new to pc so I don't knew anything.


Open the folder and run the game.exe file inside.


then and win the wofrick what should I do to continue in history

where can I find all 5 ruby?

I just noticed the gator looking character all alone on the island by himself. There was a dialogue where my protag is surprised that he's all over there and seems to be enjoying by himself. Is this just a tease or something that I'm supposed to do, get something and go over to that island?


It's a placeholder. In the new patreon build you can f him.

Ooh! I was thinking as if it would be a easter egg situation. Heheh awesome

Does flirting during fights only happens with certain enemies? I've only been able to do it with the bull

Will the public build go past Wulfric?

I'm not sure if this is the  right place to ask, but I've noticed the boxes underneath enemies get filled when they are hit by certain types of spells. I've tried to figure out the matchups for each enemy, but I'm curious if meeting them does something. I managed to figure out the matches for the rat thief, but I didn't notice anything happen.


Ah! They're the weaknesses of the enemies. I might need to add an NPC that teaches you that.

lol. It's funny, immediately after I asked the question, I wondered if that had something to do with it. Regardless, I think it's a nice mechanic in the game, even if I didn't fully understand it at first. I think you're right though. I may just may have been blinded by how great and sexy the game is overall, but it wasn't readily obvious to me. An NPC or even a sign or note might help out the oblivious like me.

D'oh! Count me in, this kind of tutorial for the mechanics used would be awesome!

what to do with note piece #1 ?

Is there a walk-through idk if i am stuck or at the end of the build. 


How can I recover my saves from 0.4? I don't want to start over again... I had the characters at a decent level... I don't want to do all that grinding again... 


Copy paste the save folder  from the www folder to the 0.5 version www folder

Where is that? 


It's in the folder that came with the game.

Oh, crap. I'm going to have to restart again... I deleted the 0.4 update folder... 

what does the key to sword's chastity cage do ?


It's an item  that will have meaning in the later parts of the game. Currently it does nothing.

how do i get the third gloryhole scene after wolfric I keep getting the one with bird over and over again


You just need to try to re-enter the toilets and see when Lace is gone. It's random, but there's going to be something to help with knowing who's in the stall in the future.

Where are the toilets for the gloryhole scenes? I cant find the one at the beach. And where are the docks bathrooms?


They are the same thing and they're east of  Shiptown (where the ships are)

Is it in one of the houses or rooms? I've checked almost everywhere accept for the locked house sword was standing in front of.

Developer (1 edit)

It's not on that map, go right towards the sea. There is a bathroom on the docks.

Is there anything I can do to help the wolf with the pink flowers around him at gloomy forest?

(3 edits)

You can go to the shop "Silky Smooth" and buy the Silk Stockings that costs 50g , than come back to him and it should give you an option to give him the thing you bought

i hard lock my self in the rock maze in th glommy forest is there a spwan at spawnpoint button that i not seeing or 

Where can I find "Cum Serpent" and "Thirsty Logger"?


Cum serpent is on the beach when you dive underwater and find the cave there. Thirsty logger is in the Log Woods and wants a bottle of cum before the event can start.

where can i find milk me good

You can find it in the Gloomy Forest at Bangers room #3

Can someone tell me where to find all the Note pieces? I arleady found Note piece #1 and #2 but I don't know if there's more and where to find  them.


Those are the only ones that are in the game right now.

(1 edit)

Ooh Ok thank you, another quick question, do you have any idea on how to get quick xp and where to get the things to craft the iron ?


What do you mean by iron? Fast way to get EXP is probably the Rat cave. The boss there gives 200xp. Or the Betas since they give 100 XP

(1 edit)

I meant the small gemstone , I arleady looked for it in the beach cave but I cannot find any.


It's a random drop from the rats. You might need to grind for them a bit.

oh ok thanks, after a while I've been able to craft a sword I wanted, thanks for helping

Where can you find Swimwear?


Speedos are the swimwear and you can find the on the beach if you go to the southern part of the map.

Loogwood, in the south there's a dragon-like creature that wants something to drink the game suggest a bottle full of cum which i already have but i can't give it to him. Or do i need another specific bottle? 


Is it patreon build? A normal bottle of cum should be enough as long as it's a normal one and not one from the tutorial bull etc. (horny pervert's cum should be enough)

Yeah, after getting another bottle of cum it worked, thanks :D 

Does Sword will join party member ? He look so cool ^^

I got stuck at Beach Cave, I'm blocked by a slime and it's say i'm afraid of wolf but I can't do something with Wulfic :((, please help.


You need to go to the Shiptown and talk to Sword there and then go to the bar in shiptown, after that you should be able to go in.

I do as you told but nothing happen, Sword still sorry me :3

What is news in the public build 0.6 ? Cause i don't know what to do and kinda just running around. 


Have you found and battled the 2 bosses? Or gone to the Bangers club?

I found the first boss in the water fall the secind in gloomy forest where ?


After the first 2 betas there is a  cave you can go to. He's in there.

What do I do after Wulfrick gets added to my party?


Have you found and battled the 2 bosses? Or gone to the Bangers club?

Deleted 1 year ago

First boss is in Light Forest where you battle the slimes. You need a key (found inside the house where the long bird lives) to unlock the gate.

Second boss is at the end of the Rat Cave you can find in Gloomy Forest (After the first 2 betas you can go left and there's a beta there near the entrance of the cave.)

This kind of dum question to ask buuut How you get a empty bottle? 


I think you can buy them from the first town.

Thanks XP, did mostly get all things I can get so far till next the update also what dose slime part do anyways that going be in the next update or so?


I'm not 100% sure what will be in the next update, only that it will begin a new phase where you have to start the game from the start.

You can't.

How to get Thirsty Logger 


He's in Logforest. You need to bring a bottle of cum for him

After the latest public build, does the game still end after getting Wulfric?


The story ends there. The new build has new stuff like the rat dungeon

How to wake Guardian in Fire dungeon ? I try talk prisoner but nothing happen.. 


You have to talk to them in order.

thx,but why i fight slime not Guardian ?

Developer (1 edit)

It's a work in progress. I haven't finished the guardian.


Thx u for hard work, i will wait next update ^^

Hey, how do i find the sex sceene after "Eager Tourist"? this is the only one im missing


Talk with the dragon in Gloomy Forest's Club Bangers and go to the first fuckroom.

I ment the one that is right after


You need to find a  note in the gloomy forest (near the end of the forest) after reading the note, go to Bangers' second room and the event plays.

How do I find Slimy? I feel like I've looked everywhere. 


Slimy is in the first town's gym.

Oh I see. What do you do then to make him grow?


You need to farm for the slime

dildo and dildon't?


Logtown, the most southern house there has a crocodile sleeping. Talk with his butt to start the event.

is the town available for public ver?


Shiptown isn't available just yet.

Help! i'm stucked after wulfric  joined the party! I'm playing the public release from pc.


There are few things you can do. Like beat nthe 2 bosses. 

One in the Light Forest (First find a key from Logtown to open a gate in the forest)

The second one is in the cave you can find in Gloomy Forest.


(1 edit)

right after you get wulfricks what are you suppose to do i fought the bosses but idk what to after that


You might be at the end of the demo then. I'll add a "this is the end of the demo" in the 0.7 build.

(1 edit)

is there a erotic scene for wulfrick in the public version 


Not just yet. There will be one in the December's build!

What’s new on the 7.0 public release? Do we get ship town? 


I'll talk about it more when the build is released.

Where do you go after you add Wulfrick to the party?


That might be the end of the demo for you if you haven't checked out the 2 minibosses. One in Light Forest and the other one in the dungeon in Gloomy forest.

quick question is or will add a debug, cheats or dev mode you know so god mode

This is supposed to be a secret (I think?), but if you play in android, you’ll be able to use all kinds of cheats that you can possibly think. (Teleport, God Mode, Level Up, No Clip, and more.)

How far is 0.6 right now i have wulfrick and have no idea where to go next


Have you gone to the dungeon in Gloomy Forest? There's a boss there. Or have you found the tiger in Light Forest? You need to find a key in Logtown to get to him!

done both of them

How to best build the MC? Is he going to have Magic and Spells? Considering he has MP... What Stats should I focus on first?

Unfortunately it seems like the MC will not be able to use Magic, just different weapon types. MP and Magic on him are unable to be increased by Stat Boosts, and do they affect his abilities. Same goes for Wulfrick. I would personally recommend investing into ~20 Speed and then dumping the rest of your points in Attack for the MC, because their playstyle revolves around using weapon skills. Daggers are OP for this since their skills ignore Defense. TP Boost on the first turn, then spam Stab.

As for the other party members, Lace, being the only magic user, should dump all his points into Magic. Wulfric on the other hand is more of a tank archetype, so I feel he works well with Attack and Defense.

Hey, I heard there's a dungeon with a boss in the Gloomy Forest, but I can't find it. If it's the Rat Cave, I see no boss there. I've gotten Wulfric, did all the three dark rooms in Bangars, and got the sword in the Log Woods. Is there also a new sex scene in Public Build 7?

Nevermind, it was the Rat Cave. I completely forgot there was a big guy here you fight. But regardless, is there anything else I have yet to do in Build 7?


The whole Shiptown area? After you get Wulfrick you need to go to the Right where the rewatch house used to be.

(1 edit)

I figured out the problem. I messed up when copying and pasting my save from the previous build. There's a new cutscene that plays at the four paths. I apologize for wasting your time.

How do I upload my game without losing my save?


It's probably not possible, because of the engine I'm using. The game is still in development so this is just the life we live. With public builds, I started to do phases where you can bring saves from older builds to newer ones and  0.7 Just started a new phase which will continue to build 0.9. This means saves you start in 0.7 can be brought to 0.8 and 0.9.

I can't seem to find the slime gloves in the latest build.

even after defeating all the slimes multiple times, and receiving multiple dulpicates of all other items.

Developer (1 edit)

You get the gloves from the 2 slimes BEFORE you get to see the scene with Borg and Foxot at the Waterfall (not the sex scene). Go STRAIGHT UP after exiting the room where the slime is who wants to see the outfit. There is a custom slime event there. You get the gloves after the event from a chest.

What is the purpose of 'Note Piece #1'? I found it behind ship town along side me cleaning up a spilled liquid, I assume there are more pieces but am unsure of where to look.

I'm using the 0.7 public build, just in case what I'm looking for is currently not available to me.


It's a secret thing uwu


There are 2 more in the patreon version, but only that one in the public version.

huh ok, thank you

Hi, sorry to bother, just cant find where to use the lost key? Any help is appreciated:p


If you're talking about the key in the first town, you can bring it to the guard in the town hall of that town. The key you get from Sword after the small scene doesn't do anything yet.

Awesome, thank you!

what guard?

Having trouble finding the "Thirsty Logger" event, any help please!


It's in the Southern part of the forest that comes after Logtown. You need a bottle of cum for it.

(1 edit)

3 things: 

Turquoise slimes an actual thing or am I just an idiot?

There anything I'm missing in that waterfall cave? I feel like there should be something there that I'm missing...

So am I missing something in that abandoned house? I got the first note piece, so are there just no others atm or...?


Turquoise slimes might be a future thing

Waterfall cave only has the coin. There IS a secret boss enemy in the other end of the cave. You can get there from the Light Forest map where the statue is. You need to find a key first to open the gate, which you can find in Logtown.

Abandoned house isn't much more than the note. The note will be more important later on. Patreon version currently has 3 notes.

oh, found that boss, he's funny. Thanks for the answers! 

How to unlock the "Horny Knight"?


It's in the patreon build. You have to unlock it before the Sword/pirates encounter/scene.

When does this scene occur? I'm at the point before entering the cave but no idea how to make it happen.

Developer (1 edit)

It's inside the cave in one of the rooms you'll pass. After fighting a ninja enemy. Only in the patreon version currently.

Hi, how do i get the `Sleepy Boys', and `Hot Stag' events, Thanks!


Hot stag - go south in logtown.

Sleepy boys - sleep at the inn in Shiptown

Ah Okay. I thought I had missed some major scenes there for a sec. Cant wait for the 0.8 build, whenever it comes out, for new content.

You know what, actually i cant seem to find the slime cardigan. Can you tell me where that is aswell?


It's a drop from one of the slimes. I'd say grind the 3 slimes and you should get it.

Only scene I'm missing is Dead 5 something (can't check the name now because I'm stuck in fire dungeon)


You need to die 5 times to see the event.

Thank you <3

What is the sexy stat for?


It's still wip and not for anything yet.

owww, too bad, I had already turned my Wulfrick sexy to 37 lol

Uhhhhh, what in the world is up with that "Note Piece #1" in the Creepy shack above Shiptown?? Also is it possible to give Boom's cum to the thirsty shark, because the game never prompts you about giving it to him. It just says it would be great if you had a bottle of cum.


Notes are WIP. Boom's cum is bugged and will be fixed in the next phase.

what is "water attack" and why does it only do 3 damage?

Developer (1 edit)

For Lace? Might be something that's a problem in the demo but has been fixed in the patreon build. I think I fixed some some time ago.

no for the bunny guy


What weapon


How do I pull out the sword in the stone?


You need to have Wulfrick in your party.

Do you think downloading the game on mobile devices has become strong and most powerful games are working on it? You can try to download it on mobile devices

I can't wait to try the game because I only have a mobile device, 🥺💔but it is powerful

How to activate the event of update 26 the par thing


1. Talk with the bartender in Shiptown.

2. Go to the right of Shiptown. There is a dock there with a bathroom.

4. Go in and out of the entrance door until the number above the 3rd stall in "5".

Where can i get the quest log?


If you mean the quest book, currently it's only in the patreon version.

so I found a "note piece #1" in a secret part of the map. Is there a second one somewhere?


Only in the patreon version map "beach cave"

How to get the "Sun Protection" event? Also I saw others talking about some glory hole scene? Is that a patreon only thing


Sun protection is on the beach. Just go left there's a tiny way you can go through to a new small map. Remember to wear the speedo. THe GH scenes are in Shiptown, in the 0.9 public build.

hey you said  in the free build there might be four events i got 2 but i  don't know where the other 2 are

I  got cum serpent
and the wolfrick gloryhole scene 

what are the other 2 and how to i get them


They're in the same place as the gloryhole. If lace is gone, it's the lace event, Wulfrick gone is his event, both there it's a mallard event. Go in and out of the outside door to reroll the event.

where might I be able to find the cum serpent event?


You can find it resurfacing on the left in the new underwater map on the beach.

I can't enter the back room in the event rewatch building? Is this a bug or is it just not available in the public build yet?


Which backroom? The one on the right? That might be a bug if you have the 0.9 version downloaded.

how do you get the other 2 note pieces...? I have no freaking clue


There is only one in public version. It patreon version one is near the red crystal puzzle in the beach cave. and the other one is in the fire dungeon right before the 2nd floor's boss.

How do I get Slimy to be buff? I try to interact with him, but he always says he is at the gym to get fit. Is there a specific item requirement I need? I just been farming slime goo, but nothing happens with the amount I have (which is 50).


You need to go to shiptown and craft a slime snack and then give him that.


You can craft at Lace's alchemy station.

Heyo, just wanted to ask, in the ????? Location can you get the hidden note or is there more to do there?


Not currently

What are the other requirements for the 2 other glory hole scenes? I got Lace but his feels like a given and the gallery shows 2 more scenes being available.


Just go in and out of the bathroom until Wulfrick is gone or they're both there.
Wulfrick gone = He's in the stall.

They're both in the bathroom = another event.

How do you unlock event "Bound and Ready"


It's a bit harder to get. You need to go to the Fire Dungeon in Beach Cave and get to the 2nd floor. In one of the lower dungeon floors there you can find 2 guards guarding a door and the event is inside there!

Hi there, I just started playing Small On Top and my main quest is stuck on Beautiful Flowers when I finished it. I've already gotten Wulfrick and Lace, was I supposed to kill the bosses or something? How do I move onto more main quests. And why is it so impossible to kill Shade at all? 


It's a bug! It there isn't only 1 main quest, just a category for quests that are part of the main story. If you're playing the patreon version just continue and you should get another quests.

What's an easy way to defeat Shade?


You have to use ACTS he can't be beat other way.

(1 edit)

Where do I find the pink dragon after I'm done with his event? I can't seem to find the guy or maybe I'm just blind. Quest says I gotta find him. And how do I also get the duck guy's event as well? I got all 4 merchants and I dont know what to do next.


public or patreon build?

Pink dragon is wip and his event is where it currently ends.

the duck/mallard is in the dock bathroom. just go in and out until both wulfrick and lace are standing in the bathroom.

(2 edits)

Hello, I've used the "tissue paper" in the ???? location, but nothing happened. I've read that the others found a "note piece #1" but I didn't receive anything. Is it a bug?

I've also noticed that I can walk on that house


You need to talk to the crack on the wall. the other thing is a bug that has been fixed in the patreon versions.

Thank you so much :D

How do i get up the water fall in the forest to get the beautiful flower? for the slime and how do i get the pink slime to find her dream man?

Developer (1 edit)

Go to the right from the 2 slimes that you can fight (above pink slime) and you can get there.

oh! and what kind of game genre is this one i want to find more like this game 


Japanese RPG is pretty much it.

Hi, I currently have the Patreon build of the game, but I'm confused on how to access the Quest menu. I've tried every button on the keyboard, but nothing pops up.

Developer (2 edits)

It's in the main menu (quest journal) press esc to get to the menu. You get it after talking with Lace after the first event (don't use saves from previous versions or public versions, the game will crash).

Where is swim wear?


In the chest on the beach. Just go south and it should be there.ö

I've searched everywhere on the beach, but there are only boxes already open.

Is that swimwear a speedo? It has been destroyed.

Do I have to restart the game?  I am sad at this thought...

Can you help me..?


Swimwear is the speedo right next to the diving spot on the beach

Hello, I had an old version of the game and after a while I decided to play it again when I saw that it had been updated, is there any way to transfer the data and not lose the game from an old version to the current one? I mention it because I get an error in the game when trying to open the menu of objects

Only if the old version is 0.7 or 0.8

where else can i find wulfrik's toys?


Public build only has 1 for now.

Hi. I just want to know, is there a bug that I can't proceed in the beach cave or amIi missing something. There is this green guy blocking the way and I can't get him to move.


You need to talk with Sword first and then go to the inn/bar in Shiptown.

Where can i find a bottle of cum that the guy in the little island wants???


You need to bottle it yourself. Buy an empty bottle (safen, shiptown) and bottle it where ever you find it (near events usually)

how do i get bottle filler?


Talk with Bob in the market hall and do the quest and then talk with him again.

Hello! I love the game so far but how do I unlock the Logsucker event? I tried searching it up but no results, am using the public build (0.9.1)


There is a note in one of the Gloomy Forest maps, you need to read that and then head to the Bangers club's 2nd room.

(1 edit)

Where are all the merchants locations? 


Outside the market hall,

Rat cave,

Before the bull in Beach cave,

2nd floor of Fire dungeon before the 2nd boss.

hi sorry to bother more my game does not open what do i do? ;-;



What do you mean it doesn't open?

Where's the quest "in front of the Essence of Rubyro"?

I only found a stone with ruby.

Developer (2 edits)

The essence of Rubyro can be found in the beach cave after all those leaf puzzles. The quest starts after you go back from the crystal where you got the orb from and the scene with lace and wulfrick triggers. 

Hello, where and how i can get "Seductor" axe?


Rare drop from crocodile enemy.

Owh, and how big the chance to get it?


10% , so super hard.

Owh, thx bro. And yes it's super hard, i was trying it like +50 time just for get this item. Fortunately now i got the item

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Hello again, i wanna ask again. When you make the character there is an option "Cheerful", "Determined", and "Confident", so what is the diferent if i chose one of them?


Currently only the text at the save statues.

Owh, thx bro.

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Anyone remember where the Scroll of Healing Wind is located?


You can get it from an NPC in Gloomy Forest, just before Wulfrick's area (Go left)

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Thanks! uwu

How do you give the bottle do the dragon who wants something to drink?

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You need to fill it with c*m at an event point (for example the roomas at the bangers club in gloomy forest) and then give the filled bottle to him, by just talking to him again.

how do I reach the palace through the forest


Which forest? Do you mean place? I don't think there are any palaces.

What is the most latest update for the public build?


0.10 is coming in November.


How can I speak with the pink "not gay" dragon in the Bargens?

'cause I'm stuck and where are the merchants and who are they???

(pls don't tell me I have to wait)


What do you mean by "Bargens"? In public build, the beach is the last place you can talk to him, if I remember correctly.

Public build has 2 merchants. Bob is right in front of the market hall and Vogla is inside the Rat Cave in Gloomy Forest.

*pls don't tell me i have wait the new version

i'm so sorry,  the pink dragon is in the Bangers (gloomy forest)and i don't know what to do.

thanks so much for merchants


You just have to speak  with him and tell him he's gay and he SHOULD leave. If that's not possible, I wonder if there's a bug there.

It doesn't work,  I tell him that he gay, but he says : " Huh? R-reall-  wait  I'M NOT GAY!!"

Did I skip something?

i have 2 options : tell him that he gay or be quiet.


I checked, it seems like that's the end for that quest in the public build. When it was released that was the end. Patreon version has progressed since and has more pink dragon content. Sorry for the confusion.


No problem, thank you for your help.

This is the best game I've ever played, congratulations!!

I just played version 0.30, and on the mission to defeat the pirates in the cave, how do I enter the path that the npc blocked there? I am very confused


Did you use an older save?

You should go to Shiptown talk to Sword, the go the the bar and after that the road should be open. This might get bugged if you use older saves in the new build.

How do I get slime pants?, I've already got everything except pants.


You just need to battle the slimes. The one where there are 3 slimes is a good place to grind

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thank you, but I also have a weird glitch were Lace can't use his magic skill, it's just a blank panel where his skill is, I've been using his weak absorb attack. How do I fix that? Also how do I update the game?


You need to equip the magic rings [Accessory] for Lace to have spells.

Patreon version can't use older saves.

Public builds only come in phases where you can bring an older save to a newer build in the same phase. Next phase starts in the fall.

Thank you, i'm new to this game so I have alot of questions

How do I advance to the maneland,  i'm stuck at the cave with the pirates and it keeps telling me to wait for the others, how do I do that?. And also how do I find the fire temple in the game?


The pirateship is the end of the patreon build for now. Fire Dungeon is in the Beach Cave, you need to finish a quest you get after finding a big red crystal in the beach cave. Won't spoil anything else!

okay , I got all the rubies but where is the door to the fire dungeon?

Developer (2 edits)

Rubies are not related to the Fire Dungeon. If you follow the story you'll walk past a closed door that's where the dungeon is. You need to find a "BIG RED CRYSTAL" in the beach cave and then do the quest related to that to open the door.

Hi, i got to see both Wulfric and the bird man event at the glory hole. How do i a get the last one?


You just need to enter the bathroom and see if both of them are outside the stalls.

hey how do I find "The hot stag" event?


South of of Logtown (where the orca is)

k thanks!

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Hey! Who is the magician for the market quest?


He's on the 2nd floor of fire dungeon. Only in patreon version

Where can I find the guy who drew dicks inside a book on the second floor inside the town hall? I'm on the public build currently available


Gloomy forest club!


How do I get the food on the table event?, that's the last one I haven't found on the latest patreon build.


It is on the pirate ship. You need to do the chef's quest and he will reward you with the event.

thanks, but where's the pirate ship? Is it at the beach or shiptown?


At the end of the beach cave!

I'm at the end of the beach cave with captain fucko but I don't see the ship anywhere.

Nevermind I found it.

The game doesn't let me save my progress even when I save it in a slot. Every time re-open the game again it doesn't give me the option to continue. Is this because I'm not using a pc?


The game is only for PC.

The game does not allow me to save my progress and I am on pc

You need to press esc to get to the menu and save from there.

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I have done that but when I close the game and open it again it does not let me continue


Go to Small On Top/www folder. Do you see a save folder in there?

Not only do I see audio characters data fronts icon img js any of these is save?


It might mean you haven't saved correctly then. To save you have to go to the menu (ESC), then scroll down to save, press enter, with the arrow keys pick a save file and press enter.

I've already done that but it still doesn't save my progress I can't create the saves folder someho


I wonder if it's your firewalls blocking it?

HI I just wanted to say I've been really loving everything about this game and to keep up the good work. I did have one question though with one of the scenes. I have every scene except for the "Bound and Ready" one and I was wondering what I do for that scene?


That event is on the second floor of fire dungeon, one of the darker areas.

Ty <3

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Where can i find the pink dragon guy after the stall event ?


That's it for him, for now.

Hi, I am stuck. How do I get the event The dildos and dildon'ts?



Sorry for being annoying but I tried everything in logtown I am still stuck.


You need to talk to the sleeping crocodile.

oh got it thanks.

I wonder where the Cum Serpent is uwu/?


You can go underwater at the beach, just wear the speedos and jump in at the Southern part of the map.

thank you!


为什么免费版本一直 9.1 没有更新

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Why did someone downvote this? All he did was ask why a public version wasn't here yet lol

ALright, I need help. How do I trigger the secret boss?


The tiger one? Go to Light Forest (where the slimes are) and go the the map just before the bridge. There is a locked gate there, it should start a quest when you talk to it. The key for it can be found in Log Town (where Morca is).

I know where the locked gate is, but I have no clue as to the keys location. Is it in Morca's house or somewhere in Logtown?

I can't download the game for some reason (I'm on a windows pc).

Can I move saves from the last updated game to this one? Both are public versions btw


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Awwww, nuuuu ;-; My progress, oh well ;v;
Edit: Sorry, forgot to say thanks

hi, i wanted to know if it was possible to complete the wulfrick toy collection quest in 0.10?


Nah, only 2 toys for now.

ok, thanks

I have no clue where this "Magician" that I'm supposed to send to the Market Hall is, pls help ;-;


He is going to be in the 0.11 build.

Oh ok, not trying to sound mean here, umm... But maybe you should've put the "(WIP)" thing right after "Magician" so we know and aren't trying to search all over the place... Just a tip- Not trying to sound mean! I love you and your game, you and it are incredible.  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3

I wanted to know if we could find the pink dragon in the public version 0.10, I looked everywhere but I did not find him (I don't know if the answer has already been given)


Safen --> Gloomy Forest Club --> Beach --> chance to find him at the Shiptown glory hole (I think it was 4 on the door)

thanks :3

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Is the bound and ready event just a teaser for 0.11 or is it obtainable in this version.


It's for 0.11 and it seems like it was accidentally left in.

hey so uh how do you get the bound and ready  event


It's for 0.11 and it seems like it was accidentally left in.

oki thx

I have note piece #1, are there any more I can get in the public build?


There is one hidden in the beach cave. It's very well hidden, but I can say that the secret path is near the big crystal.

how many notes are there? i have two so far


2 in 0.10 and 3 in 0.11

Please let me know now I have done all the areas on the map but there is still a place on the beach like on the map is a black lump and how can I get there. Sorry I'm Vietnamese so I might make a mistake somewhere

It might be the fire dungeon. There is a red crystal you need to find in the beach cave and then go to Shiptown's Anubu (Anubis character). Afterwards you can open the locked door in the beach cave.

I have essence of Rubyro but there is no option to speak about it with lace in shiptown's alchemy station, is there something else need to be done first ?


Talk with Anubu at the market hall, or at the cave if you haven't talked to him yet.

I talked to Anubu in the market hall and the dialog is i need to talk to lace first but in his alchemy station there is no option to speak about the essence


It should be an automatic scene, can you go to the quest journal in the pause menu and check how far you are with the quest?

Hey i have some question:

1. Where i can get linen?

2. Where is magician?

3. Is pirate's drop any item exept useless junk? If yes then how much is the drop rate?

4. Where is pink dragon go after i found him at the beach?


1. next update

2. next update

3. They do. Can't remember rates.

4. Shiptown glory hole

And after glory hole?


not yet in game

Thankyou for your answer. Btw what type of item they drop and how many the item? 

Hey! Love the game, how do you get the bound and ready scene? Cant figure it out


next update

Hmm. how to have s*x with bob salesman in shimtowm


you need to do his quest, you need to bring him a bottle from safen.

Oh thank.

Now I want to find the sword smith to collect all my s*x characters do you know where he is

Gloomy Forest cave.

I went back to the light forest to grind for slimes and interacted with the tent and now  I can't move or interact with anything how can I fix this?


Might just be CTRL problem, CTRL hides the text, but it's still there hidden.

Yeah it was a CTRL problem. Another question, are we able to find the spaghetti on the ship yet ? Or is it not implemented because I can't find it.


Only in the patreon version. It's on the ship where the steering wheel is

1.Where can I find the shiny key lock?

2.Where can I find the leopard?


1st. If you found the key in logtown go back to the light forest.

2nd. Shiptown glory hole?

Thank you

Could you provide where to find note #1 and #2?


Note 1 is in Shiptown. Go North near rewatch house

Note 2 is just before the big red crystal room inside Beach cave behind a hidden wall.

Is the "sleepy Boys" event in coming updates or can i find in the 0.10 version ? 



You need to sleep at the inn in Shiptown

Where is the Pink Dragon after you confront him at the beginning


Bangers club in Gloomy Forest

I've been trying to find Dead 5 Times and can't find it. I already know I can't get Bound and Ready while reading for the other scene until 0.11


It's in the name, you need to die 5 times for it to trigger.

Oh, I feel kinda dumb now lol

How do i get to the place above the gloomy forest? 

And where is the Pink dragon after you find him at the beach?

Developer (1 edit)

1. That is the cave in the GLoomy Forest, between the 2nd and 3rd Beta fights. (Go left before the 3rd Beta)

2. He's in the bathroom stall in Shiptown, might take a while to get the correct event since it's rng. There is a number above the right stall door telling the number of the event in the middle stall. If I remember correctly Pink Dragon's number was 4

i have no idea if this is a problem with the file or something but when i get into shiptown i get teleported near lance's house where the sheep withe the map is, then when it ends i see wulfrick and lance come again? behind me (so i have 2 of each) and i get the dialogue of lance saying he wants to get some stuff from his home but when it's done i can't move/nothing i press works, i wanted to see if this is a 1 time moment but it's not


You brought an old save into the new build. This is a start of a new phase, because so much has changed older saves don't work.

Heyy, I'm tryng to fight Shade at the cave and all the attacks on him are been missed. Did I missed something or it is supposed to be this way?


You need to win him with ACTs

Thank you!

How do I die five times if I have no one to fight? And how do I put cum in the guy's coffee? I'm playing on 1.0 so that might be the answer lol.


You mean you're playing on 0.10?

-You need to go to a fight (Fire Dungeon for example) and just press "page down" to skip your turns and die 5 times.

-That's not possible, it's just what he says.

So... i still didn't figure out where can i unlock the 6th glory hole scene, and i don't know what to do with the hint "where the sun is shining"


where the sun is shining" sounds like beach.

speak to the raccoon at the shiptown bar

oh, thanks!

Hi! Love the game so much <3 you inspired me to start my own project!

I just wanted to ask if the third note piece is available for patreon users and where?


It's on the 2nd floor of Fire Dungeon.

hey spedumon, which file do i download and how do i install the game to my windows computer?


You download and unrar/unzip the file under "Downloads". There is no installing just unrar/unzip the folder to a place and inside the folders should be "game.exe" and double-clicking on that should be enough. Don't take the file out of the folders!

This game doesn't work on Itchio app. I'm not really sure what that is, but I know this game won't work on it.

I seem to be having trouble with transferring my save data from 0.10 to 0.11.  I downloaded 0.10 from last month and followed the transfer instructions on the Patreon post.


Copy the "SAVE" folder that is in the "WWW" folder of the 0.10 build.

Paste that "SAVE" folder in the "WWW" folder of the 0.11 build. There shouldn't be a save folder in 0.11 build's folder, if you haven't played it yet.

Only works if you have a save in 0.10 in the first place. If you have started a game and saved in 0.11 you need to replace everything with the 0.10 save folder stuff.

For some reason, it still doesn't work. 


I don't really know how to help when I can't see what's happening on your screen -w-

Where do I find the pink dragon?


Safen -> Gloomy Forest CLub -> Beach -> Shiptown bathroom when the number above the right stall is 4 (go in and out of the bathroom to the docs to reset the number)

First off, ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game!!! It's so fun and hot. I'm playing 0.10 for now and I'm missing 2 sex scenes. They would be the ones on either side of the masturbating knight at the Rewatch club. Are they not available in this release or am I missing something?

Also, there's a forest dog in the middle of Shiptown that says he'll go away after POISON JAB is done. What's that?


1st scene you need to die 5 times

2nd not in 0.10

Poison jab is a WIP skill for daggers.

Awesome, thanks! Is there a wiki for this game by any chance?


Nope, there isn't one.

i cant download in windows could someone explaine why


Do you use the itchio app or do you download from here?

the app


The game doesn't work with the app. You need to download an unrar/unzip it manually from my site.

How do I leave the ship?( I'm kinda stuck in it)


You need to finish the quests (3 of them)

thanks, also where's the ancient ring located in the fire dungeon?


On the first floor just go right

Hello.  Can I make the scene with pink "NOT-GAY" dragon, or it's only available in patreon version?


Yes, he's in the shiptown bathrooms (when the number is 4 in the right stall) after you've talked to him at the beach.

Hi! I just want to know something abt ur amazing game.

The "Bottle Filler", "Bound and Ready" and "Sword Smith" events are available to the 0.10 public version? 

Also it is possible to go to maneland and" chill with the pirates" in 0.10?


"Bound and ready" is not the in the game yet, I think the others are in the market hall..

The quest is not ready.


Deleted 1 year ago

The game is still not that far! The farthest place you can go to is the new Pine Island entrance with the pirates.

I forgot how to use the map on the game what button is it again for computer or is it an options or something


It is the map item in the KEY ITEMS. You use it to teleport to the map.

ty so much

How can I get a swimsuit? I want to swim in the water at the beach.After I reach the pirate's ship, my game progress is stuck, how can I get the ship to start the next step?thankyou


You can get the swimsuit on the beach (Southern part of the map). I don't understand you're 2nd question. Are you playing the public build? It doesn't have the pirate ship.

My game version is 1.0,I said the pirate ship refers to fucko's ship,fucko says: Do you want to visit this ship? (Mission not completed),But I finished all the tasks on board, and I couldn't find the next task

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

That's the end of the public build. You can still go to the fire dungeon! There is a red crystal in the beach cave which will start a quest for the fire dungeon.

I saw some people talking about the mission on the boat. So how can I get there and I'm on version 0.34 in iPhone


You just need to go through the beach cave and go right at the Northest part of the map where the captain is after the scene with the armored dragon.

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How to get past the second guard in Fire Dungeon? I tried to talk with every prisoner but I've got nothing useful to wake him up


You need to talk to the imps and the guards

Are there any specific ones? I went back and forth between the room of the first guard and the second (including both left and right rooms) and I found only an imp talking about spike attack.


I think you need to start on the left side prisoner and go from there, if I remember correctly.

i cant seem to find the notes. i only found note #3, where can i find note #1 and #2?


Note 1# is in Shiptown

where in shiptown

so uh were is note piece #2     cuz i cant find it  or is it even possible to get it in this current public build?


2# note is pretty hidden, but if you go near the wall before the red crystal room in beach cave, you can actually walk right.

hello! i'm from build 0.11 

uhhhh.... what should I do next? I talk to the imp... the guard.... the red glowy eyes guy but he don't wanna talk to me... I don't know where to go... need some help...

BTW, I very like the new song so much 

oops... never mind i got pass now... X

How did you get pass? I'm stuck here as well cuz I don't know who do I have to talk to

Deleted 298 days ago
Deleted 298 days ago

hi, how can i get the "bound and ready" event? (I don't know if the question has already been answered)


It's on the 2nd floor of Fire Dungeon

thanks, also i wanted to ask something else, what is this weird place hidden north of shiptown?



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how do i unlock the door in the beach cave?/ fire dungeon 


you need to find a red crystal in the beach cave and do the quest it gives you

Hey Speedy boy,  could you tell me where's the Manta man? I can't find him. Thanks in advance, i've got this awesome game 99% completed in this version.

I'm interested in that one too, and to know where the guard is. I guess he's in the cave with the pirates, from what I saw on a screen, but can't find him

Nvm for the guard, it was easy to find, but didn't check there x)


On the 2nd floor of the 2story building in Eastern Shiptown. You can get to the 2nd floor from the outside, there are a few stones on the ground that show the spot.

Thank you! ❤️

I'll look on that when i'm able to

there is a locked house in shimptow that seems to be the house of the sword, is there any way i can get in


how do I trigger the wulfrick and ryler event???? IN 0.11


It's not in the public build, it JUST got added to the patreon one.

Ey, How can get the event with the wolf with the chains? I don't know where to go and what to do


It's on the 2nd floor of Fire dungeon, in one of the later underground areas.

How to find speedo? i play newgame i can't find this 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

On the beach, just go south near the diving spot. It's inside a chest.

hi!! i just started :D where can i find the pink dragon??


how to win :(( (please)

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-alpha remark
and start again until he gives up

cảm ơn


how to find the draggy boi :<


The event in the stalls is it for now. It's still a work in progress.

I see my game has a mission error (only shows black) how to solve this problem

For quests? A know bug, see the page description on my for more info


Hey where i can find the leopard that run from the beach?


Shiptown docks (go right and into the bathroom). It might take a while to appear there, but you can see the numbers above the right stall  that tell what event is in the middle stall.

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