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Can you tell me what i have to do I'm aslo stuck at this part ? Nevermind just figured it out 

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Hey can someone tell me how can i kiss Dean on day 6 please ? I tried everything I could think of .  Because Before entering the hot thub you have two options : to enter it or to kiss Dean. But the latter is shadowed like it is not available . 

And is it only eight years or did you mean eighty years when you were talking about the mission ? 

Can someone remind how to build the prison please ?

Your welcome 

Is there a problem with itch because i tried to download the app but i can't find the files for it on the  notification or the description of the game ? 

Hi it's the same I think the problem may comes from my own computer thanks though it wa appreciated and sorry for the convenience 

Hi is there reason when i start the game i get this ? 

Hi so every time when I'm talking to Orderick and he is telling he has a job for me in the first chapter it crashes 

maybe you need to explore all the rooms in all the routes to get it ?

And how can i learn the reptiliens Lure ?

Can someone tell how can i build the prison please ? 

So how Can i invite the Orc ?

Can someone help me to get clues from Oswin when we can ask him questions please ?

Can someone tell me how i can trigger the bondage scene with Hayden please ?

hello how can I trigger the battle against the 2 bosses of the bandits ? 

Dows the game have a scene triggered when you reach 100 affection with Bernard ? 

oh thanks 

yes why ? 

Hi sorry for bothering you but can someone tell me why can't I get the sex conversation with Harold on day 29 please?  

Is there a reason why after making one aphrodisiac I can't make another one ? 

Can someone tell how can i get to fight the werewolves please ? 

Excuse me can someone please tell how to make the Heat Occisia to help cure the shoop keeper please ? 

Bara Boarders community · Created a new topic Problems

Hey, sorry to bother you but i have a problem with the game : every time i try to play it shows coding lines. Do you any advice to give me please ?