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It's been so long since I've fallen this deeply in love with a VN. I can't get it out of my mind even when I sleep! I finished Zobbe's route recently and connected with him so deeply- He's just so cute and adorable ;-; I wish I could give him a hug...

I really am excited about future updates, especially with that little tease of what might happen in the future. Amazing work!

That is a lot of exciting content!

I generally prefer shorter, but more frequent updates. It helps keep the events of the game fresh on my mind and excited! Perhaps with the occasional large build when there's an important story arc.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but hearing the story will be mostly linear makes me really happy! It makes every update continue the story and allows the story to progress at a nice pace.

I do like your approach where we get the best of both linear and kinetic storytelling by giving a little extra screentime for the character of your choice!

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to when the new build drops, whichever route you choose to take!

I'm excited!

Take as much time as you need, friend. This VN has been one of my favorites, and I will wait patiently for whenever you are able to return.

Good luck with your studies, and all the best!

I can't believe it took me untill halfway to realize it's an April fool's joke... >_>

Every update makes me love this game more and more! It's giving me some serious goosebumps.

I have note piece #1, are there any more I can get in the public build?

This was a really delightful experience to read! I especially love how the characters change expression mid-dialogue, it makes them feel so alive. The characters were written really well and I liked them a lot!

Xzavion is such a treasure, I love him so much!

Looking forward to what comes next!

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I agree, single-route stories feel much more enjoyable for me to read since I don't need to wait 3-4 months for that part of the story to update again and it flows much nicer. Currently I am only following Carlos route, but if only a single route will be updated then I will gladly read it regardless of which character is chosen.

I was curious about this as well.

I noticed the History/Backlog option isn't available in this update? I hope it comes back next update, I generally don't like the [back] option as it replays songs, sound effects, etc and ruins the atmosphere :(

I am 100% on board with non-canon art for fun! The valentine drawings with the Cor cast is one of my favorite pieces!

I seriously fell in love with this game. The characters are so expressive, both in their sprites and in their dialogue. The writing is seriously good too and invoked a lot of feelings. It was a joy reading this from beginning to end!

I'm very much looking forward to following this project. Thank you for this great experience :)

This is fantastic news! I am very much excited to try out next week's update firsthand!

Happy Holidays Identity team :)

Thank you so much for your hard work Kael <3

I know wow haha. It's been such an experience reading all the comments

The backgrounds are absolutely and stunningly GORGEOUS!

I really love the premise and characters so far. Will definitely be following the project. Good stuff :D

If you feel it would be better, you can even make the weekly reports a bi-weekly one, or a monthly one. I'm okay with whichever you're most comfortable with!

Stay safe Squawks c:

What a rollercoaster of emotions this update has been T~T.

Wow Leo's new art looking incredible :o

Very excited for the 1.4 update! C:

I LOVE the amount of depth and care all the characters get. The side characters all have lives and struggles of their own, and you can see them change and grow over the course of the story.

I also quite enjoy the combat as well, but I wish there was a way to check character skills and passives because I tend to forget the passives often ^^;

Looking forward to learn what comes next!

Really great update! Roderick was a really nice surprise, I like his character a lot! Also the witty banter with the Orb was quite pleasant as well haha.

I'd like option 3 personally. 

Leo's interactions with Seth were so adorable :D

He's such a chill dude, really love the character

The writing here is top-notch, I really like the characterization a lot!

I got a bunch of feels while reading this ;_;

Keep the up great work! Looking forward to what comes next (:

The game really blew me away to be honest, it is packed with so much detail and care. Like how you have a UI that shows which form (A or B) you are in, resonance levels, and such. Very immersive I must say.

*spoiler warning*

I especially loved the fight against the I.C.O, you really managed to make the entire moment extremely tense. My heart was racing during that scene haha.

Will be keeping a close eye on this project, looking forward to what's next :D!

The new animations and updated sprites are so GORGEOUS!

Thank you for letting us know!

Take as much time as you need, we'll still be here <3

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Oh man the comment list straight up spitting some FACTS. I couldn't agree more.

Thank you for the great read c:

That was fast! It looks fantastic, looking forward to it!

Ah I see, thank you for the reply!

I can't seem to find a way to access it with the new interface.


Not sure if this is an issue on my end, but I noticed your project doesn't have a thumbnail :o.

It's probably a good idea to add a picture so your project gets noticed by more people. <3

Man I absolutely LOVE the humor in the game haha, some scenes I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud!

The characters reaction and dialogue feel very real and natural!

I really REALLY look forward to future updates, keep up the amazing writing!

Yeah I thought the game hadn't updated since February due to a lack of Devlogs. I hope we get them again soon.

Oh wow, I did not expect to see this here!

Welcome back! Super excited to see this game being developed again :D!

Wow the expensiveness in this game is terrific! So much expressions for every character with a wide array of emotions!

Also, when the background changed and everyone was looking at you...I was not expecting that, gave me the shivers haha! 

Great work, definitely excited to see more!

Is it possible to carry over the save files in-between new versions?

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Yeah I have the same problem. Feels like I searched everywhere.

Edit: Alright I found the problem. There is a flower behind the slime battle where you choose to either sing or rap, if you take the treasure without picking up the flower, the slimes then go back to their original position effectively permanently blocking you from from accessing the flower and soft-locking the game. You need to start a new game.