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Is it possible to carry over the save files in-between new versions?

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Yeah I have the same problem. Feels like I searched everywhere.

Edit: Alright I found the problem. There is a flower behind the slime battle where you choose to either sing or rap, if you take the treasure without picking up the flower, the slimes then go back to their original position effectively permanently blocking you from from accessing the flower and soft-locking the game. You need to start a new game.

I have to say I was quite impressed with this, definitely exceeded my expectations. Character design is top-notch too. Looking forward for whatever comes next!

By the way, what is the planned update schedule for this game, is it on a monthly basis? 

I just finished the demo, and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic!

The characters are very unique and expressive, it didn't take long at all for me to start liking them. The style of the backrounds is incredibly charming and I truly love it. 

This project brings many new ideas to the genre, and is absolutely worth trying out!

Thank you!

Yeah i got the same error, it happened after shoichi walks us home.