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Kaito Trinus

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you cant do that

cooked bird

hm. if you want. i like explanations of things, even though you gave such a great response my small brain is coming to a blank still


when im playing the prince route in chapter 2....hes kinda not there.....hes GONE. like his sprite is not there....., also goes for the the cg in the main character's dream. i just wanna know is it something on my end it a know thing....

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Just played through the easy version and...its the same

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Uh, when i got a full combo, and almost full perfects, the scene didnt sync right as when the song was basically finished Evan hadnt came, it was just him still having the hand on the character's head... is that suppose to happen or....

i wonder why is it called i'll break up with him, it'll pain (sorry if i sound bitchy but, why it'll pain...shouldnt it be like it'll hurt....i've always wonder why it was called that your Vn is nice btw)

give wyatt justice
*holds protest sign, up high*
he did nothing wrong, he needs new sprites

whoever sung the last song in this extra update im gonna kiss them. because singing one my favorite song will get you a kiss

the Rest in piss, forgot that phrase exist.. damn *wheezes lungs out of body*

i thinks thats a spoiler if anyone hasent read...

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thirst over Vergil smh.
just new update cuz im always late but...omg why you gotta pull out the song like that and have sam there
but shit you didnt have pull out trauma cards on me shit. i was tearing up, looking at sam's and Charles's bit of story, i hated it so much(in a good way if you can say that????) i need more story on sam, i need story on charles GODDAMIT. i need to know. (Extra Story was a 10/10....if i can say that?)

wow, i love every second of reading this, it was great. and shit, there were times i even felt tears.(must be because im pretty emotional)
well. i loved the story. it kinda struck something in me so 10/10 would most likely read again!

lets fucking go, new update, been waiting SO damn long for this

side eye

bro plot twist are fucking real!!

tbh you make some of the best story so far
with nice art to go with it. i love it.!!!!

will their ever be a setting to descale the note bar, to me its alittle and my eyes cant focus on the whole thing

so much oof... dont

over work yourself...

font change mmm

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i f*king love this.. just wow never gets better then this
chellay going the EXTRA mile to make everyone happy.
why cant you be the god of the VN's (never seen done bf)
love the little commentary at this point make a video..
(would sub if you made a youtube channel..or a website to post Byh)

i love you chellay have a great day

wow, i love vlads new sprite. oml vlad bf look like a serial killer.... i mean i was kinda scared to do his route XDD.. but now he just looks emo. love it. also can i say kamil looks... kawaii..anime looks good xddd love the visual novel.. and the twists  love everything. thank you chellay the god of vns.

i get it,but mostly i think its cuz  i just like guys beards.

During college i was having trouble with writing essay's but then Grammarly came in and save the day. before Grammarly my essay's were wordy, had run on sentences, and even miss-spelt words. Now with Grammarly, i can have it point out my mistakes, and turn it for a full 100
Thanks Grammarly
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um i anyone hasent notice um.... angle the l and e are switched so its angel not angle. sorry if i um am complaining. i bever knew someone could be an angle

hm i wonder if your just slow... im pretty sure there was an option or something of the sorts like a convo where there like supa horny or something.. just think like boyfriend in harold's rout im pretty sure you should get... maybe you already had it idk that was a month ago welp. im lat but hell. i hope you found it

is it me or does the mc just look WAY better with the beard shit i wouldnt mind seeing more beard action with mc... i mean clean face was alright but beard made him better ( idk if this is a spoil take it how u want)

i hate you, just no i hate this so much tucker does not deserve this treatment XDDDDD

you did tucker wrong.....

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well nvm

maybe norman wanted to speak your not the boss of norman (funni man funni man noramn, he speaks for all funni norman)

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hm they look similar thats norman idk what you mean but that look like norman


nah i got Roderick now  no need for norman 

hmmm, maybe its bc your not used to other art styles. and maybe should give new things a try. so try it, it has a great story, you wont regret it unless you just dont like it, well opinions-omshenions.

i was sad until i knew Rodrick existed, he's my fluffy boio hes perfect 


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u... how dare you i.. witness chaos and this is how you help you should be ashamed (hahahaha funi norman, im just surprised that he just head i was laughing my ass off )



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excuse me but, i think you got little something missing from you, is this what they meant by shirtless norman i never knew chaos existed until now

heheehe i get that. i get a better picture of everything now that you explained it better.
i get the 1rst  part of what you said, bc if your saying something in truth and your own opinion
and it doesn't go with others think then peeps start hating.