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Thank you for asking! The guide is being worked on currently, and will be released sometimes soon. In this case, it will be on our Tales of Onyx Discord server as well.

Heh, I'm glad! You can always replay, see what and how your choices will change the course of this story line too! (Along with multiple husbandos even).

Aww, thank you! That meant a lot to me. ^_^

Why yes, it does have NSFW materials dotted across the chapters. ^_^

It depends on your choices made every chapter. For example, there is one CG scene with Rubio at the very beginning- to get there, make sure you play your choices in Rubio's favor. At least until during the Fox Den event you'll have access to many CG scenes that will eventually become available.

There you go ^_^

Confirmed! I'm fixing it and release fixed version ASAP. Thank you for catching it!

Give me a moment to check it over. ^_^

By observing Third Guardian's dialogues after the combo attack.

Spoiler below.

When the Third Guardian reply "I'm amused, mortals. Very much so." and then "How are you guys able to come up with such a great coordinated attack?" -- This is clear sign that you've landed on the TRUE Ending. It boosts the love meter of every individual that are involved in this battle.

Otherwise, the Third Guardian's set of dialogues - "I'm not amused." and then "How are you guys able to come up with such uncoordinated attack, and yet managed to survive?" -- This implies that he is greatly disappointed. Regardless, you get to continue the story with negative points to all individuals involved in this battle. This is Alternative Good Ending.

Aww. Thank you so much, it made my day to see your kind comment here. ^_^

Keep trying! ^_^

There are only four bad endings in total that'll take you back to the beginning of battle.

Sometimes you'll need to retreat and defend, sometimes you'll need to attack. Choose your friends wisely!

Hehe, no problem! I'll keep ya updated. Ya got discord server up and running just in case?

For the lovely wolf, its name said "liefguard" when it should be "lifeguard". Saw it on the pictures you posted. ^_^

I'm glad you enjoyed reading!!

Hi ZelarP, would you like to join our Discord server where you can post the mistakes there instead of here? Rev might be able to explain better than I could! My native language is ASL, not English. ^_^

Thank you, I'll ask Rev to look into it. ^_^

Thank you! Haz (Our sprite/CG artist) kindly volunteered to work most of the grammar fixes on Prologue section.

I'll be posting a position within our team and hire a editor sometimes soon. :)

Thank you! ^_^

Thanks! ^_^

Let me know if it doesn't meet your expectations. I hope to hire a editor to our team one day, budget wise. :)

No problem! ^_^

This is actually a great question to ask. I took a moment to research and see if it is possible for you to be able to play any other VNs on your iPhone. (I have my iPhone too, it would be so nice to make this come to reality!)

This is what I found- and checked with Ren'Py website. So far, this appears that I would need to create iOS distribution version. As a developer myself, I could honestly make this happen just for you and probably others who stop by. My only concern is that it mentioned several drawbacks when creating the iOS version, this is something I have to try and test to make sure it really works.

I'm aware of the typos. They will be fixed, as you know, VNs like mine are under development as time goes by. :)

Sorry! I forgot to add one thing- We are currently in first arc as known as "Pharyna Arc". Patreon Version 2.5 is pretty close to the ending of first arc. Somewhere in the second arc AKA "Decomphi Arc", that will be when the possible routes come into play for us to choose. ^_^

Thank you for asking! Referring to the husbandos picture I posted on main page- we can see there will be six husbandos. Counting three husbands we have met so far... We, the readers, are actively building up the love points based on choices made.
After we have learned about these husbandos we met, we will be able to choose (IF set # of love points are met) one of them to go on a different route. Choose wisely, for there are alternative endings and only one TRUE ending. <3

Hehe, oh yeah. We'll learn more about these plants from Decomphi.

You're not the only one too! xP

Hahaha xP. Charos is gay, but we do have bisexual characters to meet somewhere in the VN. As for this specific scene, that is a good question left for the future. ^_^

Thanks for your input, I will review and make changes!

Thank you for your kind opinion! Can you please explain what you meant by “distractingly wonky”? This is a very first complaint I have received. Would like to understand you better. ^_^

Thanks ^_^ We will be having six routes, currently there are two routes available on public version right now- and about to have another two routes available on Patreon access.

Heh, thanks! Yes, it is watered-down version of my personal experiences from the past. Does it make you uncomfortable?

You always have great constructive criticism, I will definitely take a note of these. Thank you so much! <3

Hehe, I see. I'll consider that, you can join the discord server and I'll be able to help you get the older version.

I still have the old versions, what's up?

Awesome! ^_^

Done! I forgot to add the platform tags for each file. Thank you so much! ^_^

Haha!! No problem ^_^

Heh aww thanks. To do everything on own is tedious, I know the feelings. My financial situation eventually improved over two years during the pandemic craze, so this is how the revamp is happening during the hiatus of VN here.

There is no harm done in getting to know the artists and pitch your ideas! See where you stand from there and form mutual feelings to make the dream come true.

Regarding 1.4 version you downloaded, yep. However, with this 2.0 version coming on this 5th- that have changed. Depending on the love points you earned with Rubio (you just called him the doc, did you? xP) it will certainly lead to sex scene with Rubio.