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well im looking foward to hopefully date one day Bruce, that big oldragon, please make a route for him ...馃槫

i know sometimes is annoying but, when are you planning to release the next update, really enjoying this VN, keep the hard work and the best of lucks!

how do i get 4 hearts with bernard? i think ive done everything and only got 3

same here, if you find out what is necesary to play the game pls tell

azaghal isn't one of his characters, so (sadly) cant be done 馃槬

omg i love this and i love YOU for making this, you're amazing ... thanks and keep the hard work. big fan

is this game abandoned? twitter acc doesn't exist either

thank Uuuuuuu.....   :3     ,cant avoid felling special after hearing that.. 8).. just a doubt,  where i miss the hint for that =?

ok, whats the PC password? pls :路3

can u intimate with ruben on this build?

thanks for that tip, found it bcs of that :3, i was looking through the caves with 14 perception only, up to 15 and found the secret passage. THANKS A LOT!

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mmm, and where do i get the glafire mineral?, btw thanks for the help :3. ok i think i got something but where do i get glafire stone?

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hi everyone, how can i intimate with Dulrig, i see there's a sprite of him naked, can i get to see him like this on this current version?

aw, men, but dont worry,thanks for the hard work, we can wait, the longer the wait, the better the reward will be ;)...

hi, when is the next update coming out here on itch, really loking forward, i really enjoy this VN

lov u hyao and croud, thanks a lot for the early update, the best of wishes for all of you guys, really enjoying this VN, my favorite by far... merry christmas to all, best of wishes. AGAIN THANK U FOR MAKING THIS.


 when is the next update coming out? really enjoying this VN

does korg and logan get a CG on their hangout?

when is the next update coming out? btw loving this vn

i soo want to see Burry's chest, omg just spread those arms already! >=)

i mean in case you didnt take Teak's route, i think we are gonna see them together. but i reeeeeally want to date Cooper, that will be an interesting route. spicy mmmmmm...

thanks for the info.

idk, but i guess Cooper and Teak will end up together

ahh, i was hoping to see more about Cooper, almost 1h re-running everything so i wont miss a single thing, but was quite fun to explore all, as allways great update, is a shame that Cooper doesnt have a dedicated route but i still got Burry Yess. awoo.. cant wait for the next update. the best of lucks

hi!, when is the next update coming out here on itch?, loving this game, keep the hard work

are you planning to add new content for cornelius?

omg im so excited, i SOOOOOO want to spend the evening with burry, im dying inside, cant wait

how do i unlock his path?

let麓s see if i can find him, but i already check everything i guess, that's the only thing im missing, thnx btw

wher i can find Xer?

why the game isn麓t updated yet? is everything ok?

when is the next update coming out?

when is the next update coming out here on itch, btw amazing work

how can i activate the auto forward? is there a button for it? PC version

i got the visit from Rose, and still i cant trigger the visit to the hot springs, am i missing something?

i was hoping to see more about Burry.. damn..well, i guess the longer the wait then better the reward will be :P

are we gonna see something about cornelius?

that Sbernard is just too cute right, i can't wait to see him arms spread... really looking forward to his route, the first time i saw him i just say to miself: YESSSS thats the one i want :P

hi, when is the next update coming out here on itch?