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thought about it ngl

i've never insulted anyone personally, sweety. You have the right to post, but I just banned you so get fucked soy boy

I've bitched and hated people on here for years. I'm toxic asf and I love it. It's my forum, If you dont like it you can leave :)

Take a joke dude

Destroyed by facts and logic he got so embarrassed he deleted his post

Should always watch your opsec :)

You've played smoke room so your opinion is invalid + cope and get some mental help for your unhealthy addiction to fantasy romance, bro.

Made them downloadable, just for you :) it's not a keylogger :)

1. Not selling it

2. Wanting a romance story is a lot different then being a love addict

For someone who plays a lot of vns, you sure don't know how to read

it has been undownloadable for over an year so it probably is the latest

Its ok. I'm well acquainted with it, since I've been married to it for 4 years. Im ok hope you are too <3

ong ong preach. Wish you luck too, slay queen 

(1 edit)

here ya go^

Thanks happy cummings

Play lustful desires then, best vn

You're acting like I said I hate all of you guys, 100 percent of the people that like Tooth, which is not true. I said most, because realistically MOST of the people here are love addicts and or whiney twitter justice warriors. I was light heartly joking about the eat shit part, as it is an expression. I cannot do anything to refund the money and im closing the project, so they kinda threw money away.  So I said I couldn't do anything about it. The other parts, about hating furries and hating my audience is 100% not a joke and I stand by it fully. If thats why you guys are mad, then theres nothing I can do about it. If you want to cry about my opinion thats your fault, I didnt personally call out everyone, I called out some of the bad apples, if that offends you, then you're one of the bad apples. Its funny how yall read vns for 100s of hours but cant read a single post

Yes, I dont love Tooth, as I've explained in that post you're referring too, there's just so much that needs to be fixed before I can be proud of it. But that's not the reason I'm quitting. As I've also explained in another post in this comment section, I dont mind taking the time to actually fix everything when I have the time, but I cannot stand this fan base. Or most furries in general. There are too much cry babies and romance addicts. I'm tired of slaving away making content for people I hate. I cant hang with 90 percent of the people here

and also I wasnt saying how little it was to be rude or to be greedy, as of right now I cant even use that money without filling out tax shit so it doesnt matter. I just thought it was funny, because a while back I used to get people talking shit about the quality and saying for the donation money I should be better at what I do

i dont know why your talking about money. my whole point was that they donated and im closing my game so it sucks  for them, since I cant refund anything

this comment section is literally proving my point about the bitchy 14 year olds. Can't joke around or be myself around my own fuckin fan base. Guess i'll just have to talk like a robot with no emotion at all. Because the slightest hint of humor or light hearted sass means your a bastard and have mental problems

its a crime to be sassy and based 


Also I never said I hated tooth. I've worked on it for 3 years non stop, from 14 to 17. It's literally my childhood. I said I dont like the people it brings. And apparently not liking addicts means you have mental problems

I sound young because I dont sound like a robot or walk with a stick up my ass like Grizz? Or is it because I say shit like it is and try to put a little light hearted humor in it. Also a real 100 percent answer, I literally dont mind fixing and finishing Tooth. But I physically cannot deal with all the love sick weirdos that it brings. Because for some fucking reason they come to me thinking I'm a love doctor or shit when I'm aro. Had to deal with this shit for 4 fucking years. I'm tired of it. I used to be excited when someone joins my server, but now I know it's just another lonely love sick puppy that uses fantasy characters to fill their hole. Because society grows people to be romance addicts

And I'm "clearly" not well, when I've talked like this in every single fuckin post I've made.

And no, this vn was literally made out of pure spite. Spite of love addicts. To show them they only need themself to be happy


I said love addicts call it emo and cringe but ok


love this

Hi. Doing well hope you are too. Spoiler: Havent done anything since I closed the project lol. Best of lucks to you too :heart:

Thanks hehe

Thank you and tbh it never made me happy. Hopefully once I get moved in I can start up a bit more

pog new update

Thank you, I will surely try lol :)

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I need to use romance to make the story's message works. The whole point of it is the message 

yeah I'm not a fan either. Hehe gr true da bear. More to come from him for sure

Heh that sounds nice. And idk but they look nice ❤❤❤

ah I see, sorry to here that man. I hope one day he come back

i see nice


No, I love writing erotica. I do it in my free time when I'm stressed. This isn't erotica. Its a long, mushy romance with a subpar story. And as an aromantic it just annoying to write about something you don't care about.  I've been forcing myself to write it from day 1 lol.   And yeah, pretty much planning to take a long break before I get back to writing, I still have to get settled in and I still have plenty of sprites to make.

Thank you, and I'm glad you thought it was funny lol

read last post, mb im gonna see if theres a way to put it in title or somethng