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I believe it is out on steam for mac and windows, google play for android 

glad to see another update ! hope you're feeling better now .

mi español es malo

wow I'm early to such a gem, what an honour 

is there content regarding this repopulation effort ?


well now you know there is at least 1 person interested, but don't worry if you don't wanna XD

any chance of a Mac version ?

bruh I felt like I got cheated on 

is the sex just vore 

when finding dildo stones to the left I couldn't get past all those monsters

this game is too hard I hate it

Orveia community · Created a new topic Game updates

How often will this game update ? will there be a difference between Patreon and Free version? if so how much ? good game so far 

'I can fix him' vibes 

is the MC dom or sub ?

OMG!!!! I had thought this wasn't going to be continued ... I'm so glad !

oh early update 

I think having desert or snow mountains in the game and have cool sexy monsters would be fun


RIP so sad he passed 

"Get in the car loser , we're going shopping ." - Regina George

I assume you guys get off to venom ?

oh yes the 'treasure'

Welcome back !

(1 edit)

No worries :) best wishes 

edit : also I'm glad to see you active again , hopefully you continue to improve 


just is an airhead and cue and it makes me annoyed , he also acts innocent and I want him to be put in place 

lol true 

will we be able to be really sadistic with scrap ?he annoys me so much want to see him in pain

abandoned ?

it didn't work , the screen still goes blank ...

when I go into options it works , however it also goes blank when I click on 'load game' ...

I see you responded but I think my question is now gone ? 

anyways when I press new game the screen goes blank , can you please tell me what to do again as I didn't see your response before it was deleted .

when I click new name the screen goes blank

your health Is infinitely more precious than this project ... take as much time as you need .

I hope we can keep the tiger as a pet please OWO

ok I will try the game :)


I'm pretty sure the author is sick idk