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still don't get the ridded ones



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where to find the golem  ?

hyao said on his patreon that after  v.28 the game would get a big redesigh so all the file from v28 back to v1 would be clean

how to get a mout companion in country road ?

just go to the quest log

so will the update still be post normally after the clean save ?

so i play the game but there is no nsfw, when i get to the scene, it get bach to the menu.

thanks !

How to get Ste naked ?

how to get two heart from Arion 

Hey how's the update ?

Are u not dead ?

Happy Halloween, guys !!!

Even the fact that my country don't have this.

what is the box code 

How to get Thirsty Logger 

No, Everret scence but im found it now.

Where to get the hiđen CG ?

kemo coliseum

So i kinda have the ideas where there will be arena where you can fuck the lose and get fucked be the win and public fuck hole when you lose .

i try but no used 

how to get laid with Anthony ?

so i had check this e-hentai website anđ it including art from the patreon vision, one of them have Ste being naked and bone.

How to get Ste naked ?

How to get Xeroth bones ?

So where to find alpha male juice, the guide say it haven't avaible

Hey so how can i finish the full moon quest when the alpha male juice hadn't even avaible.

how to bottom Hakan ?

So how to get Xer's hideout ?

Hey so Tao and the Rat king sex event only happen once or more ?

How many H sence is it ?

Hey Chivo, just wanna ask if you survive Covid 19 ?

Hey hyao, hear u will go for a crossover with TOS, will it be on public or patreon ?

Ask hyao : 

What will by your plan after finish lustful desire : - Sell it 

 - Let people get it for free 

So no May update ?

i did save both from the menu and the statue, but all the save get eraser when i End game .

Small On Top community · Created a new topic Save file

So the game is great and all, but there is some problem with the save file, whenever i game end all the save file just gone, what ???

yes ?

Go to the dark swap at night.

So i give bernard the cure, now what ?