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Wait was it still in version 0.17 ?

so i found the pack leader, fight it, but can not get it pang ?

So how can i fight the pack leader of i have to wait for the next update ?

Nevermind i solve it .

I cannot get the rumor about the beast quest, is something wrong ? Btw where to finf Aconitum ?

So Hyao have you got any plan for the finish game ? Will you update it here or on patreon ? 

So can you make the Memories title bigger in the future update ?

cool, thanks for telling !

How long for a update ?

Hey Hyao, what's the plan once the game is finished ? Will you let us get the final update or just for the patron only ?

That's not Thane, it a drunk bull you can meet in the bull place at night, and i have try ways go get that scence but it all failed

try again then

So how to get a bowjod with the drunk bull scence ?

Small question : will you add new location and a gallery in the future built ?

How to make warrior and acolyte's lust to 10 ?

Someone help with the lure for lizardmen please ?

hey so what's Marsh Breath ?

Uggg just how long the update will be out ?


So when i working with jumberjack, in the double axe i only can hit one side, i use Pc so can't someone use Pc help a bit ?

hey so i try to get the threesome sence but still haven't figure it out. Can i have a details guide please ?

butttt how ? Where can i find it ?

Hey so when i play the game only apper the latest chapter, so how can i play the lower chapter like 4 to 1 ?

ohhhh. Ok, thankalot !

so i try it once but it didn't work, was it a bug or something ? Should i delete the game then download it back ?

Help me with Rodent lure, anyone ?

But when i came to the camp there only the text show up, not the sense, wasn't the choice when you choose to fight or offer youself matter ?

So how to get the sense logan ride the fat bandit ?

Hey hyao can you make some soft like gallery for the game so we can roll back some sence we want to watch instead have to save and load it again ?

Happy holidays fork 😀 Keep helping each other with the game. And A happy new year for Hyao, keep motivation okay !!!

Hey someone help me with the rodent lure, i try to caft it many time but i won't working ?

Hey so i try to make Rodern lure but it all failer, why ?

Anyone know where to find larvae

hey how to take prisonner ?

So how to unlock the orc quest ?

someone help me with the bandit caml quest please ?

So i kinda didn't get the bandit camp quest, who can i take it from ?

I didn't get the tail, where can i find it?

So where can i find the last lizardman figure ?

And where the last key to the gate can be found ? Like there is no quest or place to find it ?