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all right thank you 

Thank you so much for being so patient. One last thing, is there any way to get the scenes I didn't unlock?

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Sorry if I'm asking for help too many times but how do I get the skimpy outfit (i don t know if that's what it's called). I'm missing 1 outift. 

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I did it, but now I'm stuck at the ancient tree quest, I just can't find it. Where is it?

do you have the save by any chance

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I'm having some troubles, in the new quest of delivering packages someone gave me a bun-stick but I can't progress. What do I do ? I walked to the inn and nothing happenned

has anyone finished the game for the good ending?

Does the remake have the same animations as the first one? And also is it finished or will it continue to update ?

Is my page bugged or is the public version still 0.0.7 ?

Go to mossy freshwater and explore there

also this when I try changing equipment in the dungeon

I still get the same problem, maybe it's in the old save files and I have to make a new save


I can't re -enter the dungeon, how can I fix it? (I can enter it but it won't let me move, I'm literally stuck on the first tile after the entrance)

how do i get straps ? Defeating buggbears only gives me mutton

when will it update? 

Is there any tutorial on how to get all scenes from the gallery ?

I managed to beat the two other Planters by just using Azur Shards but I still have them on atm, I'll make sure to ask again if I'm having trouble

I need help, how do I remove the Plant Latchers from my body? I can't even go to camp because it won't let me leave the area until I've killed all the Latchers, but as soon as I attack one, they just jump on my body leading me to a Game Over without being able to do anything. 

I'm sure someone arleady asked this but when will the next update come? I mean on Patreon and here

oh ok thanks for the info

I have a question, Is this or will this be NSFW or is it  SFW only?

i think there's a new update now

oh ok thanks, after a while I've been able to craft a sword I wanted, thanks for helping

ahahaha,  you're right, Logan is pretty much a mystery to be honest, thanks for trying to help tho

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I don't know if I did the same thing he did (Me and Logan went to fight werewolves and he got injured and I healed him) but it was a while ago, I convinced him to not go to the Bandits camp and don't remember if I did anything else with him but I always had the notification "Logan likes you more" But I only have 19 in his relation with no hearts and I do not know what to do. Any suggestions? I also go to him everyday to train and help him with work

Where did you find it?

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I meant the small gemstone , I arleady looked for it in the beach cave but I cannot find any.

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Ooh Ok thank you, another quick question, do you have any idea on how to get quick xp and where to get the things to craft the iron ?

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You can go to the shop "Silky Smooth" and buy the Silk Stockings that costs 50g , than come back to him and it should give you an option to give him the thing you bought

You can find it in the Gloomy Forest at Bangers room #3

Can someone tell me where to find all the Note pieces? I arleady found Note piece #1 and #2 but I don't know if there's more and where to find  them.

So whenever I get a new patreon build I have to start all over again or  can I just transfer the old save from the previous version to the new version saves ?

ahahah ok, no problem thanks for answering

hmm ok but how do I get it? Is it random or do I have to do something in particular? Maybe I arleady got it but skipped it when I woke up?

how do I train with Roth? I can only spar with some warriors and when I approach him and try to talk nothing appears

how did you get a nightmare and what does it do?

how did you get that much with Logan? I can't get past 17 even if I do the "propose workout" every day and at first I suggested him to not go to the bandits' place

I didn't really get any difference other than that they're harder to find in the daylight, I usually do the wolves quest at night and I have -100 rep with many others too but nothing really changed