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As far as the leveling system goes, it just feels... well, it feels equal parts exploitable and obnoxious, I guess? Like, don't get me wrong, it's a creative idea to use items as a resource for leveling up, but I feel like giving Vacdes "trinkets" shouldn't be the ONLY means of leveling up.

Basically, I feel like the system is exploitable in the sense that someone with enough patience could just stick to the first few areas to collect trinkets (flowers, sea shells, etc.) to trade Vacdes and end up at a crazy-high level before they even complete the first real quest. On the other hand, I feel like the leveling system is obnoxious in the sense that combat has no real benefit to the player outside of getting sex scenes and grinding for a few types of trinkets to trade Vacdes; essentially, there isn't any huge incentive for the player to really pursue combat.

I think incorporating an experience points system into the mix could really improve these aspects. That isn't to say that I feel the current leveling system needs to be removed or anything; far from it! I think there's a way to combine these systems into something very unique and innovative!

Like, what if, to level up, a character needed to trade Vacdes enough "material" to reach the next level and a "catalyst" to actually execute the process? "Material" could be made up of experience points (earned by defeating enemies, completing quests, etc.) and/or trinkets, where a trinket with a trade value of 1 is equivalent to having an additional 10 experience points, and the "catalyst" could be any trinket(s) with a trade value of 1 or maybe even a trade value equal to the character's current level or something. For example, lets say a level 1 character needs to provide at least 150 experience points worth of material to reach level 2, not including the catalyst; in this example, the character needs to provide any combination of experience points and trinkets with a total value of at least 150 experience points (15 trade value) as material, so they could just defeat enemies and complete quests to collect the needed 150 experience points, collect trinkets with a total trade value of 15 or more, or some combination of the two to collect enough material to level up.

This is all just an example, by the way; I'm not saying that this is the only way to do this. All I'm really saying is that the leveling system should, in my opinion, be modified so that there's some incentive for the player to defeat enemies and complete quests, outside of hoarding trinkets and getting sex scenes.

Just food for thought; you do you with this game and take it where you want it to go. If you like this idea, feel free to nab it for the game, I don't mind; if you don't, well, there are plenty of other options for fine-tuning the leveling system, so just keep my critique in mind, I guess. This is your game, after all, and only you really know what your vision is for it's completion; all I want is to see this project reach the maximum potential I know it has! If you want clarification on anything I said here, all you gotta do is ask and I'll explain it as best I can!

(Don't worry about the late reply! I know as well as anyone that life just gets in the way sometimes. Not like you can spend all your time waiting for and replying to comments on, right?)

Yeah, the problem seemed to fix itself after I ran the 1.0 version game in Russian, and the 1.0.1 version doesn't seem to have the problem either.

When I downloaded the initial 1.0 version of the game, it had me choose between English and Russian for the game language when I ran the game for the first time, and I chose English. If I had to guess, that's probably where the bug came from. Maybe whatever code was used to size and position the text didn't account for the game language being set to English (rather than Russian) when the application was first run? I don't know, though; I'm not exactly a programming expert.

Still, everything's running smoothly now, so I guess it's all good!

I played the demo in English and the text size was HUGE! The dialogue kept going above the UI and would even get partially cut off by the bottom of the screen. The Russian dialogue didn't have this issue so I don't know what's going on. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean:

I have a few other screenshots but this should get the idea across well enough. I played through a few lines of the game in Russian and that seemed to fix the text sizing, but I figured it would be good to at least mention that this happened.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the game! It's still a bit rough around the edges in terms of story and characters, but it has some real potential! I'll be looking forward to the full release!

I played through the game a bit and it's not bad, so far! There is definitely a long way to go, but for where this game is at, it's a great start!

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the current saving and leveling system at the moment, but I understand that, given the fact the game is still in very early development, both these and most other current aspects of the game are subject to change in future builds, so I won't go too in-depth right now unless you want me to.

I also could't help but notice some similar this project is to Lustful Desires. I don't know whether you've seen/heard of it, but it's the same type of game as this; they do a really good job with combat and character advancement, so I really recommend it! Here are the links to the game's page and the dev's Patreon if you're interested. 

How do I get Caravan Guard/Gunnar's "Outdoor Fun" scene?

How do I get the witch to give me quests? Whether I talk to her during the day or night, she never has any tasks or dialogue.
Also, how can I raise Scar's libido?

Just played through the demo and this game is adorable! Cove is really likable and the variety you have in your interactions with the other characters is a real breath of fresh air compared to other like visual novels! I'm really excited to see what'll happen with this game in the future!

Great! Looking forward to the new build!


So I was playing through Chester's route recently and ran into a weird bug. The day after MC was jumped by Vernon, he told Richard about what happened, but then on day 29 they have the conversation again like it never happened?

I figure there's supposed to be some other conversation with Richard here if they had it earlier in the route? I haven't seen anyone mention this (though I might just be late on the uptake since I haven't kept up with the updates for a while) so I figured I'd bring it up.

Alright, so I switched from full screen to windowed mode and the game had a stroke; the background and character sprites disappeared, the text box was punctuating every line with ghost words, the 'history' tab was a complete mess, and when I tried going back to the main menu, the game reported an exception. This happens whenever I switch between full screen and windowed mode... Other than this, I'm enjoying myself so far!

MC is human.

I'm LOVING the new sprites! Aki especially looks really good in this new update! This VN is really coming along; I love it