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Will there be any additions to Derek’s story which will allow players to marry him?

Great update. Really loved.

However, there seems to be a problem with the survey as I get an error when I try to open it from the game.

I can't seem to find the slime gloves in the latest build.

even after defeating all the slimes multiple times, and receiving multiple dulpicates of all other items.

Would like to properly try the game, however this is made impossible by the fact that when I try to press a button in the bottom row it usually opens an app pined to the taskbar


I tried a few times with the previous version and still had the bug and when I downloaded the new update the bug was still there

Great game.

However the new scene has a bug.

Whenever I find the target at the location the game closes itself

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Very different from most other gay adult games.

Quite fun to play, can'twait for more updates


Will there be an English version? As I don't see it in settings with the other languages.

Will the game still be launched on steam?

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I really like the story so far. I kind of expected there to be a Neo option as the MC constantly talks about them being one person, espescially after the confrontation with the feline that tried to confess. But still very nice novel.

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With the new update and the opening of the select chapters option. What should be the second option? It stayed ????? for mine.

It did however open up after using the password given in the development log

Hey do you have a page where people can give notes such as switches between the new and old sprites?

It's a fun game, however once you've played it through you can't play it again with different choices

Creator you might want to check out the creator LustGamesAndroid on Itch as your game is on their page. It's not the only game from a different creator on their page. Not sure if you know this and/or have given permission for.

They just posted on their twitter who the voice actors are going to be for the characters

Thanks for your reply.

It's just that in your previous hints it was stated that there is a freakout on September 24th but on that date I don't have a chooce of what to do I always have to go to Q&A to talk with james.

As for time spend together, if I can choose I take the options either with only Carlos or with both Carlos and Adam.

Hey could somebody possibly give me a hint on how to get the freak out of carlos on september 24th.

I've had it before when I was trying another route. But the only route I still have to do is carlos and now I can't seem to get it

Quick question? Is the testing form for the download avalabe from

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I can't seem to download the file. Every time I try I get the notification that the file doesn't exists. Sorry saw after posting that you told people to check out your pateron page

Do you mean with this that you should have finished at least one route? Because I have finished both the Dan and Jake route