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Are there any 18+ scene yet?

How do you lower the sanity bar?

Is this game ever going to continue?

I hope Amicus is top


What did you guys update?

Is android Adastra 0.7 different then the Window Adastra 7?


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How can i get the More diabosite quest? And how can i start a conversation with the blacksmith?

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How can you get the scene where your bottom with Hayden in the Hot Spring? And how can you get the scene with the Drunkard in Hot Spring?

Another question, what happens if Bernard like's me at 100?

How can you hunt with Bernard, how would i know its friday evening?

Please list the newest updates here

Are you going update this demo?

Do i need to start all over to do these new updates?

Well it would be great if you updated early please

When are you guys updating again, can you tell us your schedule?

It looks like you guys updated can you list out what you update

Do you guys post updates here because i keep checking this website and there's no update.

Did you guys increase the days for Dozer and Chester?

whats the recipe for Aphrodisiac?

What's the potion recipe for aphrodisiac?

If I download the recent update will I lose my savings?

Is their a route for Zed? If so, can you tell me?

Will you guys add being bottom for Coach Gifter in the future?

In Gifter route day 27 the answer for what month we're you were born is not accepting my  answer.

Well, I can't find it. but can you be bottom with Chester?

Can you be bottom with Chester? If yes, how?

Is there really going to be a Richard route?

Can you be bottom with Gifter?

Can you let Spencer be dominate during sex?

Really, you can be bottom.

When I was dating Rugo there was a scene where they were about to have sex, are their still developing the scene?