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is the town available for public ver?

dildo and dildon't?

make the alpha WW libido to max then, do the "thing", and voila... you get alpha liquid

why don't you use witch/priestess amulet? did you sell yours?

for now, it seems yes. the storyline for logan when discourage or encourage him have a different path.

emmm, do you have any love potion? i think he will be there again if you have one.

wait, there's a game over scene in ver 0.15? ohoho... nice

normally, the next day after you give medicine to him, he will be healthy again. maybe there's some bugs or anything else that make this happens. i suggest you to DM the creator to seek for solution.

i think, the bartender aka. harold, will like you more when your character use the tavern service ( order something to drink or room for the night). if order drink can't increase his like meter, try to order room for the night with his company. it will increase his like meter by 2 pts.

first you need to get the "Corrupted Logan".  Encourage him to go to bandit camp. Then, there is gonna be a scene where he and the fat bandit have sex in sawmill on night. after that there must be outdoor fun scene with him, i guess.  if there isn't, try to change your character position as a top/versatile.

i find a bug, i think. when discovered the basement for the first time in tavern, the background is still in underground even after i go back to surface.

Hyao-san, may i ask a favor, for the shaft game, instead of using bubble text like the conversation, why don't use arrow pad? it's somehow confusing to use, because the bubble text for direction will change position regarding to where is my position. so i think, with arrow pad, the direction that i want to go will easier to choose. amd sorry if i being mean with this request. i know you're working very hard to make this wonderful game. and i cant even support you as a patron. also Thanks for your hardwork.

how could i access the lake of purification? it says that you can find it in the ruin's underground, but i can't access to the underground part, it is related with "lizardman head and tail" and "gate at the back of corridor"? is there more part or lizardman's body that i need to collect to access it?  Thank you.

now that's a hard condition to do it. Thank you very much

how do i can get game over scene with raptors?

this game was really nice

Also i need to know, what "consequences" here. And bottom Logan, is the scene happen after he raid to camp or.... While he was do the raid?

Thank you. And sorry for bothering you too much.

Found it. Hehe.  Now i can be with my "master" everyday. :3. Thanks for helping me, Hyao-san

hmmm.... i wonderin why i cant find the new location and troll. i want to lower my sanity with him :3. may i have a clue, Hyao-san?

Thank you for your hard works, Hyao-san. Turn's out the BG from Gavelle-san seems really good. hehe. really satisfied. Also pls show my gratitude to ZoroJ-san for makin another hot Guys :3

just 1 potion is enough for him to be cured. To make Bernard drink the potion, you can approach him in his place in daylight like usual. The dialog box will explain the condition of Bernard. Etc

thank you for your hardwork! Hyao-san.

hehe, i forgot the development works like that. I hope the best of luck of you. Keep up the good work :3

For the 1.0 ver, will the game be completed?

hmmm... The stats changed.. ok. Now i understand. Thank you, Hyao-san :3

how about submissive and dominance potion? I use it and ... I don't see any effects....

So basically i'm so hyped there are new potion and now love potions can be used at another character. But i still don't know how to use the potion and what's the effect of love potion to another character. Is it supposed to appear on the next patch?

sasuga creator

and a question, how much you pay for the artwork in the game from zoroj? i know its confidental thing but is it a commission or just you have a really really good relationship with him? just asking.

maybe this have been commented by another player. but i hope you can make a feature on potion creating system, where you can arrange the ingredients position on the resources list. so it's easier after finding the ingredients, i can move it to the top and not be confused just for searching where in the world the ingredients are when attempting to master the recipe. or maybe if you click on one recipe on "known recipes" list, the ingredient you need can automatically on the top list in the "resources" list and make it easier to go.

hmmmm, now that's some precious leak. :3

How about the 0.6? Will it be released at next week?

Hyao-san, how can i check bernard's affection to me? People saying that giving lust potion to bernard will make me get less affection from him, but how can i check it?

no matter the difficulities, i will surpass it, so i can **** his ass :3

you owe me one, since he is really f****** hot and i wanna top him so eagerly :3

Btw, thanks for giving info about how to bribe the dog :3

explain to me how to brribe the dog.and will there be any anal action as top when encountering shopkeeper?

What does sanity do? And where i can check it out?

thank you :3

i don't know waht to say, but i'm truly agree with you :3

thank you. *sob.

Hyao-san.... Is there any "shortcut" in keyboard  to skip the dialogue? I mean, somehow i got jealous when people discovering something in the dialogue which i can't found out. And that because somehow i hate to encounter the same dialogues for many times... So i think if we can press any button that can make we skip the dialogue that have been seen, and then we press the button again, the skip will be canceled, and more thing  will be discovered in the dialogues. 

I'm not a gamer so i don't know what is this feature called and yes, my english sucks. Sorry if it is hard to be understandable. 

Thank you, Hyao-san :3