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beautifully well done trailer and images, excited to play chapter one in July.

gestures are perfect and the idle animation is fine in my opinion, more work than it's worth when it looks completely fine right now

how long has this game been in development? will it be released by chapters through Patreon or only as a full game for a price when it's completed?

love the game and can't wait to play more, great animations and the story really gripped me. what did you use for the models?

has development halted until the renpy version is finished?

I can't wait for more this was amazing, music was great and the melancholy setting was top notch! Instantly connected with the characters.

never silly if you paid for it

how's it going? did something happen with the next update

is the gruff handjob scene in this?

I like David the best because he's in charge lol

amazing game! i loved the models and story. i just hope we get to see more of the uncle as well ;)

Will we have to buy those mini-games separately?

Will all of the mini-games be included in this one purchase or does this one only include Thomas and when the next mini-games are released, they will be sold seperately?

wow that was a lot of content for the first demo! the art is so cute! i have a hunch Ned is hiding something from us ;)

you made this in less than 2 weeks? wow you're very talented I love the art. a solid 10/10. i like how the end tells you that you've reached the end of the current demo.

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the art is sooo good, a breath of fresh air imo. very interested in seeing what comes next ^^. question, there are two items you cannot choose, are those for possible future routes? or just for mystery

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This game is amazing, I'm excited for the release. I filled out the survey and would definitely pre-purchase the game if needed. I did like the text-to-speech voice,  Tomas was extra funny and I love Sister Spear lol.  I found a couple bugs however.

1. If you save before boarding the train and then reload back to that save at any point, when you enter the train you will never be prompted to talk to anyone and the train will continue endlessly. 

2. When it is time for Don to arrive at your room ( don't know if this affects anyone else), the player character will say a different love interests name. (Minor bug)

I think you can get stuck in that until you choose someone to pursue? Might need confirmation

who is Zac?

his routes have been in the polls on Patreon since the beginning iirc but I believe he's the lowest one. idk about recent polls though

In one of the routes it will give you the option for a town map. I believe it is Normans route. It will happen directly after the talk with Eric the express boy. When that town map shows, click "The Town" and do 2 of those events (Restraunt, Bar, or Billards. Doing all 3 will make you go home.) There is an alley directly behind the bar, click that and theres your scene. Another scene that involves the map is "The River". That will net you a CG with a sweaty and very attractive worker.

I agree. A lot of games are bottom only and that makes this one unique

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when do you top kevin? did I do his route wrong?

edit: are you referring to the dream scene?

cole is so damn cute I really hope he shows us some more tenderness (like the smile at the end) <3

Is the Itch version of this game the most up to date or is there a Patreon version of the game with more content?

Oh okay I was confused at first as to why it still says "that's where the update ends" even though your log is very recent lol. A quick question though, will the NSFW scenes be entirely text or are you planning on adding a few CGs with it?

wow extremely happy I tried this game out. the characters are really fun and I love the dialogue options LOL

i was worried after b101 became quiet, glad to see you're doing alright! love the new game ^.^

can't wait to try it! I love the new sprites ^.^

I loved the first episode. The colors and modeling were really great and I can't wait to see Nautica :)

I go to the rock and do the screens ^ ^ ^ < and nothing happens? Am I missing something? This is right before I'm leaving with Gerald so maybe a bug is happening.

wowwwwwwww the length and quality of the first build is incredible. im excited to see how the story pans out

Jayce is such a cutie, I love his and John's back and forth

just played through and I really enjoy your art, I can see this being a big game. dorzakk such a cutie

looks really nice

yessss i love killigan