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really good start and love the sprites. I'd recommend using more tags though, was hard to find this!

liking the new background!

how is the development going? 

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1. keep it professional, I presume this is your main account?

2. the only criticism towards your review was you shilling out your services, after being the only person who mentioned it and while telling them how poor the english in their game is. there is nothing wrong with critiquing in a review(that's why they are there after all) but when you tried selling services to a problem you were the only person who brought up.

3. your reaction is proof that what I have has merit and obviously damages some form of ego you possess with your first comment. you are referencing dunning-kruger incorrectly, never have I claimed to be an editor, a better editor or english speaker than you. simply stating how malicious your first comment was which you cannot seem to fathom. perhaps if I were critiquing your editing, and I was an editor with worse english, that'd be a better usage of the term?

4. this whole paragraph is irrelevant based on assumptions which you cannot prove. 

5. donation prompt is different from charging up-front for a game. each update (from what we know) will be posted here for free. donations are common place for nearly every single creation on the internet so you could technically call every site solely about monetization? claiming that simply posting on this site is monetizing a game could be compared to posting on twitter and expecting companies to reach out and pay you to post their product to your page for payment. it makes no sense and you seem to be slightly reaching for that. can't believe I had to explain this.

6. still a narrow-minded and very egotistical display of someone having their sales tactics brought up, which is what this was all about if you haven't forgotten. you're bringing in outside factors to try to defend something that has no defense. you, still, are the only person to bring up their english (as you try to claim there were many non-existent people quitting the game solely because of the english). 

you're stuck on non-factor pieces that don't fit what the original statement I made was on. if you can't see how critiquing a game and then selling your services to fix said critique while being the first and only person to comment on it can be seen as manipulative writing, I don't think you'll ever understand. 

as with your 'go fuck yourself' proves my point how hostile you've become about something that shouldn't really matter for a successful editor like yourself, right? 

you will now continue to reply with a defense or an even more hostile statement about something irrelevant. 

you're a professional? wouldn't it be more professional to offer services in disclosed messages as opposed to the comment section of a game that has not expressed an interest in hiring editors? is it also professional to feel the need to prove how professional you are to someone who doesn't know you nor will they ever be interested in your 'services'? 

you're also the first and only person in the comment section (in English) to say something about the spelling while also selling your 'services'. you're the only person (so far) to have an issue with the spelling so yes, it doesn't really matter.

this game is free and he has yet to express an interest in monetizing the game, there is no 'voting with wallets' going on.

on an unrelated note, it's interesting how copy and paste FFXIV players are in regard to their thought process.

it doesn't matter much, if at all. if its easy to find people who are native English speakers you should probably start with that, not shilling out your "services" for a fee.

Advertising the game in discord servers related to gay visual novels would be a good bet for self-publicity. Communities can take time, don't give up :)

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I really enjoyed this game so far, your animations were really nice, definitely sets this apart from many other visual novels. The setting is very hot as well! 10/10. Do you have previous experience with animation and modeling? It was very good

Edit:Seen your previous comments about game not showing up, I frequent this site looking for new games nightly/every other night. This was in the Popular tab under 'Gay' last night and it seems to be gone from Popular tab and now I see it consistently in "Most Recent". Unfortunate it was not seen immediately but now that it's being shown I hope it doesn't discourage you! 

love the models and story so far, great work. if you don't mind, what software do you use to model and render?

they do not display properly, however the ejaculation video at the end of a handjob still appears

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text seems to be fine, only the media. some still appears like normal, even after an uninstall reinstall, new game still have the same issue

unfortunately on windows not really seeing any scenes either. I tried the preferences fix but not seeing many of the sex scenes

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had an abrupt thought of this game last night, glad I found it again after switching computers. easily the best models in any visual novel I've read.  the quality is insane

this was amazing, is it still being worked on? id like to sub to your patreon

transitions and quality are beautiful

the art is amazing, I love both Karl and Mercurio. I also really like Qilfh's design if he ever becomes a romance in the future. story has me hooked

beautifully well done trailer and images, excited to play chapter one in July.

gestures are perfect and the idle animation is fine in my opinion, more work than it's worth when it looks completely fine right now

how long has this game been in development? will it be released by chapters through Patreon or only as a full game for a price when it's completed?

love the game and can't wait to play more, great animations and the story really gripped me. what did you use for the models?

has development halted until the renpy version is finished?

I can't wait for more this was amazing, music was great and the melancholy setting was top notch! Instantly connected with the characters.

never silly if you paid for it

how's it going? did something happen with the next update

is the gruff handjob scene in this?

I like David the best because he's in charge lol

amazing game! i loved the models and story. i just hope we get to see more of the uncle as well ;)

Will we have to buy those mini-games separately?

Will all of the mini-games be included in this one purchase or does this one only include Thomas and when the next mini-games are released, they will be sold seperately?

wow that was a lot of content for the first demo! the art is so cute! i have a hunch Ned is hiding something from us ;)

you made this in less than 2 weeks? wow you're very talented I love the art. a solid 10/10. i like how the end tells you that you've reached the end of the current demo.

(1 edit)

the art is sooo good, a breath of fresh air imo. very interested in seeing what comes next ^^. question, there are two items you cannot choose, are those for possible future routes? or just for mystery

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This game is amazing, I'm excited for the release. I filled out the survey and would definitely pre-purchase the game if needed. I did like the text-to-speech voice,  Tomas was extra funny and I love Sister Spear lol.  I found a couple bugs however.

1. If you save before boarding the train and then reload back to that save at any point, when you enter the train you will never be prompted to talk to anyone and the train will continue endlessly. 

2. When it is time for Don to arrive at your room ( don't know if this affects anyone else), the player character will say a different love interests name. (Minor bug)

I think you can get stuck in that until you choose someone to pursue? Might need confirmation

who is Zac?

his routes have been in the polls on Patreon since the beginning iirc but I believe he's the lowest one. idk about recent polls though

In one of the routes it will give you the option for a town map. I believe it is Normans route. It will happen directly after the talk with Eric the express boy. When that town map shows, click "The Town" and do 2 of those events (Restraunt, Bar, or Billards. Doing all 3 will make you go home.) There is an alley directly behind the bar, click that and theres your scene. Another scene that involves the map is "The River". That will net you a CG with a sweaty and very attractive worker.