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The walkthrough can help you.
The magician is on the 2nd floor of Fire Dungeon and the tailor is in the forest where you can fight the crocodile and the bear, after Logtown.

You can play the game on android with JoiPlay

Wizard is in Fire Dungeon's 2nd floor just before the boss and what you call the magicsmith is probably in the cave just when you enter it from the beach. There should be a Anubis character there. You can also checkout the Walkthrough if you have more questions like this.

Ah you just need to guess. It's between a few numbers.

The mansion content goes to that point in this build, the rest (and more) is coming in the next public phase in the fall.

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All the story in the mansion came with the last build. The new build added a new are you go through the underwater. It's been a while, but if it says end of story then that's it for that part of the story.

Edit: I checked the build and you're right, it ends there. I think that was all I had finished up until that point before I had to make the new builds for the public release. The newest build added a new event in Piratetown and a new area you can go through the underwater map. The next build will add the 1st floor of Water Dungeon.

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It should be up to the quest guild. You get to the mansion by going underwater. Could you be more clear, I'm not sure what you mean.

It's not on the docks. You can find the event in the walkthrough. you need to climb through a window. to get to the event, you can see rocks on the ground at the place where you can climb in, next to the building with the bull inside.

You can also click on the walkthrough on the main page to see where you can find stuff!

Maybe at some point. I don't have a Mac and I need one to be able to make a Mac build. They tend to be pretty expensive too.

The new one? It's in Piratetown, you have to go to east where you can see 2 guys having fun on a boat.

On PC save problems ususally rise when you haven't unrar/unzipped the files. You can't make changes to zip and rar files that's why playing through them on PC doesn't work.

Dunno anything about joiplay save bugs. Sorry, can't really help you there.

How are you trying to download it?

On the 3rd, so tomorrow.

You can try to copy the save folder from your old game files (/www) and paste it to the new www folder. There's a chance it won't work. There are also preset saves in the game you can use so you don't have to start from the beginning.

Maybe someday if I ever buy a Mac so I actually export the game for Mac.

The file is just a rar/zip file. I thought Joiplay wanted those.

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I can't really help you there since I'm not with Joiplay. I don't know what you mean by downloading through Joiplay? The last time I used Joiplay I downloaded the file here on my site using a browser on my phone and then used Joiplay to select that downloaded file, if I remember correctly.

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Have you tried to download my game from itchio website and not the app?

Have you tried the walkthrough? The link is on the main page. Maybe you're missing the one that is in the basement of the concrete building?

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You have pressed CTRL which hid the text. It will make choice windows loop. Press CTRL to show the text again and it should fix it.

That's not mine. This and patreon are the only places I update my game on.

Tomorrow! Always on the 3rd day of the month.

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If you found the note in Pine Island Base, he's on the 2nd floor of the town hall, you need to take the open book from the same floor to him to start the questline. (Only in patreon build at the moment 10.24.2023)

Did you unrar/unzip the files first? You need to do that or you can't save.

Dunno if that affects it. I know that unzipping/unrarring is important because you can't make changes to the files (saving for example) if they're not unzipped.

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If you go to one of the openings here where the light comes (no light in public build yet) you can find spaghetti. it's most likely the one you're missing. You can also use the walkthrough linked on the main page here!

You can play the game on android by using Joiplay

Enter or space

As long as it's not commercial it's fine with me (you don't sell them)

You need to press the interaction button to move them. They've been changed to work like the leaves in the cave in the patreon version already because so many have reported this

If you're interested, I've already created a comic loosely based on my game. I think I 've made 130+ pages of it already.

I have a folder for them here.

The only thing I can think of is that and that maybe you're not playing the game from the folder and you took the .exe file outside of it.

They're not all in the game yet! Some quests are not complete yet.

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Have you unrar/unzipped the game? You can't make changes to the game and its files if you don't do that before playing.

Are you using the saves from an older version?

Did you do all the quests on the ship? You should be able to leave once the story part and quests are done.