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Oh don't get me wrong I think having female characters in the game is a plus but maybe adding the option for female npc and monsters would have made more sense after the main game was already completed as now it means more commissioning for the pictures and a generally longer process for a game that could of been completed much sooner as 1 picture per month which would take 2 years for 24 character portraits and that's not including monsters and scenes...

I'm honestly wondering why there is even straight content in this considering how much faster it would have got done having male only content since the art commissioning and being that Zoroj specialises in bara. (No offence intended) xD 

I mean there is loads of games for straight people already, is all I'm really saying.

Go down from where the 2nd cell location is, right from Victoria and keep searching there until you get Rare Coffee beans/Cock Ring/Key (South East Corner)

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Right so I got the bad ending for the Lizards finally! (Which including me having to start from scratch again)

Which to my disappointment didn't let me keep Roushk to myself like I'd hoped (Well not the sane one anyway....)

But I had overwritten my previous save from the good ending x_x PROBLEMATIC (I was on day 830)

You can workout with Logan if you discouraged him for attacking the bandit camp which increases it.

I normally have to use 3-4 lures in 1 battle to catch a Lizard.

There is no audio as of yet,

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There wouldn't be much point adding more races in description without having pictures, but as mentioned before it is a minefield due to individual taste and perspective.

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A harem route would be a good idea if you captured all the main villains actually, I caught Roushk but couldn't keep him since the story didn't continue. ;(

Might be a good idea also if you could create a potion that either starts you a new game with current stats or lets you retake critical decisions as people who have played from earlier builds will be stuck to a certain route if they didn't make multiple saves throughout playing .

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If teasing doesn't work on some enemies it's either because your attractive stat isn't high or enough or they need to have a lust potion thrown at them, only mobs that can't be charmed at all atm are Jelly and Tar monsterthingy.

I also noticed you can't actually tease Raptors until you have got wolves like up and have access to the dog scene in town.

Are you playing as a female? Because only females have the bad ending with Arion which is kind of sad.

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Wondering how to get the corrupt lizard ending as I've tried submitting and corrupting Rhot but nothing seems to be occurring? (Running 0.15)

Bernard can be visited every friday night at the cottage in the forest if you completed the find a friend quest which then results in meeting him in the tavern for a drink then spa event.

Hyao previously mentioned adding an option in a later build but you may want to just start again as that could be weeks or months away

Are you sure you don't mean 100xp? xD

Roushk gives 150xp and well he goes down in 2 tease so it makes it pretty fast as you can't submit to him since the sanity loss is quite high, but that being said my appearance stat is 50 while all the others being base with all the equipment options boosting it by +16

My client just stopped responding after I clicked the -> after asking for 50 gold back then the client stop responding for like 5mins and when it finally resumed and the scene played out I had that much gold xD

I'm personally waiting to hear more about last boss details or Northcrest as Roushk now goes down in 2 teases, or possibly maybe even a ridiculously high level hidden boss as I'm rather overleveled as is (Level 52).

Needs more Incubus and sexy huge muscular demon kings or even Warlocks!

I'm wondering if there will be more water sports as I've noticed the option to piss/be pissed on has vanished in the 0.14 build, there is also a error when obtaining the Stick weapon when starting a new game in this build.

Hoping to eventually see a Scar foot and armpit fetish scene like with Harold. (I'm filthy I know) :')

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There isn't many options as a top to be honest, I've played though the whole game as a virgin at one point just to see if anything different occurred which ended in a very boring playthough .

Tops don't get no sexy event with Hayden which made me rather sad, nor Gunnar by what I've experienced.

You'll have to start again which I've done about 50 times so far, it's a good idea to make separate saves before choices for this reason.

"Ugly" UGLY?! I happen to think Barrel-boi is rather hot, and most outcomes in this game can be changed in regards to versatility.

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Right so I think the Harold during the Love Potion scene might have glitched and gave me a little bit too much money LOL

I'm wondering if the number of days system is going to play a relevant part in the future at all since I'm on day 500 at level 45 (Think I'm enjoying it a little too much)

Judging by what Hyao said previously he won't be a romance as such. (Maybe more of a pet role if you topped or a relentless top if you bottomed, depending what actions you took in the camp I presume)

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You have to select [Take a break] during the day until Gunnar and the Caravan show up. (I'm not deffo about what build this is in, since I'm running 0.13.1

Blake has no events apart from the mineral one that you did. (Except love potion)

Logan has a different event if you discouraged him from going to the camp alone since he becomes a workout buddy. (Which then you can only increase friendship if you have strength over about 18)

Well if you have unlocked the camp you have to keep selecting [Look around] or (explore) at night until you unlock Jester and then talk to him and keep doing the same thing until certain events unfold then check the track at night then back to Jester for more speech.

It doesn't as far as I've seen, I tried it on multiple monsters with no avail. xD

Hyao, where would it be a good to suggest ideas? (If you're receiving them that is) xD

Oh yeah that would be cool but I can see the difficulty as commissioning a certain look and then everybody complaining about said look since they would want it to be their "Ideal Image".

Only solution I could think of atm would be to get sketches and hold a poll about which they would like the main char to look like, but either way some people would be unhappy, so it's pretty problematic either way. xD

I love this game so much that I think I've completed every aspect of it as a top and bottom xD

I was wondering if you ever plan to make makes changes to Appearance/Strength stats as if you go full appearance then you're pretty much screwed again the Slime/Tar monsters, and as Strength you're perma stunned against the Satyr which isn't much fun.

Don't feel intellect stat plays much into the game at all as it makes little difference in battles or events that I've noticed, just makes learning an item less of a chore. 

This happened to me also, from my experience it's when the Mysterious Signet is equipped. 

I removed it and my sanity could reach 100% again.