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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi

Are yall dead?

A topic by Toolon created Oct 28, 2018 Views: 11,984 Replies: 69
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Tryna spice dis place up...halp welcome


we might be as well *sighs* I hate being the one who only comments when there's radio silence, it makes me look bitchy and unsupportive but I'm also on edge fearing this project may be dropped to an indefinite hiatus. On the other hand last time I chose to comment they updated so cross your fingers with me. I wonder how's it going since last update on August; if they update every three months it's almost due time for more news. I hope they are doing alright with their lives.


*crosses fingers aggressively*

 I hope they're doing fine too...


Hows everyone doing because of covid??


It would be nice to get a Halloween update (though I know this is pretty unlikely).

I’m feeling optimistic about the project staying alive, though the lack of updates is disheartening, it seems like progress is being made behind the scenes. I remember something similar occurring with their other game and though that was delayed as well it eventually released (that was much shorter though so the longer delays make sense).  Just gotta hang in there!

Like everyone else, I really do wish the best to the developers and hope things aren’t too tough IRL. Be sure to take care of yourselves!


That honestly would be great. Oh, I was worried because she used to update tumblr a LOT but I'm ironically glad to hear she also didn't update about the last project as much. That means its normal then huh? You take care too!


The cutoff off of news from tumblr had me worried as well tbh but yeah for the other project, I think we started hearing less and less as the game kept on getting delayed (though I’ll admit I don’t 100% remember if tumblr was getting updated or not). So yeah, I’d say it’s pretty normal.

 In the last update it was mentioned that there was a lot of editing and rewriting to be done so I’m guessing that’s a big reason we haven’t gotten an update in a while.


Makes sense. Thanks for being the voice of reason in this. My hopes are no longer dead.

Yay! I just hope my faith in the protect is justified.


I'm alive but there is nothing I have to say here, at least not until there is an update. I think this project is on hiatus now so I will stop following it.


Boiii i hope not... btw kokobop is a bop. Listening to that shit on repeat.


Alive, but fairly disappointed. I actually backed on Kickstarter - communication was great at first so I had high hopes, but the lack of updates has gotten really frustrating. I backed another game around the same time and they’ve been wonderful, updating every week even when it’s bad news. Not sure why a similarly consistent schedule (even once a month would be ok!) has been so hard for Agashi. Fingers crossed this gets completed...


Ooof. Good luck to ya! Also whats the other game you backed? I need something to do LOL


It’s Changeling (! I’ve been really impressed by their professionalism - of the two main team members, one has been in and out of the hospital and the other moved to a different country, but they’ve still kept to weekly updates on  Kickstarter.

Ooh I've actually played the demo!!Thanks for reminding me of it!


Might be unpopular opinion, but I don't think this radio silence is ok at all. People paid money, so it's a responsibility, not a fun little side-project done at leisure. Setbacks are fine, lack of communication is not. All the author's going to succeed in is making people less likely to back any possible future project of theirs, or just ks projects in general.

I hope that everything's well as much as anyone but, yeah.


I agree with this. I mean delays are inevitable, but is a person truly too busy to take 5 minutes of their time to update people who have supported them and put their trust in them? I mean I get that nervousness when you go past deadlines, but professionalism is key.

Deleted 3 years ago

Just to be clear: despite my earlier comments, I am completely on your side on this issue. As a backer, I’m absolutely frustrated at the lack of updates ever since they first started lagging behind on them. Sadly, even though I and many others have pleaded for ANYTHING even once a month to indicate the developers were still engaged in the project, there have been no results or acknowledgement from them on improving (that I know of). This is definitely not ok and something the author will have to prove they’ve fixed before I feel comfortable backing a future project.

That being said, it’s been years since I backed this project and I have come full circle and am now trying to stay cautiously optimistic since the project doesn’t seem completely abandoned yet. I get that not many people are at this stage and they’re right to be angry, I’m just tired at this point so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I’ve got enough negativity in my life, you know?

Good luck to you all. :)

Deleted 3 years ago

same tbh, same... i agree with what you said. there's this agreement between developer and backers where we help this project come to life and the developers get their hands on what they scripted. Needless to say, shitcan happen but they are breaking it by not keeping in touch with us. We are by no means forcing them to work, or pressuring them to finish it; that should come from them, both from their passion for this project and responsibility with us. And at this point I see none.

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At this point I'm expecting the game to be out by 2020... if at all. 


Lolllll 2020 or nothingggg



the choice is nothing lolol

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*sigh*   fingers crossed for 2021..?


yikes, it's already 2021, so maybe...2022? if i'm being positive enough

(+7)'s time to accept the truth. This is NEVER happening. Look for other projects! 


People on KS have apparently been asking for an update for a while now, but nothing. Saw a person wondering if this was all a scam. This is what I meant when I said that the author is destroying themselves like this.

A pity, really.


Oof I saw that...its sad. Her work is too good for it to be ruined by something like this.


Well, that's what you get when you drop off the face of earth: people start making assumptions.

My personal best guess, based on the last updates, is just a good old burnout, likely a mixture of perfectionism and the general amount of work. I'm like 99% sure it'll get finished someday anyway.


I think the unanimous message from everyone is that it doesn't matter what state the game is in, how long it's been, or how long it will be - all that matters is communication. I personally don't care what the update is so long as there just is  one. I don't require an apology or an explanation or anything, and I hope Lee isn't holding back from reaching out because of a build up of negative feelings or embarrassment. Anything is better than nothing, even if it's just to let us know that nothing is happening atm - that's ok.


Yeah, to be honest, this was one of the first game that I've found on so I had very high expectation for it. I just want some kind of confirmation from anyone in the team to know that the project is still going. Don't need any kind of explanation or apology. It's sad that a project and a team with such high potential is going down just because of the lack of communication - which is something that can be fix with even 5 minutes or a sentence. 


You summed it up pretty well. Delays are understandable, but it honestly takes up 5 mins tops to type out a reply.

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we need a detective to find out others on itchio who're working with agashi. I'm pretty sure I remember something about SweetChiel saying they drew some sprites or backgrounds so they were working with agashi??  I'll leave the link to their profile if anyone wants to check it out SweetChiel


LOLLL yalll so extraaa! good detective work

*Hires PI to stalk - errr investigate*


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Last recorded activity of Agashi on lemmasoft: Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:27 pm, just two days ago - A sign of life? Last post there is quite a bit older however (September 2017) Last update on kickstarter is from August 2018: No activity on twitter since 2017... Last activity on Tumblr: 8 Months ago... Facebook died in 2017. Looks like we're gonna need a better PI ^^ EDIT: Or we could try spamming Agashi with pms on Lemmasoft.. chances of a runaway ending are a little high that way tho.. Let me go find my handbook for stalkers and see what it says.
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I don't think spamming is necessary tbh. There's no way Agashi can not know about all the people asking for updates on the KS.  It is really down to "wait and see" now. 

Also presence on lemmasoft isn't a sign of anything. Just last update she advertised a different game's kickstarter, so she might as well be there to keep an eye on projects or something.

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True it could backfire and its too much of a bother


I'll leave the game on my watchlist just to see if there is any progress at all but I'm not going to actively look for updates or hope about it anymore. Stuff happens, so when its done its done, if it doesn't get done then it doesn't.  Simple as that.

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If it doesn’t get done then it doesn't. 

I’d agree if it wasn’t for the fact that a number of people have given her money for this. I feel particularly bad for the superbackers (people who gave hundreds; one even dropped $1000) - when money is given in good faith, you have a responsbility to at least be responsive on a consistent basis.

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Yeah, look at the backer comments in the KS and they're completely in the dark. It's been two years since this was supposed to be finished.

Agashi likely was only online the other day because they were notified of activity in the QC lemma thread. Which surprise, surprise, was someone else wondering what the radio silence is about.

There's time to lurk but not type a sentence or two of how much script is left?

[edit] It's better to be certain you're working at a snail's pace than wonder if you've abandoned this project entirely.

Also better to not blatently ignore the people who funded your project.


Agreed. Out of curiosity, is kickstarter legally binding in any way? It just seems overly trusting to pay before the product is even done.


"Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. "

Most aren't legally persecuted unless it's a large heap of money and there's evidence of scamming and funds not being used for the product. If the backers take things in their own hands it'd be considered a civil case.

In most cases the creator is just outed as irresponsible and biting off more than they can chew. Those who give the occasional vague post every other century or never post at all because they don't want to admit failure are the ones seen as scummy.

Reputation takes a hit either way.

oooh! Thanks for clearing it up. Doubt anyone's actually gonna sue though, so the creator's rep is definitely most at stake here...


Alive and still waiting... I'm eager to play the full game and when there's no updates I start to worry that something terrible has happened. I love Agashi's work and if I had had the money to back her, I wouldn't regret backing her. I'd still be frustrated but hopeful. She seems dedicated to see this game through given everything she has had to overcome to get as far as she is now. We don't know what she is going through in her personal life... she could be struggling with chronic health problems, natural disaster, death of a loved one, etc.  Being someone who struggles with several things on a daily basis I understand how it can keep someone from updating.

That being said... Agashi, Please drop us a line! Even just sending your backers a message like 'it's xx% done' is fine or 'sorry I haven't had much time to work on it this week/month'. We just want to know that your alive and whether your still working on releasing a full version of one of the best visual novels, however small that progress may be.




At this rate I feel like i'll be content if she would just comment or post "owo" or 'dufebgei", literally anything to show us she hasn't forgotten about this project. Agashi wherever you are, I hope you're doing well.

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The game’s chances to be released are still looking better than Winds of Winter ever seeing the light of day. Or the Doors of Stone, for that matter.

Somehow I manage to seek out media created by people apparently suffering from severe writing blocks and overall burnout, and fall in love with said media. Agashi’s tumblr headcanons and bits of information were (and still are, she’s just not active there) incredibly interesting and made me feel things for characters. It’s not even actual in-game writing, imagine how captivating would that be! (in its full, completed form -- judging also by the demo, which was great) Maybe it’s a part of the problem, all the expectations weighing down on writer’s shoulders.

I hope that Agashi and her team will overcome whatever difficulties they are facing and manage to come through. Since, ya know, it’s not just fans waiting, there is backers’ money involved.


Not the luckiest around are you? I hope so too! This is way too good to be deserted.


Well I have been keeping up with the tumblr news nothing as of yet to be honest. HEY MAYBE THE GAME WILL BE A CHRISTMAS GIFT! x3 *crosses my fingers* COMMON AGASHI I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 





On a not so depressing note. 

Anyone know where i can get some good cg arts done for free? 

-.- I am currently attempting to make a fangame of my own based on someone and all the movies he has been in. XD but the problem is. I NEED ARTS  AND SPRITES! 

-.- *sighs*  Frustration is real AAACK!

Sounds interesting! Tell me how it goes. I'm sorry I don't really know anything about CG :/ hope someone does tho!


Yeah, I got the perfect solution for you: if you want free art, make it yourself.

Or use stock pictures. Either that, or pay an artist for their time and work. I'm sure there will be plenty of great artists willing to work on your project for a fair rate. I say this without any rudeness meant at all - don't ask for free art! Artists need to eat and pay their bills. Asking for free art disrespects the time and work it takes to make it, and contributes to devaluing the profession in general.


This is true. 

And to be honest 

I respect artist and in this bind i wish i could pay them more. -.- But admin sadly is broke and this would be a free to play game which is the problem on my end . Also I have tried to make better cg art but mine sucks and isn't game worthy. So yeah. As much as i would love to pay an artist 2000 bucks for arts I can't -.- AND IM PISSED ABOUT IT!


It's a tricky thing, because artists definitely deserve to be paid for their work, but on the other hand there are probably a ton of games on here that wouldn't exist if everyone involved wanted to be paid what they're worth for the time spent on it. I've been in a couple game jams where we had fun and it was a good learning experience but no one ever made any money, and we were ok with that.

Maybe you could share the idea and see if any artists are interested in joining you, or like the story enough to want to make art for fun (and obviously recognition and a share of the money the game makes, if it's that sort of game). Or, idk what kind of game you're planning, but you might be able to go the Wayhaven Chronicles route of having it just be text.


-.- This is also true. 

Because all i can offer is recognition for the art. And i respects this because no one likes to not be recognized for something they love. 

But yeah the game concept itself is fairly simple though average otome. Fangame based off of someone which is why i am trying not to say much xD

<.< Concept wise is basically taking "A date with markiplier" videos and  turning it into reality. XP

I truly hope Agashi (sorry I don't know if it's one person or a team) are well. This game seems super cool~!


This game was great. Would love an update. 


Its been three years. Even Bersherck gets a manga every year XD. 


the way i still here barely hanging and wish that the full ver would suddenly pop up one day................


You are not alone, friend. *sighs*


2021... is it too optimistic of me to still hope this gets released?


Yea, it is... Do yourself a favor... Don't get your hopes up T_T I just think this is dead already.


So depressing because I've been checking in on these threads every few months and there's never any real progress...


this game will never be completed. seriously, dont get ur hopes up. :(


Still just coming by to check


So unfortunate that this game looks like it's dead. It was so good! The potential!!!!!