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HI! Love the game! With the new update I am experiencing some small problems. 

1) Gaining coins sometimes freezes so I don't earn new coins. I uninstalled and then reinstalled and that seemed to fix it. 

2) Dinosaurs are not on top of the taskbar, they are blocking it (reinstalling or switching for full mode, changing taskbar settings doesn't fix).

 3) when I updated to v1.3, all my coins were erased, along with all the decorations and food I had already bought, but my dinoasaurs stayed.

I am patient, so please don't stress about doing another update for bug fixes, take your time. Focusing on your baby and family is much more important <3

I'm a bit upset that I'm only just finding this amazing piece of work now, but I'm still happy that I found it all the same. I enjoyed all the endings, Ending 2 being my first on a blind playthrough (I see that more of a reflection of my personality lol) and Ending 3 being my favorite. I'm not going to lie, I have a composed joy that all the illustrated characters were brown :) 

Keep making amazing content! 

beautiful T_T I saw on tumblr that you'd updated and I rushed to play it. Gosh I'm being tugged in two directions between E and Gage. Like omg. E gives that best friend type of romance, they already know you and they're taking a step further. While Gage, observant Gage, wants to get to know everything about you, they wanna know your ins and outs, your dark gritty past, what makes you you. and i CANNOT. Gosh the fear of being known but craving it at the same time.

Question: will there come a point where we "lock in" to a romance path?  Or is just kinda like points that stack the more we choose to hang out/think about a character?

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I'm in love?? T_T this game is blissfully nostalgic for me. It's in the same genre and has a similar setting to Aloners, which was my first ever otome/visual novel/interactive fiction game when I was 15. It really set the bar high for me and only very rarely have any other games come close to that type of quality story-telling (not to mention where the characters are diverse).

Keep on writing! I'm sure there are many others out there like me who're thankful and excited to see your work and watch its progress unfold ^_^

I love it!! At first I was hesitant with the color scheme of red font with a black background (eye strain), but was pleasantly surprised that they brighten to white upon a mouse rollover. It also helps distinguishing when there are multiple options to choose from. 

Question though, I've never used this type of format/platform, so how does one restart the game? I see the save button, but no menu or even load

Just a question, but do you think this soundtrack would ever be released on spotify or soundcloud? I really love the soundtrack and would love to have it for easy access on my phone when doing assignments or just when I'm the go.

But great job!! I loved the game and I'm eagerly (but patiently) awaiting new games from y'all!!

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we need a detective to find out others on itchio who're working with agashi. I'm pretty sure I remember something about SweetChiel saying they drew some sprites or backgrounds so they were working with agashi??  I'll leave the link to their profile if anyone wants to check it out SweetChiel

oooohhhh so ending 8 is just all those little side routes added together? I thought it was something entirely different lol but thank you for the help! I'm excited for for what you plan on doing next! This is the only game where I've been pressed to get all the endings. Other games I get like two or three and I'm good, but this game--- ah! ^^

I'm still struggling why can't I get this ToT. But ending 8, okay so before choosing who you want is it possible to get 20 points for Raphael? Bc I keep on getting 15 and I think that's what's keeping me from getting his secret route since by the end of ch4 I have 95 points. But that may be me just thinking I need 100 or more to get his secret route. Sorry for being such a dunce ^^;

GAAAHHHH I'm struggling so hard to get ending 2 and 8!! and with it the last two CGs :(

Anyways,  to business!

1. Were you satisfied at the end of the route you played? 

I've played all the routes multiple times (trying to get those stupid endings T_T) and I loved them. I was very happy with Rafael's happy end. It was just so... homey?  warm? cute? I dunno. But you could tell that MC was v content. 

2. Favorite / least favorite part? 

Fave: the characters were different in way that made the romance part of the story unique to them so there's a flavor for everyone.

Least fave: (spoiler) that each route followed the same adventure? I'm more into the types where there's a common route and then each LI branch off into something different if I'm making sense. In my opinion is hinders replayability or just playing other routes in general when you know exactly what's coming so you're basically skipping on a different LI's route until you meet new dialogue.

Fave: OMG THE CUSTOMIZATION. I ADORE AND ADMIRE YOU FOR ALL THAT EFFORT YOU PUT INTO THIS AND THE CGS TO MEET EACH DIFFERENCE. I know it can take a lot. You're my hero. Especially with the eye color. Let me tell you how many VN I've run into where you can make the MC brown but you're stuck with blue eyes -_- so I appreciate this greatly as I felt more included/represented as a POC

3. Favorite love interest/what made him your fav?

Hmmm. I love how Paris can get so steamy and is straightforward with his flirting, but I love Rafael's quirkiness. Not to mention that he gives that mysterious air that makes me want to take him apart and discover all his little secrets hehe. It's a tie between the two.

3. What made you decide to play the game?

I was initially drawn to this game because of the customization (like OMG I can make her brown?!?!--sorry, I'm just... there's not a lot of good romance VN out there where I can do that so thank you so very much for this) then I saw the storyline as I enjoy science fiction/ fantasy and I was like OH! Even better! Downloaded.

4. Did you find any bugs/typos? 

Nope! :)

5. Overall thoughts/ comments or suggestions

I know having each character's route branch out can be challenging/complicated, but I'll just put it out there for maybe next time? Or whenever you feel like it.

6. Would you consider sharing the game page on Twitter to spread the word?

Sadly, I don't have Twitter. I actually tried searching for you on Tumblr but couldn't find anything. I think that would help you spread the word, too! But yes, if you had made an announcement on tumblr I definitely would've reblogged it (several times???)

7. If I made a commercial game would you consider purchasing it?

Uh, shyeah!! Honestly, as someone stated before I'm surprised this was free, and I was half expecting this be some amount of money when I was reading the description. But I can see this as being your test to see if people actually enjoy your stuff. Well, you passed with flying colors! I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that we support you! And love this game!

Hello! I've never updated a game through itchio so I was just wondering if when I download the update do I overwrite the file I already have for it? Just want to know before I do anything because I don't want all my progress to be lost. Thank you ^_^