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That seems like an amazing twist in traditional routes' endings! I love it! Btw I played the demo and so far Will is my favorite, so that example was perfect haha

Hi! I'm curious about this line: "Make role-playing choices for two different kinds of romantic adventures with each love interest!" What does it mean the 'two different kinds' exactly? I'm intrigued! 

I'll download the demo right now <3 

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[Takes a deep breath.] This will be long. Bear with me. 

It has been a long, long time since I felt like this playing a game. I'm still feeling nervous and anxious and...! Ugh! In a good way, of course, but ugh! And this is all Mr. Worthington's fault. 

Since the moment he appeared I knew he would be my favorite. If I had to compare him to a Jane Austen hero I'd say he's our own Colonel Brandon, and boy do I love that man. I also happen to love horse-riding so, bonus points. 

"I must admit, I was glad to observe you were immune to his charms."

[Internally screaming.] A-hem. Good to know you were glad! Very good! (No childhood sweetheart or handsome scoundrel could draw my attention like he did, so it's nice it was acknowledged! I did like the other love interests, they were all perfect in their own ways and I'm excited to experience all the routes, but I'm so very biased lol) 

Small exhange between MC (I love her default name, so she's Colette for me!) and Sinclair that made me laugh out loud:

"Ah, well then I will be out"

"Every day from now on?"

"... Yes." 

But BACK to my favorite topic. Mr. Worthington. 

I need some reassurance here. I really do. I adore slowburns, and characters that maintain decorum in historical pieces that demand it. But I grew concerned about his feelings the further I played. If their story (Colette and Mr. Worthington's) is slow-paced, with longing but him being far too considerate and humble to ever think she could love him romantically, thus hiding his feelings behind a mask of politeness that will inevitably break at some point, then I'M ALL FOR IT. Give me that angst! 

But if their story never involves real romantic feelings and they simply have a 'friendship' marriage with respect and affection (which is nice, mind you, but I happen to be in love with the man!) then MY HEART WILL BREAK. I'm SO anxious about this, the demo left me a complete mess. 

[End of my rambling about that perfect man.]

The writing was superb! And the art! Being able to choose what to wear is such a nice addition and the artist did a great job with the clothes. Also being able to change Colette's personality is great. Although I found some strange moments (very few). Example: I was going for a calm, kind and polite Colette and this was reflected perfectly but suddenly with Captain Sinclair she was all teasing. I think it was maybe because I chose to leave when she finds him in the ruins? But she is all smirks and witty banter suddenly, which doesn't really convey my choice of 'Leave'. But it didn't bother me, really! Just giving feedback about thoughts I had while playing. 

A thing I simply adored: Colette's thoughts on Emily. I don't know if choosing different things would lead to different thoughts, but my Colette made me so proud. She misses her friend far more than her old suitor, and it's so nice that Emily is not 'demonized' in the narrative. Both Colette and Emily seem realistic characters and I hope they manage to mend their friendship with time and effort. I'm rooting for them. 

Aaaaand, that's all. For now. Is there a release date for the whole game? (And by release game I mean something like, 'we plan to finish it this year, or next year, etc. Nothing specific.) 

In summary, it was an incredible experience playing this demo and this game could very well become the best Regency game out there till now. I can't wait to learn more (and keep replaying the demo). Also, I'm sorry about the LONG comment, I'm just too excited. 

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Ahhh thank you! Can't wait to play (Steam user here!). Sooo excited about all the changes, and I have to say I'm particulary intrigued about MC's personalities! 

EDIT: OH, nevermind! It seems it's already on Steam! Ahhhh! 


Thank you! It feels great being listened to. I appreciate your effort in listening to the players' feedback and actually changing things! It's totally normal that you cannot reply to everyone as the game becomes more popular, we all understand I believe. Don't worry about that. 

I'm curious about whether A6 is Wanderlust's first game, though. If it is, just letting you all know that you're doing great and that you will only get better in future projects after this experience. Already ahead of many "professional" (not trying to be sarcastic, just to know I consider you professional too, but you get my meaning) devs. Actually listening to players' feedback and improving the game! Woah! That's waaay more uncommon than you'd think. 

So congrats, team :) 

Oh my God, this game. I cannot choose. Jay and Wren are both PERFECT and they're both PERFECT FOR HER. I thiiiink I'm more inclined towards Jay because uhM, brooding over-protective jealous bodyguard????? Yes, please. But they're both amazing routes.

I cannot wait for the second part! btw, is the setting in a specific century/year? It feels rather old, maybe early 20th century?

Aw, I actually have no problem with the graphics, and I think the narrative is the heart of the story itself. There are many VNs out there that look amazing, with superb art and then you play them... and it's so lackluster, or poorly-written, etc, etc. 

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I have to say, it feels a bit... much, how every character decides to share their backstory in a single episode. It felt a little forced and way too much information of the same kind, one after the other. 

AAAAAAAA I'm so happy to hear more about this game!


Do you guys prefer to get 'reviews' in one specific place? (here, tumblr, twitter, etc.?) Not like my reviews are anything professional or serious, it's mostly me screaming lol but if you have a preference for reading somewhat lenghty comments, tell me and I'll do it there :) 

(hope we meet the beautiful pet lizard in this ep!)

Sending my support! I'm super excited about this game <3 Michael and Charlie especially!

ohmygod this was so good! Surpassed my expectations for sure! Michael and Charlie are my favorite, especially Michael! Can't wait to play the full game!

Hi! Do you guys have an official date for the full game? :) 

I'm actually surprised someone thinks the plot is obvious :O We know almost nothing about MC or what happened in the city or why is everyone in the ship or... anything! I don't even know what the plot is yet, lol! Can't wait to find out in the upcoming episodes :)


He's... he's perfect. Like, P E R F E C T.  Butterflies in my stomach, man. He's too powerful, oof. Every interaction with MC, every line, everything he did and said was perfection and had me SQUEALING. Ugh! He's so chivalrous, and strong, and gentle with MC, and protective and he saved her life and he's the first thing she sees when she wakes up and he's this tall, scarred, determined but so very KIND knight in shining armor and I just. CAN'T. DEAL. WITH. IT. Ugh! Also, pet lizard!? I LOVE THAT. Can't wait to meet them! Ahhhh, he was so respectful too. He first asked MC if she WANTED to be dropped of in the planet, and WHEN she said no, he said 'well if you don't want to, I won't allow it to happen, leave it to me' HAVE YOU SEEN A MORE PERFECT MAN IN YOUR LIFE I HAVE NOT. 

OOF! Okay, breathe, breathe. I really loved the first chapter but I need more, I think I will die waiting between chapters oh man. The music and art were sooooo good too. MC didn't feel annoying which is a huge accomplishment, believe me, and I thank the heavens for the shy!flirting options, because when I have to play as sassy/flirty!MC I just... don't like it too much. So thank you! My blushing baby Tilaari and her tall gentle gunman, UGH! So good.

I liked Bash a lot, too! He also plays very well with my blushing MC for different reasons, he has this gentle teasing demeanor and he's so goofy and good. He's great overall. Kind of curious about his relationship with the good doctor... hope there's nothing there, tbh, but I would support 100% a close friendship between those two. I love them both. Bash is my second favorite LI, anyway! 

Doc and Aya are amazing and I will die for them. I will protect. Not interested in romancing them but that's more about me being straight and not about them not being interesting to romance! They're great <3 

Captain... okay, it might take some WORK, but I melted quite a bit when MC complies and he's like 'Mm, good girl' LMAO NOT HIS EXACT WORDS BUT THAT'S THE FEELING AND wow. Felt good, lol. I'm really intrigued and I think MC will soften him eventually and he will be the type to like... reward her for good behaviour AHEM, ANYWAY!!!!!!

Okay, yep, Damon. I... I don't like him, I admit. He's like... trying way too hard to come off as this cool spy assassin playing with knives 'uhh I know everything about you I can read your soul'. Boy, back off, you're not that intriguing and I'm definitely not interested in your 'I know what you desire~' moves. Like. Just. NO. I'm really grateful for the option to just glare at him, lol. Also, lizards >>>>>> cats. Unpopular opinion time, this whole paragraph, I know. 

So! I fell in love with this game already! I'll play every chapter diligently, of course. Congratulations to the team, you're amazing and this is a wonderful project! I don't say this lightly, because I've played a lot... a LOT of VNs and otomes and the like for like... more than 10 years. So yep, when I say I loved it, don't think I love every single new VN that gets released. You did a great job. <3

Hi! Is there a demo? And will it be commercial? I'm very intrigued! Especially about Juniper and Sebastian <3

What exactly is the issue?

I use WinRAR and select Extract Here [here being a folder I have for Visual Novels]. You can try with 7-Zip too and see if that works for you!

Please, everyone, let's not start a comment war here. I think all that had to be said has been said, and the author has read it. Let's leave it at that and move on (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

Ren'Py :)

If you only scrolled down a tiny bit, you'd see other comments (mine, explicitely) directing people who want updates to Discord. If you don't want to join the server, you could simply go to her Tumblr, which is on the links above, as @sadiemorgan indicated in their reply. Ahnna's latest Tumblr post was merely 10 days ago:

You don't have to play this game, but I would ask you to stop spreading misinformation. The game is very much still in progress, in fact, very near completion, and the developer (it's only one woman who does all the writing, art and programming, btw) talks to the players on Discord every day and answers any question asked to her. 

If you'd like to check the updates now or contact the author, please do so. Ahnna is a very polite and good-natured person and I'm sure she'd love to put your doubts to rest. If you want to ignore the game, that's your right, too, of course. However, I hope your 'blacklisting' doesn't imply badmouthing the developer or the game itself to the public. Now, that would be very unkind and certainly impolite. Please, refrain from doing so. 

Have a good day!

January 31st is not the official release date! It might say so at the end of the demo, but there is no official ETA and there won't be. Ahnna will simply upload the complete game one of these "days". If you want more information, I recommend joining the Discord server :) 

For anyone who might be worried: Ahnna's still working on it every day, she doesn't update much in social media lately because she's focusing on the game. If you want more detailed updates, though, you can hear from her on the Discord, so I recommend joining if no-updates make you nervous or something :) 

Hi! I'm loving it and can't wait for the full game <3 I haven't been this excited about a VN coming out since forever! 

There's a bug in the Fireflies event. Shiloh calls Mom 'Mrs. Last' when I had chosen a different surname. 

AHHH! Okay I've never done a Kickstarter before because my friends had pretty bad experiences with them and devs abandoning projects, etc. But for this game? Ohhh boy I'm ready and I trust you completely! After playing both The Rose of Segunda and Heaven's Grave (lol and the demo for Thorns of War obvs) I know what to expect and I'd really love to see how the whole Kickstarter thing really works for myself. 

All the luck!! Can't wait for this game <3 

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Did he break my hear from time to time? Definitely. I felt for MC so much (I still do lol, I'm playing still!) and MC is wonderful and she deserves all the happiness in the world and honestly this world doesn't deserve HER, but I DIGRESS. 

I still love Tai more than life even though sometimes I wanted to yell at him for certain reasons. Still, even if he hurts me ;;;; sometimes, I always understand his reasons or why he acts like he does. That's thanks to your writing<3 He's a well-rounded and logical character and even if his actions break my heart sometimes, I can see why he acts like the does! 



ugh, I didn't even finish the game (or his route!) but he's too much and my feels are too much and UGH


LMAO It's also my birthday! Cancer team! My favorite LI so far is Tai as well! So yayy, if any of us gets the free key <3 

We believe in you ! 

98.5% everyone. We're getting close ~ 

Guys, there's some issues with the pronouns. I chose she/her and I get a lot of errors like: "She were here." Or sometimes they literally say "They didn't do it." 

I LOVED IT! I'm completely in love with Garret, to be honest. I hated the way Liam treated Maia, though, he could have rejected her gently. That was so harsh, so cold, ugh. Maia is adorable and her friendship with Siri is <3 Is there a release date already? This demo made me want to play Valentine's Otome again. I miss Mira!

*whispering* team vadeyn 

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Hey, guys! It's January 6th and Ahnna has completed 88% of the game. Your nice comments are greatly appreciated <3 

We are developing a Wikia for the game, so feel free to contribute or read it! 

(Big thanks to @chaftoo who had the idea and is working hard to develop it!) 


I'd prefer to get the demo sooner and then updates! And the first route would be Leopold <3 

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At this point I'm expecting the game to be out by 2020... if at all.