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Nice! I'm not even sad that it's on hold because I love WWCG so much that it's great news to hear it's close to being finished. Looking forward to both of these projects! 

Thank you so much! 

Hello! I have a question. What's the differences between Admiring - Accepting - Doting? I'm not sure what to choose because I'm not sure what they each mean exactly for the relationship.

Ohhh, I really liked the demo! I'm enamoured with the Bambi nickname, it's so damn cute, especially coming from someone like Oz. The voice acting is great as well, it fits him perfectly, a bit dry and rough. I can't wait to play the full game and see if MC and Oz grow... closer <3

Could we get a guide on how to get into each route? :') I only managed to get into Aalam's, even though I was trying for Sahi. (I play with Practical, Gentle, Naive).

"To pursue your desired love interest you'll have to think about what sort of traits they like and how you will rule your kingdom." Waaaait, does this mean we can only romance them succesfully if we make a MC with THEIR prefered traits? :( I wanted to play the same MC with all the ROs. 

Hi! I didn't know where else to ask: is MC's name changeable or always Wil? 

The demo earlier?! NICE ♡

When will the demo be released? :))

I prefer to wait for full game :)

WELL THEN I'm gonna replay just for that 😏

omg wait when can you see him through the door?!?!?! I missed that!

Oh! I forgot! I also love the pacing. It feels perfect, how we are naturally getting to know Jacob and interacting with each other. It's natural, not too slow or too fast. MC is so sweet too, wanting a friend in a new place (though Jacob... well, he clearly wants a bit more, AND SO DO I!) 

Everything is perfect, I have nothing but good things to say about this game ♡

THAT WAS SO DAMN GOOD???????? I'm totally in love with Jacob, in both personality and looks. I need the full game so badly! I think Austin was a great addition, a bit of an asshole-y "rival" to enfuriate Jacob lol I feel like he keeps pushing it and will get a dose of 'fuck around and find out' eventually. 

Jacob is so, so sweet, but you can tell he could break someone's legs easy (Austin, run). The man looks ripped, and yes I was simping the whole time. I also happen to love those woodcutter shirts and his hair is <3 Ughh. And I love that MC can be sweet towards him too. I'm begging on my knees for a happy ending where they end up together <3 

OHmyGOD! I'm loving this so much! Especially Damon! The writing is great, I love MC (finally, a sweet and nice MC and not the snarky, bad-tempered type), and the art is so clean and original! 


Can't wait to keep playing <3

AAAAA I WISH I COULD JOIN RIGHT NOW 🥰🥰 also, that art??????? Insanely good! Sahi kissing MC's hand... I'm melting... the Knight and his Queen dynamic will always be top tier 😭😭 I will 100% join the KS!

"practicing in nothing but his leggings and boots   😇"

HUH quick way to hold my interest, Sahi 🫢

CROW <3 the art looks great, that living room is soooo cozy

Awww I'm so glad you're getting the deserved attention! And so nice of the artist too ♡ Seeing the updates on this game is so wholesome 🥰

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I got unsteady relationship with Xelef and ????? I have no clue what I did wrong???? Should I have pushed about the Mir instead of letting it go? Man it felt like a breakup what a depressing ending to ch9 and I have no clue what I did wrong I wss trying to be good to him ????

I just tried that and got a worse reaction. So letting it go seems the right choice. But they still break up in ch9. This is depressing zi have no idea what I did to get X to do this...

So I digged and found a comment that said that I had to make X apologize. It feels a bit much that ONE choice completely ruins the relatioship... Now I'm afraid I'll have the same issue with the others of making 1 "wrong" choice and suddenly it's over for them. 

Ohhhh hell yeeee! I played today and I'm loving it! I have a theory that Crowe is actually the crow that crashed against our car. I'm so intrigued! Looking forward for the story to get darker hehe, but also hoping they can end up together <3

Hi! Is this game mostly female love interests? I saw 3 guys and I read one of them becomes a woman, so only 2 guys and the rest are girls? 🤔

Thank you sm for the reply! <3 

Hi! I saw that another of your games had the ROs be ace/sex-neutral and this one specifies no NSFW content but +18, so I was wondering if all your characters are ace? 

I added this one to my collection and followed ♡ I love yanderes. I was just wandering if the romances in your games would only be shown on the emotional side, and not physical. (I do like physical affection/spicy stuff so ace romances aren't my thing.) 

Hope I didn't come out as rude! Cute games were kissing is the most are great with me. It doesn't need to be NSFW! 

I'll download and play the demo tonight 💞 Thank you for making a yan game, it's lovely seeing more of them lately. 

TENEBRIS MY BELOVED <3 Ahhh I love this! Ngl you scared the shit out of me with the sudden "Don't close the game". I kinda like the bad end, though, staying forever with both... but if I have to choose, Tenebris for sure! I'm really looking forward to the full game! 

Awww that chibi MC is so cute and pretty! I will for sure support the KS when the time comes ♡

Is... is that Sahi hugging MC????? AAAAA 🥰🥰

Great work everyone!!

!!! Soooo excited. Can't wait to see Cyril and Stan again. I'll buy the second it comes out 🥰

You're so fasssssst!!! Great work! 

I'm most excited for Sahi and Leo, which is kinda cute because they're linked together in the story haha

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Deep breath. 

I knew this would be my favorite route so far! My favorite power couple is back! As much as I adore Leo, the first thing I need to gush about is... MC! WHAT A QUEEN, LITERALLY. I was in awe of her the entire route, I wanted to clap and cheer her on, what a badass she is and so smart! 




That moment when she exclaims "Then that's what I'll do!" after Leo confesses the deal and she decides (well, in my playthrough) that she will save both Leo and Segunda... I'm so proud of her. I mean, I'm proud of her in every route, but she shone so much more in this route. I think the reason why is because she had the support of her partner 100%, she was never belittled or denied. She's my favorite character!

LEO THOUGH! I WAS RIGHT! I said during Bastien and Sofia's routes that it disappointed me how they would never defend MC or their relationship until the very end, while MC was always ready to protect them and stand up for them and their marriage. And I said that I was sure Leo and Frederique would always stand up for MC. AND LEO DELIVERED. It was so funny and satisfying, like... anyone says something slightly unpolite to MC and Leo was ready to ruin their whole lives LMAO Best husband. After playing Guillaume's happy ending and seeing how MC has to stand up without even a seat at his side........ AND THEN SEEING LEO'S HAPPY ENDING????? Leo was having none of that! Twin thrones! Coronated at the same time! Same authority! And when he said they are servants before the King, but he is a slave to his Queen??????????? Leo really wakes up every morning and thinks: today, me and everyone else in the world will drink "respect my wife" juice. What a King, what a husband, what a character. I love to see it. 

And their relationship???? <3 They were SO in love, so affectionate, such a TEAM, so playful ahhhhh! Leo really went full PDA and didn't give a damn, and I adore him for it lol. When sometimes it was mentioned how MC shouldn't be alone with a man, like Pieto (I was so happy to see him again btw, he's awesome and I trust him with my life), in case someone thinks she's having an affair... I was like... But have you seen Leo and MC????? Who would believe they aren't head over heels for each other? lol My cunning lovebirds. 

Moving on... this route made me see Francesca in a new light. Before, I could pity her at some points, but I always thought she was pretty awful anyway. However... after playing Guillaume's route and seeing how he treats a woman he actually loves, what Fran must endure... oof. Also, Fran actually becomes very nice, polite and helpful once she stops seeing MC as an enemy. In TROS and most of TTOW she saw MC as a rival or/and enemy, she was scared of MC. Once you get past that... she is actually a good one. And treats MC well. When she asked for the divorce herself I was so proud. YOU GO GIRL! She did such a good work as a spy too. Enjoy your barony, darling! 

I ALMOST FORGOT. ANOTHER INCREDIBLY BADASS MOMENT FROM MC. Both when she consoled and explained to the poor girl that it wasn't her fault a man 10 years her senior did what he did and then when she confronted the other two assholes on their actions with other "faceless women". UGH SHE'S THE BEST. 

Sir Mathys was a plesant surprise! I adored him. I really like this characterization and how he sees nobility. Will make for very interesting dynamics with MC in his route. He's very different from the other ROs and it's exciting! 

10/10 route! Leo best husband (so far........ Frederique...... I might be looking at you respectfully, we'll see if you can top Leo but the bar is so high!)

PD: I love, love, love Leo's hair. I keep staring at it in CGs lol 

omg Leo for sure!! Flustered around MC??? Yes pls so cute 🤧

Thank you! I hadn't updated to version 1.7,  that was the issue. 

I'm really looking forward to Leo's route in a week! :D I was replaying his route in TROS the other day, and was once again really impressed by your writing. It's so elegant and sophisticated, with a classical feeling, but still easy to read. 

Hi! I'm a bit confused about the love interest POV scenes. In Thorns, they're locked in Extras but I thought there were also POV scenes for TROS, and I can't seem to find them. A little help would be appreciated <3 

You're working so hard (and fast!) 🤧💕 

The background are GORGEOUS, left me a bit speechless! 

I have a question. The choice between marriage, war or...? is connected each to a route or can you for example choose marriage and Sahi? Or is it: marriage = Aalam, war = Sahi and ??? = Lune? Is that how we choose what route we go in? 


I try not to read the sneek peeks because I want to wait till the full game, but I'm so excited 💕 Also I absolutely adore fem!MC in the banner, her expression is very endearing, and the clothes and the braid! I love her! 

1. What kind of rewards would you all like to see? Right now I have a game guide, in-game bonus content, custom hairstyles, and posters. 

CUSTOM HAIRSTYLES! I love fem!MC hairstyle already, but more customization for MC is always welcome!! Also bonus content ofc. 

2. Do you prefer physical or digital rewards? Always digital

3. What stretch goals are you hoping for? Hmm... secret ROs are great, or anything that adds content in-game. 

HELLO???? I'M ALREADY IN LOVE WITH CONRAD. I'll be waiting patiently for the demo <3 

You're so fast!!!! 🔜🔜 Good job, you're doing great!! I can't believe we'll have a demo so soon 💕

I'm intrigued about that possible KS new RO 👀

Ohh, I ADORE his concept art, he really looks like a practical King there, very mature and handsome. His hair looked so fluffy and his eyes were GORGEOUS. 

I don't like the final design tbh, the white hair is in places where it feels less like hair and more like someone pinned something into it and his face looks more childish and petulant than intimidating or serious. I also really loved him being a brunet 😔

🌑 Now that all three love interests have been revealed, who are you most looking forward to? SAHI, without a doubt.

🌑 If Aalam were a pokemon, what would he be? 🤔 idk that much about pokemon tbh

🌑 What else would you like to know about him? whether we can enter his route by accepting the proposal or going to war. Same with the others, really. Does each RO need MC to choose one particular path regarding that decision?