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I'd prefer to get the demo sooner and then updates! And the first route would be Leopold <3 

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At this point I'm expecting the game to be out by 2020... if at all. 


srijsfnkajsfnkjsdfn I'M SO EXCITED! Frederique and Iolanthe are my second favorite couple in the game. The Duke always first, of course!

They all look amazing ~

I miss the yellow dress but these are nice. I'm not sure about that purple sash though... and maybe MC's hairstyle doesn't really fit the simplicity of her dress? The rest of the ladies look great and you do feel the change in the atmosphere (war, winter etc)

Nope, sorry! The love interests are: Vadeyn, Laceaga, Haron, Ernol and Duliae.

Wow, I bought this and I was really excited to play but... the grammar is terrible. I couldn't keep playing because it's so hard to read. And I'm not even an English native speaker, so... I'm really disappointed. 

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH I was scared for a sec there that we wouldn't get enough support for the project but I'm so glad we did <3 I promise to advertise the game everywhere lol 

I would be so happy if we could get a sequel with both the old and new romances! I'm so excited and this sequel seems like it'd be even better than the original, which doesn't happen often. The plot thickens! Can't wait to outsmart everyone with Duke Leopold heh. 

*Waits patiently*

I love everything about this already. ;_;

Can't wait! <3 

Mmmm yeah, I feel like they should keep in contact with the fans. It doesn't have to be every day, but at least twice a month or something, idk. We don't know what's gonna happen at all. 

I think it has to do with the rain animation.

I'm pretty sure it will but it's never recommended to use saves from demos in the final game. You will probably find bugs or the game could crash. Besides, the final product will change things from the demo, so it's better to replay from the beginning. 

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Oooooh, boy. I finally made an account here! 

Okay so, for anyone thinking about how good is this game: it's not good. It's legendary. There is no turning back after playing Ebon Light. Your standards for Visual Novels after playing? OFF THE CHARTS. 

You will love every LI. Every character, really. Some of them you will love to hate. Maybe I'm talking about cannibals, maybe I'm not. 

It has EVERYTHING: action, TENSION (omg a lot of scenes where you're pretty sure you're about to die any moment now), mistery (everyone seems to have a hundred secrets in Gha'alia and the world Ahnna created is so vast and original and dark that you will want to know more and more until you become a Gha'alian encyclopedia), ROMANCE of course (do you want the sweet protective type? the mysterious manipulative one? the aggresive but teasing? the flirt that falls in love at first sight? the stoic and proud that is in denial? You'll probably want them all.) AND MAGIC! This is a fantasy story, after all. Ancient powers are now... inside you?! What can the proud nation of Gha'alia do against the unknown?! Will you force them to bend the knee? Charm the people and be diplomat (every Gha'alian is terrified by this notion)? Work in the shadows and manipulate everyone? There are SO MANY CHOICES. 

And the replayability is not only connected to the love interests. A mighty, tenacious and vengeful MC will have a completely different experience than a sweet, trustful and non-violent one! 

And I know some of you are a little impatient and we all are looking forward to the release, BUT take into account that our dear and hard-working author is polishing EL with content that wouldn't be there if we had a rushed release! She's the one who wants the game out the most. So have faith in her and replay the demo because it's veeeery likely you missed some pretty awesome bits. And come to the Discord chat if you are really hyped! We have polls, fanfiction, fanart and more! 

YES! I would love a sequel as well and I didn't even finish all the routes. I'm in love with this game, but some endings deserve a sequel! (Ahem, Duke of Tremain...)