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I don't agree with most of this, but I have to admit that I also thought MC was a bit judgy and grumpy by default. It's not a big deal! But I did notice it. 

Would I love having a less... judgmental and tired of people MC? Yes, but really the game is so perfect in everything else that I don't really mind. It's more of a personal preference than a critique of any kind! <3 

Still the best yandere game, and best yandere (Ren<3) I've come across. I highly recommend everyone to check out the Tumblr and Curioscat, the author is hilarious and we get fed SO well!       

GO!✺◟( ⑅❛ั ᴗ ❛ั ⑅)◞✺GO!

PS: Also, we have to remember that the dev is doing all of this for FREE! We really can't ask more of her, like. FOR FREE? We get 14 Days with Renren for FREE? dies, but comes back to life to keep playing

What do you mean dialogue for the different clothing? :O

Ahhhh noooo I was so sad when the demo ended!!! I need more!!! I have a soft spot for Sirath, I really wanna spoil him rotten <3 And we know very very little of Esmius, but I can already tell I will adore him as well. I'm super excited for both routes! Also intrigued to see how Shar develops, because the choices I made make her into quite the compassionate individual and I really want her defending Sirath and Esmius from S'yke. 


Having played Demonheart 1 and 2, and knowing things... hehehe...


I'm ready to forgive him anything, this man can do no wrong, I'm great at burying bodies 

In a more serious note, amazing demo. I'm dying to play the full game, whenever that is!

I need to know who the stalker isssssssss 👀 I'm gonna become a patron for sure, I need more! This game had me playing yesterday till 5AM lol 

I'm kinda pining over the Arroyo boy tbh. Chad was also nice, and Jay. The professor intrigues me and I'm SUPER CURIOUS about the donor and the stalker. I'll keep replaying to see new paths and most likely become a patron 🤧❤

Aw, I hope we can actually end up with him! I like my crazy yanderes XD 

Ohhhhh! I'm gonna play this new demo ASAP! <3


Aw, I was hoping for a romantic ending with Leo but there isn't one T_T I'd hoped MC could end up with someone who was good to her in this route. Apart from "Queen of Segunda" and "Betrayal", are there any other happy and interesting endings? Does MC always end up alone or with Guillaume?

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Oof, okay. I just finished it. I got the happiest ending with Guillaume. But at what cost? This route was so hard, and the things MC had to endure were horrible. I was disgusted at Guillaume, how he treated MC... I'm sorry it was just too much. And it felt REAL, you know? Their relationship reminded me of my parent's and that's not a good thing. Yeah, they're still married and yeah they love each other. What at what cost? How much does a wife have to endure? She shouldn't. I was enraged during most of the route and I've never felt so bad for a character as I did for MC. 

I've noticed a theme with the ROs of the released routes never standing up for MC until the very end. And this MC deserves the world, goddammit. I pray that Leo and Frederique will defend her and protect her, at least. Because MC protects and cares for everyone, and she would defy anyone to defend her partner. She deserves to be treated so much better. 

The thing is, Guillaume went so much deeper, so much worst! I chose to stay away from Leo, but he was right: MC is a brilliant woman, and she was dying in that relationship. And it hurt so much to watch. I hated Guillaume so much. And yes, I got the happy ending, and I was glad that he gave equal power to MC at the end. But I can't forgive him. And I can't forget how he treated her for most of the game.

 I'm also so sad that we didn't get to make amends of some kind with Frederique at the end :( It broke my heart. But at least, my little ray of sunshine, Duchess Mariette! The only support MC had. She was so ISOLATED in this route. It was so scary and heartbreaking, 

I'm hoping that those little hints about Leo mean that we can have a good ending with him in this route. I always left ASAP during the first playthrough, but I'm going to do a second playthrough and see if Leo can steal MC away. With an MC that's pretending to love Guillaume, tho, because I can't handle seeing her suffering so much again. 

Beautiful writing and art, like always <3 And even if this route made me hate Guillaume with a passion and feel depressed for MC, writing should evoke emotions in the reader, whatever those emotions are. And you delivered. But, really, Guillaume doesn't deserve MC. I also get the feeling that Leo would get MC her own throne and not having her stand, damn be tradition! 

I'm just feeling a LOT right now T_T 

Great game! 

YASSSSSS HERE WE GO AGAIN! I have to wake up early tomorrow and it's already 11PM here so I don't think I'll be able to play tonight. BUT TOMORROW FOR SURE! 

I wonder if we'll get the chance to betray Guillaume and join Leo's side 👀  I can't wait to experiment how this route works in different ways! 

Maybe it's more of a time-zone issue? It's 10:00 PM where I am, but it may be morning or early afternoon where the dev is 🤧

Big same 🤧

Awww, congrats!! I'm so glad you're getting the attention you deserve <3 I LOVE THE ILLUSTRATION AAAHHH. And Devyn in general tbh! I forgot to mention it in previous comments, but I was really impressed with the demo CG as well! You're a very talented artist ^^

I hope you get lots more of downloads, comments, ratings, etc! <3

I really enjoy seeing all the endings and paths in games like this, so even if I'm pretty sure I'll have a prefered route (the Devyn-Could-Do-Nothing-Wrong route XD), I'll try to squeeze every last bit of content :D 

I didn't mention it before, but I also like the pacing a lot. Usually, the beginning is rushed in  games with conflicts like the one in Invite Me In. The suspension of disbelief is broken easily. But you made it realistic and built the atmosphere slowly. Players can understand how we get to the main event (inviting Devyn in) because it was a process we experienced and it just made sense. We don't have to wonder "Wait, how did I end up here?". It's not sudden and random. I appreciate it :) 

I got green, orange and purple! (And read the descriptions). I'm very happy with the path I've been able to choose so far, and suuuuuper excited for the full game, or more updates! 

MC felt so endearing to me, when you play them as the oblivious and sweet sort. I wonder if they will find out about the truth (and WHAT is exactly the truth!).  I laughed when MC's name came up, because I immediatly realized something was wrong, but chose the "Thanks!" on purpose. Poor MC XD 

I love yanderes, and Devyn is a very attractive character in every sense. 

Looking forward to future updates! <3 

Awwww yissssss, happy that Frederique won! <3 And Leo is looking amazing! Can't wait!

Best of luck with Leopold's route! And Happy New Year! Can't wait to keep playing this awesome game <3 

I WAS LOSING MY MIND OHMYGOD THIS ROUTE WAS HARD OKAY GUYS!!!! Hahaha, I'm sad I had to rely on the guide but after my fourth playthrough and fourth bad ending I knew I needed help T_T 

(I freaking love Xyx btw)


<3<3<3<3 Already downaloaded! Will Mira and her love interest appear/can we choose which LI did Mira end up with? I was curious because the description mentions 'Emma's relationship getting serious' but we've already seen a lot of Emma in the previous two games. And I simply adore Mira hehe. 



Hi! I'm having trouble with the game crashing down during Doyle's story. When I pick certain choices, like let him stay or when I choose at the end, in the bathroom, my game crashes. I can't finish Doyle's story because of this :(

Awww, thank you! You work so hard for us! <3<3 I've played millions of times already, but I'd be more than happy to play again and see the changes. Besides, with every new route of Thorns, I always want to replay Rose for that particular route!


This game was amazing, nightowl was my favorite! The voice actors didn't have to flex that hard! Impressive! THE MAIN THEME SONG IS SO GOOD. And yes, I'm blushing already, lol. What a great otome!

Aww, the heroine looks so cute! I just downloaded the demo. But I already adore MC's design and personality (from what I read about her, haven't played yet!). I have a soft spot for adorable MCs! 

Scared the shit out of me, but it sends a great message. Love it. 

Can't wait! I'm very excited about the game, whenever it comes out ^^

I don't understand. Is it supposed to be very ambiguous on purpose? Is there a secret ending I should unlock? The atmosphere was great, but I was expecting an explanation of some sort at the end. Who is the voice? Who are the others? Who is the protagonist? What is that 'nothing'? 

oh my GOD. Yesssss! This was such a nice surprise! Do you have plans for a Kickstarter? And will this game also include a Guide, like Royal Alchemist? (It helped me a LOT). I can't wait to know more! Emrys... I'm looking at you!

Hi! I visited your Patreon and one of the tiers includes "Extended Game (spice + Additional CGs)". What does it mean exactly? Does the spice part mean we get steamy scenes with the ROs? Is the extended content only from chapter. 6 onwards, or does it also add content to previous chapters? I'm interested in the tier, but I want to be informed first! 

Nice to hear from you again! ^^ Hope everything gets better over time, still super excited for this game! 

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW?????????????''

I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I read: 'release date' and I thought it'd be like, 5 months minimun but NO. OhmyGod. 

I'll buy it the second it's released!!!

I love everything about this post because that's exactly how I'd want every stat-raising game to be. Thank you.

Extra CGs are always nice! I think partial voice acting would be a great addition, too. Partial, though. I don't mind extra love interest so much, because I prefer to get fewer but have their routes better written, so they each get the focus they deserve.

We'll be waiting <3 Very excited about this game!

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I just finished Sophia's route! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I did not expect that ADDITION, but I was so glad for it! 








Frederique!!! When I started the route, I had a feeling something was going on... I didn't know what would happen exactly, if we had to choose between them or what, but I was EXCITED. Dear author, you really spoil us too much! Adding so many variations! Same with Bastien's, we get 2 routes for 1. Thank you so much for that. Your hard work is very appreciated! I love Frederique with a passion, my second favorite RO after Leopold, so this surprise was the best thing I could hope for. Problem is, after I got this PERFECT ending: 

I don't want to unlock the others! (I will, eventually) But this ending was PERFECTION. I wasn't sure how I would feel about Frederique and Sophia falling in love too, but they didn't, so it was really everything I hoped for. Kind of a harem route, ohoho~ (Also, what a beautiful CG)

I must say this, however: it makes me sad that MC's ROs don't stand up for her until the end. It happened with Bastien too. I hope some of the others will defend her from the beginning. It was painful watching MC berated and pushed aside and her ROs pretending nothing is going on. She deserves to be protected, too ;_;

Funny thing that happened: my MC is called Yvette. 

Also, iconic line:

I know. Rumours are abound. After all, a lady unmarried this long must have so intractable flaw.
I do. I have my own mind.

Yes, you do Yvette, yes you do. 

Blushing Striker... thank you kindly, devs. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!

I shared it on some Discord servers, hope it helps! Will you be able to make the complete game even if the KS fails, though? I'm really looking forward to it ;_;