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I pegged Satan

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I just wanted to wish you a good night (or day, depending on when you read this comment)! :3

I'd recommend using the walkthrough, really helped in my case :>

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Hiiii! :D I absolutely love this game and will be buying the Early Bird tier as soon as I can. That being said, I have two questions.

1) Will the MC be able to pet Vincenzo/Edel's hair aaaand will Edel ever have a blushing sprite? :>

2) What program did you use to draw the sprites? They're gorgeous :")

This is.... aaah, so perfect :)

Yep, she's a woman.

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Hi, to be honest I'm just curious - is there any possibility that there will be like a Kahlil kiss scene, or even just a little peck one? :')

Hi, the "Otome" tag should get removed. :)

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All right. I'm just gonna update this comment as I go, BUT THANK YOU FOR THE CUSTOMIZATION. This is the first time in any otome game where I've been able to play as both a plus size person and someone that has curly hair. The wash day, the chair pillow... THIS IS LITERALLY PERFECT, I didn't think there'd be any flavor text, BUT THERE ACTUALLY IS, and I'm so grateful that you decided to add this. :') I'm not anywhere near this part, but also thank you for adding some spicy content :'3  As a side note, I think this game will probably help me with feeling self-conscious about my body, just gotta channel that MC energy XD

Okay, okay. OKAAYAAYAYYYYYY. I just got to the first horni part in Logan's route (I expected to like him,  but not love him. Actually, all of the 3 love interests are right up my valley ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and HOLY SHIT my body is positively buzzing. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD WRITING!

About MC's anxiety: I can relate hard, it's like you pulled out all of these feelings and was able to perfectly capture them, aaaah.

I just wanted to thank you for including "sweets" as a potential vice, never seen that before. :)

I just... wanted to thank you for making their sprites blush UP TO THEIR EARS, THIS IS FAR TOO CUTE (and I wish more otomes had that). :")

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Hoooly fuck. I would need more time to write something that is actually coherent as it's 2:20 AM here and I just binged all of the routes and possible combinations, but is there (SPOILERS)







a reason, a canon reason (I know, it wasn't revealed) that you, as an author, feel like it made sense for personally, for why Seren placed the anchor inside Yi kai's study? I probably don't want to know this reason (it's a lie, I do want to know this, as the pre-Seren seems like a really calculating, pragmatic person with a denial as a coping mechanism and I love these types of characters. What could she gain by doing so?), but would simply know if there, indeed, was some real reason behind her actions. Sorry if this came out somehow jumbled, but after getting to Yi kai's ending where he returns to his homeland and Seren realizing that his improvement is really only temporary, I just had to ask!

... to be honest, I will most likely return here to ask about the same thing in about 2 years or so if I don't think of anything.

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I know jackshit about RE4.

Am I still gonna play this?

Absolutely. :D

Can't wait to buy it, if it's still in progress! c:

Thank you! :D

Out of curiosity - would it be possible for you to add "amare" tag?

One question - will Arya be blushing in this CG? If yes, take all of my money. :')

This may be a kinda late question, buuuuut... Bodyswap! Through the Goddess' shenanigans, Maya and the guys suddenly find each other in different bodies (let's say, one route = one swap with Maya). How would they react and what would be the first thing they'd do in these temporary bodies? :D

Ah, your Tumblr seems to have been deleted.

I have one, possibly quite dumb, question for the Q&A - feel free to ignore it if that's something you're not comfortable answering. Which of the guys are virgins, if any at all?

Oh, my, what an honour it is to meet you, Racist Nazi.

Keep crying, buddy.

Alright, time for my question. Let's say that (in the relationship stage) Maya and the chosen LI are cuddling, then she goes to whisper in his ear and says "THIS IS MY SWAMP" quoting Shrek. How would the LIs react?

> Rewritten Guntur's Bad Ending

Aw, I hope that there is at least a little bit of gore left, I actually ended up liking Reksa's bad ending, as weird as it may sound, simply because you did not shy away from the details. :')

As for the Q&A: which of the guys would be more comfortable as a small spoon, big spoon or both? :D

Fuck, my face has been stretched wide after reading Toast's good ending and now it's starting to actually hurt.

xyx best boi


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Just a question for the Q&A: how would the guys react to headpats from Maya? I... may have been a bit inspired by the release of Nekopara - Catboys Paradise. :')

I was instantly sold when i saw Solis' blushy face, thank you for that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I loved basically everyone's stories except Chris. Seriously, fuck this douche (no, not literally), but other than that it's a great game. :D

Ah, I'm sorry about phrasing the question so poorly back then. Thank you for the reply!

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Wait, the person below me said "seduced a cultist" and I've not been able to get that ending yet. Is there any chance, perhaps, that you could give us some hints? :(

EDIT: Nevermind, found it. :D

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You know what? I'm still salty that we didn't get to see Shuye's and Haiyue's routes - they were the ones I was the most interested in. 

EDIT: It's been two years and I visit this page from time to time BECAUSE I'M STILL SALTY AS HELL.

I'm looking forward to playing it. :)

One question - are slightly spicy questions allowed here? :')

Whoo! I'm excited for that.

Hi! I bought the DLCs and have one question - ONLY the "rpy" files, as in, for example, "s2.mall.rpy", not the "s2.mall.rpy~" and "s2.mall.rpyc", right?

Hey, mine as well. :D