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Yes! He gives off such creepy vibes :/

I can't believe it has been 2 years. I still love this game so much <3

I can understand the desire to jump in and blow stuff up, but that is not what this is. To be fair, there are quite a few explosions :) ;)

I think you just weren't in the right mood to play this game. There is a lot of dialogue, a glossary, and an entirely new world constructed and explained to the audience, as well as intricate relationships and social/political forces at play that occasionally require a careful hand to deal with.

What you are describing sounds like a FPS. I would recommend Risk of Rain 2. There is a learning curve, but it gets very fast paced and exciting the longer you survive. Remnant from the Ashes is also a great game with lots of enemies to find and fight. Both are co-op which is a plus.

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I love the finished product! Great dialogue, pacing, artwork, and background information! Really fantastic<3

I love the additional touches and details! Great work as always!

Yes, It's one of my favorites too! And they have different things you can do with the items you can take from Duliae's house! I really wish I had the opportunity to meet Ernol's mother!

See I forget to respond in Discord! There's so much to look at and lots of notifications I get overwhelmed and end up missing things! I'll see about putting longer things there in the future though (^_^)

I got the vibes he was sweet just from the little we see him so that is already coming across! I love seeing him in Caissa's route trying to help you and in Quill's route really just trying to do what's right! I really liked him and am so happy to see him in his entirety!

(Also very excited to see Yuu and what struggles he will face with the obvious breach of privacy and disregard for you as a person! I work in healthcare and am anticipating a massive blow up if he realizes they tried to kidnap his patient and he actually helped them do it almost! ((if it goes that way)))

Would you rather me put comments on Discord or elsewhere if they are long or so they can be longer? I'm newer to commenting on things and feel like maybe I'm doing it wrong? '^_^

I should clarify. I do like some games where routes overlap! I think a great example of this is the game Reverie Ebon Light. They allow the MC to have vastly different personalities and still achieve favorable outcomes and have enough variation in routes to have high replay ability. It is also free and has an extensive glossary! I think I've just played too many recently that have been not as fun to play. It can definitely be a great and different way to tell a story and yes seeing different characters reactions (especially where they interact with each other) is always interesting.

Amazing work!! I'm sooo looking forward to Reuben's route!

It is way more fun to play and replay when everyone has their own story too

Still very excited for this game! Thank you so much :)

He seemed cheeky and fun so I saved him until second to last because I try to leave some fun ones until last :) I completely agree that my love for him has only grown (^_^).

Yeah I would've loved an extra story for him :) I can see how it would be hard to tell exactly how characters would act from one game to the next though. Guillaume was one of my favorites in the first game, so I might've backed his extra story had I heard about it sooner... So glad I didn't '^_^

She forgave him way too fast yes! They were literally laughing about it the next day... I would not be able to move on from him ignoring me in public, yelling at me every day, and treating me like a servant after one heart to heart and maybe 24 hours... He was such a turd! And yeah!! Even if you're pregnant, he doesn't get a chair for you... You just stand there and say to yourself that you know you'll have to be out of commission while you're in your last trimester and for a while after birth but "I'm ok with that". Probably worse that I played Leopold right before Guillaume because dang. Leopold is even kinder to you in Guillaume's route!

I'm glad you're willing to give Bastien a shot! He was much better paced and so sympathetic <3

I really felt like Guillaume was toxic... The MC sounded scared when waiting for him one evening, he constantly was yelling and then saying he loved her, felt like walking on eggshells all the time, and then he does acknowledge he was wrong but they both just laugh it off. His "getting better" happens practically overnight at the very end too so IDK. I would not be able to laugh off verbal abuse that has lasted for months and just go forward being happy like it's fixed now...

I can vouch for Bastien's route! I just played Leopold, Guillaume, and Bastien in that order...

Leopold was amazing and everything I wanted

Guillaume I really disliked for 90 percent of his route and it was painful to get through with everyone else being mean/unfriendly

Bastien was sad but way more believable as an actual romance as well. He really starts resolving and working on difficulties he has while communicating with you in a very sweet way. And not in the end of the route like Guillaume but about halfway through. He is no where near as mean and annoying as Guillaume and your brother is with you for support and hilarity. 

Def play Bastien's route <3

It just isn't a hurdle I see jumped very often, even though (you're right) it isn't a challenging one. I really like the variety you give intimate scenes and how you describe and have the characters talk about them. A lot of games I have played don't have the right kind pf pacing, are very one sided, give into heavy cliches, etc.

Ooooh that would be interesting! I hadn't thought about it from that perspective of wanting to tell a different side to the MC in each route, but it makes sense now that I think about it. You could also have this new MC be someone we meet in this story. Would Morgan still be having her story go on in the background though idk. I should really check Discord more often. I usually get overwhelmed with the notifications from my other groups and close it...

Based on what I've seen so far, everyone will enjoy it (^_^). You've made an amazing game.

Ah ok! I forgot the headquarters is in a different city! I assumed that they were being hypocrites and keeping her on the team because they need her and overlooked her percentage of augment.

Locke seemed to fatigue quickly and seemed like he would be more physically challenged to do intense cardio (but there are ways to overcome this obviously and I just enjoy situations where characters talk about intimacy and thought it would be interesting/heartwarming/steamy).

I would pay for an extra route with Locke so if you see it as a possibility then go for it! I really like him too <3

Loved Quill's friend and would so be interested in a route for him (but maybe it would look too similar to Quill's own route). Just thought his story about choosing between surgery and citizenship was really sad and interesting. Would be an interesting exploration of intimacy looking different for different people given his physical limitations and abilities outside the realm of humans.

Also would be interested in him meeting the lady from Endgame's team who is... what percent cybernetic?? Hmmm suspicious of how she maintains citizenship???

Love his route! Interesting having a view of her life where she only casually practices her abilities and mostly focuses on life and community <3

Love the focus on defining what human is really and the repercussions that I think will be for the better at the end of this route.

I'm super excited to see Reuben's route!! He seems sweet and I'm so curious to see where it goes from dropping in on him!!

I like Theo but think the MC is pushy in a bad way. He holds her hand and tells her to slow down (she's trying to undo his belt) and her response is basically "no" and she tries again...

I'd dump her right there.

I get that. I guess I just think it's lazy.

I'm excited!!! (^_^) I hope you get some sleep too though

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I don't think being an ass makes him a bad person per se :) I just like disagreeing with "professionals" who are acting decidedly unprofessional ;) He seems like he genuinely cares in his own creepery way about them, and I love that he apparently doesn't take sh!t from the court. Looking forward to that (^_^) I'm actually very excited for his route tbh. I get the feeling higher ups are going to be put in check as it were.

I think your characters all have something different to offer in their stories and backgrounds. I haven't disliked any so far:)

It made more sense later on, but I think it is just a personal pet peeve of mine. I'm a therapist and can not stand doctors or other professionals who do this to those they deem as lower. I will definitely give this irritating man a chance. From what I've seen, I think it will work itself out :)

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I'm loving the game so far! I'm kinda annoyed by Dr. Sasaki and how the MC doesn't stand up against his insults and pushing but maybe that comes later (Only done Ari's route so far and the doc is mean to him).

 Overall, she has proven resourceful and like a smart balanced person which is awesome :)

Great art too with writing that is very well done! I love the lore and how it is coming together!

That's a lot better than gunning for it and burning out! :) I'm sure it is great!

I love this and will be patient! I would LOVE to open Hesiod's Jar/Box!!

I am obviously following you now and eagerly awaiting any new games you make!!! When I realized her nickname was Bear I laughed like a crazy person XD. My husband jumped and looked at me and asked, "whoa what's going on!?" then.... "Hey she looks like you"  !! I regaled him with the entire story during our long car ride last weekend and he loved it too :)

I thought about it and she would probably just buy "men's shoes" and be done with it. Maybe there is a cobbler in her town though (depending on world building) and she just has shoes made for her as a trade for her carpentry work or, better yet, she makes/repairs her own because shopping for shoes or going to a tailor was such a pain.

I think you DEFINITELY hit on stereotypes for men and women. Uribel (not knowing that homemaking, cooking, and cleaning were "women's tasks") was just being helpful in any way he could. I love where Yrsa was thinking to herself that what he was doing was more of a womens role and pretended in my head that she mentioned that to him (in passing or just thinking out loud). Just for him to ask, "oh, does it matter?", and her to say, " it doesn't:)" I know she did have that realization but I just think he is so sweet (^_^) Women who are "bad at being women" and men who are "bad at being men"! It kills me that female MCs in dating games are 99% of the time taller than all the LIs. In M/M dating games it's almost just as bad for some reason??? Like the MC regardless is going to be short. I know short people exist, and I don't have a problem with seeing them or something BUT wow, ok, I see how it is. I could go on forever with weird stereotypes in dating games because I have played voraciously for the past 11 years. But your game is a breath of fresh air. I love it, and I wish I could wipe my memory of it and play it again for the first time. I'll definitely play again though :)

(I can't stand people who try to get away with mean comments (like her stupid date when she was 18) by just saying "I was just kidding" or "it's just a fact" or "I'm just telling you what other people are thinking, I'm trying to help". )

I have zero doubts that all your future endeavors will be of great interest and comfort to me <3

This is perfect! I don't even know what to say!


Story, characters, setting, art, music, emotions, writing, colors, clarity, lore..... EVERYTHING

I really connect to this story specifically. I'm not a skilled fighter or strong like Yrsa, but I am a strong, 6ft tall, broad shouldered, pale lady who has light red hair, big calves, big hands, is nicknamed Bear, and has been made fun of for all of the above. Oh my god this was a fantastic story! I so appreciate Yrsa's backstory and how she was able to move on from the pain of ridicule and judgement but how she also wasn't. She really internalized those feelings and just assumed that she wasn't ever going to be a "real" lady. I almost cried. I'd done the same thing. I leaned into the stereotype and decided that I was going to embrace my strength but also had to learn that strength is not being able to break things or using force. Still don't want to wear dresses sometimes because I feel silly and like I'm a walking giant that everyone will stare at. Some days are better and I do love heels and being tall. I want to go to the gym and get stronger but am also scared...

My nickname Bear was more of a fond one and my dad encouraged my strength but my mom wouldn't let me play "boy sports" and seemed embarrassed if I ever stood out for being strong or wanted to roughhouse. My dad would bet his friends that I could pick them up and he was always so happy when I proved them wrong and lifted them off the ground when I was only in 5th grade. I noticed though that the guys I lifted would sometimes look at me with a mixture of wariness and like I was some sort of thing... Also I'm assuming that Yrsa has the same problem that I do when shopping for shoes. They're never right and men's shoes and jackets fit much better but then you're wearing "men's clothes" and get told you look like a linebacker or like you're going to break something??? Was told by my boyfriends mother once that we "looked bad together" and by a different boyfriends mother that we "didn't look right together" I was too tall.  My dates were always shorter than me which I thought was fine but they would also be made fun of and get asked things like "Who wears the pants" and "how do you two.. ya know?" and my fav "If she falls on you she will crush you"....-_-

I could go on forever. I wish I could go to this town and meet her and Uribel. I would love to learn woodworking even if I'm older than all her students by a lot... Ugh I want to cry again. I love this story and am going to recommend this to my friends online who play too <3

I really hate Shaun.

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I think the last commenter (jeybeegames) covered it well. Yep, the art in the demo is what you see throughout. All the LIs follow the same story beats just react to them slightly differently. (I hate Shaun, more below)


The MC has moments where she seems more mature than most of these types of games and she rarely makes outright bad decisions.

The story is interesting the first time around.

The side characters are good and add to the story.

The writing itself is good but the story/mechanics is where it is weird so I think future projects will probably be better and worth looking at.


I only played through 1 time with Kane, 1/4 way through with Mace, and halfway through Ronan. It just gets repetitive and I actually didn't always care for the story. Also, I loath Shaun and didn't want to play through that hideously awkward ending again.

There was no choice for outright rejecting Shaun.

The expressions don't change when they should and make some interactions weird. Like two characters arguing, but the whole time their face is :)

The writing I think was good at building characters and descriptive. But the story it was telling was repetitive, not fleshed out, and awkward in places. With Kane, they mention how they've both "changed since they were kids" SO much. It felt like the MC had that revelation multiple times but each time she was realizing it for the first time.

Not many real choices. Just "who am I going to hang out with today" for many days in a row. I think just picking who you want to pursue in the beginning would allow the story to flow more naturally.

Some awkward interactions where it only lasts for like 15 seconds and then they're all "I should be getting home, it's late" (really seems like you just arrived though? Adds to the weird pacing/ unnecessary options.


She's the only heir to the throne but she runs around on her own in town, into spooky shops, to the town border, and into neighboring towns? To meet up with and hang out with suitors alone?? I know it's all made up but maybe mention a guard is shadowing her IDK.

You kiss the guy you're after in the middle of the story, which is great! Some games take forever to get here and only have and kissing at the end. While this might not actually happen in the time period it is set in, it's all made up so ok. I like this! It is more realistic.

Shaun is vile garbage and has his own section below. Mace acts inappropriately towards the MC. At the first marriage interview, Mace suddenly jumps up into her personal space like he's going to kiss her after saying he likes "spontaneity" and the RIGHT choice is to let him kiss you? He doesn't and then laughs at you...

The 3 stories I played had moments where 2 guys would fight or argue over you in every story and every story ends with another of these fights I've heard. The MC doesn't have an option to say "stop it this is childish" and blushes instead kinda liking it. Ugh. Feels like a harem anime in places (Mace arguing with Kane when you've only spoken once?).


I loathe Shaun. I've been cheated on before, and Shaun's vile, two faced, scheming, selfish being really ruined this for me. "Oh, please, nothing happened, I'm sorry, I love you, I just didn't think you loved me, please, I've had her fired, there was nothing between us, please, I want to be your knight in shining armour". (vomit)

OK so it's HER fault that you didn't feel loved enough?!  He literally says "You were the one who started acting cold first" LIKE HE IS BLAMING THE MC. The story clearly says HE is the one who pulled away and stopped talking to her??? HE was the one keeping a handsy flirty maid around??? The MC is over here writing to him consistently, setting up special meals/dates for them, and learning to cook his favorite recipes FOR HEAVENS SAKE.

 ALSO, can you tell me why TF you pulled the maid on top of you, or wanted/let her to call you pet names and flirt with you??? Can't you fire her at a moments notice? Are you not in charge of your own actions and reactions? OK let's say I believe that you two never touched each other (I don't) then explain what I heard:

Shaun: It's only going to cause problems if someone catches us.

Maid: That's not going to happen, honey. I'm always careful aren't I?


Maid: You're young and handsome (blah blah)

Shaun: Hm...Go on...

*there was an audible gasp followed by giggling and hushed words and you open the door to find her on top of him as if he pulled her up there (hence the gasp)*

THEN the MC runs outta the castle and when she gets back he's gone but leaves a poor excuse of a letter as an apology. He comes back in all routes fairly early on and wants to still be friends and tries to play everything off after a terrible apology. AND THE MC AGREES!? THERE IS NO OPTION TO NOT AGREE. He then shows up at the end of all routes (I assume but definitely in Kane's) and FORCES HIS LIPS ON YOURS AND CONFESSES HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU. The MC "His lips were insistent against mine and I had no sense to resist or even think about what was happening, I clutched at his shirt for some sense of stability" He then runs off because he hears someone calling to you like all well intentioned men do.???

AND YOU THEN CAN'T TELL IF YOU LOVE THIS BAG OF D!CKS OR THE GUY YOU'VE BEEN DATING THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!???? This threw me for such a hard loop that I haven't recovered. Like, the MC needs a court therapist or something. I feel sooo bad for the guy you're with at the time too. Like oh lol sorry my cheating Ex that the whole kingdom knows about has come back and assaulted me, so I'm not sure if I should pick you or him........??

Beautiful story! Amazing work, thank you!

Well that's awesome! I look forward to seeing the demo (^_^) Happy writing!

Oh, ok! Is this the first game you are the sole author on? :)

I can go play a game you have written and come back to leave my thoughts if you have some you would recommend?:) I'm sure it won't be disappointing though! It has a unique sounding set-up too which is really nice