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Thank you all for all the hard work bringing this together but also paying so much attention to details! It all looks amazing!

I love all of these I have seen so far. The castle might be my favorite. It is beautiful and reminds me of walking home in the country after camping in the woods overnight. I feel like it is a crisp morning but the sun is warming your face just enough (^_^)

I think I loved Valle the best. He has such a good character background, is such a good friend in every route, and really sticks out as the best partner to me. I love how the characters interact with each other. They aren't over the top and are instead written like real people.

 Sekheo was written well (a little dramatic in the end but it all made sense well enough). His story was good but I think more time researching with him would've been nice). The MC is a little pushy in his route but not usually overly so. It is an understandably sad route but with good bits of character building and fun.

Valle was the best IMO. He's super understanding even in everyone elses routes. He's a pillar for your character and supports the MC so well. Very interesting character I wish we got more information about but I get why it was short. Only issue: (Not sure why the MC agrees with him that their first date didn't go well? He has a demanding job. It makes sense that he had to go. It would be like dating a doctor or a police officer or something.)

Solis I played first and I'm glad. He's sweet but mean to Valle. He doesn't seem to understand that Valle is totally different than the other stars that stopped doing their jobs. I think we should've yelled at him more in his and Valle's routes. His route alone is sweet and normal with a little bit of a bitter taste because he's mean to your best friend. In Valle's route though.... He's a total butthole. And Valle is even nice to you when you choose Solis and still supports you.

Ranting sorry. It is a really good game and I love the art. The range of facial expression is really good and I love the chibi art as fill ins. Definitely recommend!

I think you can come out now on good behaviour :)

I love this. Well written and funny and very slice of life. I like Jian a lot and want to give him hugs. I don't like the mom badgering her but I get that is does happen a lot. My brother would stick up for me though:)

Overall, very cute and well done!

SPOILERS (there is a girl as an option it's Gray)

This is going to be an amazing journey, I just know it. I love these new details.

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I think there should be a tag for non-con (Reaver and Viz). Honestly, there should be one for dub-con as well (especially a wardenXprisoner relationship and you and Viz).

Still just coming by to check

I didn't mean that you should go back to change him :) I just felt like I should clarify that he is mostly a good character. Some characters are just terrible all around, but I don't think this is the case with Souma. Overall, he is likeable and well written but suffers from a few bad interactions. I do look forward to what your team makes on the future! And, thank you for replying. It makes me feel like what I'm saying matters at least a little :)

Why? Where in the story do you have an issue?

Thank you for replying. I edited my review to go into more detail and explain my thoughts better. And I finished Izumi's route to get a better perspective. I did find myself laughing at points and think it is overall cute. With tweaks, I think Souma would be fine.

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This is a very cool aesthetic. I love the art <3

He looks amazing. Mysterious and beautiful <3

There will always be people complaining about price. People pay 14$ for a movie that lasts 2 hours that they aren't even sure they are going to like. This is a game from an amazing company that was already a fantastic game before. 13$ is FINE. 3 trips to Starbucks, good quality nail polish, an entrée at a sit-down restaurant... I'm not saying everyone has 13$ to spend on each game they want. But, If you don't have 13$ to spend, that is still no reason to take it out on others. You can't have things for free.

I can't wait to get more backstories!! Thank you all so much!

It should say non-con is in every route actually. The MC is r*ped in the very beginning of the game and it is unavoidable.

The description is misleading. It says dub-con and a scene of non-con (that can be avoided easily)... The game literally starts out with a non-con scene? Like, you can't skip it, it isn't just an avoidable ending, it is the start to the whole game. Then the sultan tries to play it off like "oh I hope it wasn't too hard for you" "sorry you're just so attractive"........... gross....... Also important to mention, the game is riddled with the MC being abused and assaulted.

Sultan: Non-con right away but the MC "learns to like it"

Halim: Starts with non-con with the sultan, stuff with Halim is consensual, has more dub-con, non-con, and assault.

Adviser bad guy: Starts with non-con with the sultan... but didn't play his route but he assaults and tries to r*pe you in the other routes so... nah

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Didn't finish. Souma isn't just "grumpy". He gives the MC traumatic sounding flashbacks/makes him feel ill with his presence, he yells at the MC a lot, he physically drags the MC places against his will (This is only in the beginning of the story and does taper off in Izumi's route but I can't speak for Souma's route) Izumi's route is cute and wholesome.

I edited this because I said Souma comes across like an abuser. I did not do his route, and I still think he is terrible in the beginning. The way the MC reacts to Souma is what makes me think they had a toxic relationship. I won't say he is abusive in the story as far as I played, but the way the MC acts around him makes it seem like maybe he was. The MC has nightmares about him where he wakes in a panic, feels physically weak/drained when he sees him, flinches from his grasp and can barely look at him... Not to mention the moments where the MC says he thinks Souma looks like he's going to grab him by the collar and yell in his face, or when Souma calls the MC a coward because the MC walks away from him because he feels uncomfortable to the point he can't bear talk to him, or when Souma vaguely says "you know how I get sometimes" when referring to his anger issues, or when Souma just baselessly insults the MC and tears him down even though he can tell the MC is struggling... 

Most of the glaring issues with Souma are in the beginning of the story with a few places that just need clarification later on (clarifying anger issues). Souma's set-up as a "nice guy who has anger issues" is just too strong in the "anger issues" department. A good example of making someone "too mean" is in the movie Shazam where the "school bullies" hit a kid on crutches with their car and then just start beating him up. That is not "bullying" that  is a second possibly first degree felony. Bullying is wrong and harmful, yes, but attempted murder is a different level. I get that "anger issues" is vague enough to encompass many things, but Souma is still supposed to be a sympathetic character. So, the "anger issues" can't be so severe that they make him unsympathetic or a bad relationship choice for the MC. 

Later in the story, Souma does appear sympathetic through his interactions with the side characters and his behavior, but this is overshadowed by his initial build up. He is fine to be frustrated or angry, but the instant he starts physically dragging the MC places and yelling insults it is over the line. The fact that they haven't spoke in 2 years and still have this terrible feeling between them that makes the MC feel ill and have night terrors is really off putting.

I feel strongly about this, because this is a common thing in dating games. I'm afraid that it encourages the thought that guys who are giving bad vibes and bad signals are secretly really nice. So, even though they yell at you and physically drag you places against your will and belittle and insult you, they are actually really caring and just misunderstood. In reality, they might be nice guys who have emotional problems that they can't deal with on their own but aren't seeking out help for (so they take it out on others). Or, even worse, they aren't nice guys at all and have issues and will abuse their partners (emotionally, physically, verbally, etc). I get that the MC knew Souma from childhood, but it has been years since they last spoke. And, at face value to the player, he is setting off red flags of being someone who is unstable and looking to get back with someone he could push around. The thought of "I'm yelling at you and doing all these things that hurt you because I care" is also dangerous.

Thank you! I'm not buying if there isn't a possibility at a happy ending.

Bought this through Steam. I don't recommend it. 
Every route is very rushed and ends in marriage, choices are not intuitive, each story line overlaps a lot, art is usually pretty but proportions seem off at times (she looks child sized at times). Biggest issues are the lack of any depth in the story, the times it contradicts itself, and the outright offensive elements (try to make you sympathize with a serial r*pist, and different guy assaults the MC to prove she isn't the gender she claims). The MC needs saved a lot and doesn't help herself when you'd think she could. Also, she get physically thrown off balance because a guy winks at her...