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this game is good.

Ugh, yes. I love gritty themes like this. Throw in a grumpy, grizzled man with a secret soft side, and you have me. I'm excited to see where this goes, as I appreciate the story going on underneath the tense romance we're seeing bud between MC and Alvarez. Also, what a fuckin stellar romance candidate. He feels real. I like that. Not dying to get in our pants as soon as we meet. You build that tension juuuuust right. Bless y'all for that. Anyway, great stuff here, guys. <3

xyx...................... UGH. he's so annoyingly charming i hate him and i love him. UGH. UGH. Anyway, this game was fuckin awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us here on itch. I look forward to all of your future projects. <3

how does it do that?

this is just a marvelous experience, through and through. the writers  put they whole foot in this... also the voice actors.... ahhhhh~ so good! and the art was so pretty and cute! and i loved the music too~! ahhh~ this whole game is just fabulous. thank you so much for sharing! <3

how imma be waiting for the full game...

Oh! Wonderful~ Thank you for the response. <3

is this project on hiatus?

perhaps one day we'll have a translation! until then i will admire the beautiful art style! <3

thank you! <3

(///- . -///)♥ this is a very good game  (♡´𓋰`♡)

game is crashing :(

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i mean if you pay attention in the game, you find out that you had different mothers and irl people who have dark skinned parents can come out light skinned and vice versa. kind of a problematic and unreasonable takeaway. i say this with kindness, no judgement. like just think about it.

edit: additionally, its not the fault of the game devs if you just gloss over important character details like that stuff, haha. i dunno it just seems like a silly hang up


*excited vibrating*

thank you for keeping us up to date! i appreciate the consideration, its very kind of you to let us know. take care of yourself, the game looks likes its gonna be awesome <3

im on the tumbly but OMG this is so exciting!!! we're nearly there!!! <3 <3 <3

y'all really know how to get folks to bite, huh? well color me interested...

this game will never be completed. seriously, dont get ur hopes up. :(

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I come back ever week or so to see if any update has been posted for this game. I am soooo excited you have no idea. Like, not to put pressure on you guys, but my hype is unreal. I haven't been this excited for a full VN in... years. So thank you for reigniting my interest in this genre of game. I appreciate the clear craft, love, and passion that is put into this visual novel. And that is the main reason why I'm obsessed. Because it feels like ya'll actually care about your work. <3

Edit: Oh, also Will is my babe. (Tuck is, too, but I have to wait a little longer before I start simping there x'D)


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First off, can I just say WOW! It is so clear to me the painstaking hard work, commitment, and passion that has been poured into this project. I am so looking forward to watching this pan out storywise, and also what's next in the barrell for y'all in the future. 

This is for sure in my top three VN's of all time and I'm only two chapters and a Valentine's Day spin off into this and I'm obsessed. I haven't purchased the game for money yet, but you can bet as soon as I finish writing this I'm donating. This is awesome work and I really appreciate you letting us have it for FREE. Insane.

Your team should be so proud of this, kiddos! Amazing characters so fleshed out and interesting! Artwork that is so pretty to look at. A story that has so much potential and depth.  And I am LIVING for the romanceeeeee. Ahh! Keep up the good work!!!!

Edit: Also, I haven't been this hype for something in a long time. So thank you for that, too! Lol!

I come back every once and a while to check up on progress and am always disappointed when I see it isn't released yet. However! That being said! I totally respect you guys taking your time to make it perfect, for sure. I'm just so excited for the finished product! 

I've been along for a ride for so long, but really, its only a fraction of the time you've put into this masterpiece. Thank you for all your hard work. <3

-that one lurker that pops in up in discord from time to time to say good job. <3

WOW! Girl this is just absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on an excellent game!

My husband and I cried laughing at this. This was great dude. Nicely done.

Just so you all know, in the discord's general el chat, Ahnna has been updating us on her progress. She's about 30% complete. Please just be a little more patient with her and all will be well! She's working super hard because she wants  this to be perfect. I'm sure we will all be more than happy at the end of it! (Especially since that doll is givin' us this rad game for free!) So be a little more patient, friends!

Omg! This was so cute! There is such a clear display of love and determination put into this project! Thank you for putting your soul into this, and I await the day the full game is released. Please keep up the hard work, my darling! I can't wait, and I support you!

I'm crying that's too perfect. 

I made an account just so I could commend you on such an apt RHPS reference. Good day to you, madam.