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I've been along for a ride for so long, but really, its only a fraction of the time you've put into this masterpiece. Thank you for all your hard work. <3

-that one lurker that pops in up in discord from time to time to say good job. <3

WOW! Girl this is just absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on an excellent game!

My husband and I cried laughing at this. This was great dude. Nicely done.

Just so you all know, in the discord's general el chat, Ahnna has been updating us on her progress. She's about 30% complete. Please just be a little more patient with her and all will be well! She's working super hard because she wants  this to be perfect. I'm sure we will all be more than happy at the end of it! (Especially since that doll is givin' us this rad game for free!) So be a little more patient, friends!

Wow wow wow! What can I say about this project?! How can I possibly articulate such a, clearly, well crafted and thought out piece of work!? This is truly a wonderful thing you have in the making. I look forward to the next chapter! The characters are all very fleshed out and the story had no lulls. I found myself sucked into this vast world you've woven like a tapestry.  And this was just the dang prologue! Well, done, my friends! 

I support all the people working on this so full heartedly! I wish you the best in furthering this work. It is so so so clear that you have a great devotion to telling a  beautiful narrative, accompanied by such lovely and unique art. The color schemes are so vivid and entrancing, and the stylistic choices are gorgeous and well thought out. Keep up the hard work! <3

Omg! This was so cute! There is such a clear display of love and determination put into this project! Thank you for putting your soul into this, and I await the day the full game is released. Please keep up the hard work, my darling! I can't wait, and I support you!

I'm crying that's too perfect. 

I made an account just so I could commend you on such an apt RHPS reference. Good day to you, madam.