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During the scene with Cyril where you can offer to help write the letters, clicking the second option (maybe it’s not as boring as it sounds) leads to the first option (the scene proceeds with mc saying it’ll occupy their mind)

you had me at political drama

I got the happy ending my first go-round so I think I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead lol. This was a cute, relatively short story and I enjoyed it!

I'm kind of confused about this route. I know it's shared with Felix's route, but I don't understand what that means for the game as a whole. Does Felix not have a route of his own, or is it just not released yet?

Yay, I'm so excited for this. I've always been a sucker for him for some reason lol.

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The art is lovely, and the gameplay is smooth. I'm definitely interested in seeing what the main game's story will be. 

I agree with the person talking about Manhin's personality being... something. When I read the comment, I was like "Surely it can't be that bad" but the pining is... ugh, it feels like such a mean word to use... kind of pathetic, especially when she's snapping at him one minute then smiling at him the next. I get someone you loved before being someone you'll always love and whatever else, but at some point, ya gotta MOVE ON -- or at least figure out how to not act like a fool whenever he's around. Here's to hoping that Manhin isn't prominent (or maybe even present at all??) in the actual game since Oberon is a RO! lol

I’m generally not interested in prof-student scenarios but Prof Balin would’ve been enough to make me reconsider because whew….

I'm not able to accept the rendezvous invitation for Louise, even after discovering the location before the day of the rendezvous. I thought maybe I'd just have to go to that location the day of since it wasn't allowing me to accept the invitation, but the location isn't even on the map for the day of the rendezvous ...

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I never said MC's rage wasn't justified. I didn't say anything about MC's rage at all, I don't think. I don't really have a strong opinion on it one way or the other, tbh.   

What I said is that saying everybody (in the story) is okay with what Rohan did relies on the false premise that they know what he did to begin with. MC being upset with Rohan for unexplained reasons isn't a good enough reason for the others, who don't know MC or Rohan and in some cases, each other, to be outraged on MC's behalf. 

Basically, people usually don't form an opinion on something they know nothing about, and almost no one (in the story) knows about what happened between MC and Rohan.

I’m kind of sad Felix isn’t a RO. I love a first love story & I know Frederick had his reasons, but whatever the reasons, they don’t explain why he chose to do THAT (trying not to spoil lol). Plus, Felix is so fun! Ah well, maybe I’ll forgive Frederick over time, or maybe I’ll just stick to Constantine.

There’s a typo or two throughout, but I didn’t think to take note of where, sorry about that. Other than that, I think this is a great start. My ONE possible critique would be it’d be nice to have options for a MC that either doesn’t care about her brother & Anna’s budding romance or doesn’t really like/support/feel comfortable with it. 

Is there a list of available endings anywhere? 

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apparently I love pain because my MC is a Rohan simp 😭 

but I also think I took more time than some other people to understand what he was saying about IVI. his method was trash but I understand both how he explained IVI & how he explained MC being nothing more than a tool. I personally suspect the reason MC was chosen over Nash is because MC’s massive ego wouldn’t let them suspect it was anything other than a well-deserved reward for being “the best” & Nash just doesn’t seem to have that vibe about them. 

also, as far as Rohan getting off too easily and everybody being okay with what they did… you guys do realize that most people they’re traveling with have absolutely no idea what happened, right? I think the only person that definitely knows no matter how you play it is Nash, and that’s because they figure it out on their own. 

I'm not sure if anyone's caught this error already: Regardless of where you select for the scar to be, in the personal profile, it always says that it's across the knee.  

Here's the dev's Tumblr in case anyone is interested: Llama's writing (

I knew there was one but, as far as I can tell, it's not posted anywhere here. I was hoping for a dev update post, but I don't think I saw one. It looks like dev's out of school for the summer, so hopefully that means they'll have time to update soon. 🤞🏽

Hope the dev is doing well. Announced a hiatus in August 2021 and hasn't said a word since 😭😭

Is Ari's route finished? I reached the point where she was going to teleport some teams and then it took me back to the main menu. I think the last words on my screen before it went to the menu were "and jumped"?

Is there new content from the dashingboard version or is this just the same content transitioned to itch?

so excited for this!

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I love this. 

And I also have realized I could never be on a dating show because I felt absolutely terrible rejecting Alex/Aayush after being coupled with them so that I could try the Eli route lmao

Also, each character (both RO and non-RO) seems to be really well thought out and has something interesting about them... except Cerri. Cause screw her for always taking my man :)

So excited! 

I read this when you released it early on Patreon but I'll comment here too. 

I really like the different choices we can make when it comes to how traumatized MC is (and what MC is traumatized by). 

I've always been a fan of broody assholes (yikes, what does that say about me?) so, naturally, Ruben appealed to me right away. Looking forward to gradually reading that Ice King thaw out. I think there was already a moment or two where I was like "AHA! You do care, at least a little" although I think the anger/outrage was  more about the treatment of MC rather than MC specifically. 

One thing I was slightly confused about (although it didn't impact the story in  any way) is whether or not the situation with MC's parents is the same on every route. If I'm remembering correctly, on Ruben's route, it seems like MC's basically saying they sold MC off (or didn't care that MC was taken) but in Nouritis' route, it seems more like MC went missing or something and their parents have been distraught ever since. Is that a difference in the relationship/backstory with MC's parents or is it just because in one route (Ruben's, probably), MC is working more off of assumptions and believes their parents  abandoned  them even if it's  not true?

... I hope that made sense.

It kinda references Step 1, but it also references Step 3! If I'm remembering correctly, if MC gets upset about growing up and stuff at the joint dinner towards the end 3 and ends up going to the car, Cove'll cheer MC up by saying they should just forget about everything and become pretzel shop owners... pretty much. It's obviously a lot cuter in-game than I'm making it lol.

Loved it, of course. I just wish there was a way to get Cove to propose. 

Looking forward to Part 4! I'm hoping for a wedding, babies, pets. The whole shebang! Lol.

I'm lowkey sad Chris isn't a LI. He's so adorable.

Lol, idk what it is, but as soon as he showed up I was like "Nope, I don't trust him." 


Loved the side story. I'm a huge sucker for Mathias, so it was nice to be able to see those romantic feelings actually lead to something. I think the character that I'd want to learn more about is the MC, especially past events, but I'm sure some of that mystery about the past is intentional. Another would be Curio (mainly because I'm skeptical of him for some reason) I can't really think of a favorite/least favorite thing; I enjoyed it all, I guess? 

I'd like to see more side stories, as long as creating them isn't a detriment to progress in the main story. I know sometimes creators start putting out additional content and then end up feeling overwhelmed at some point.

Wait, is Our Life 2 a separate thing from them planning on releasing other romantic routes in DLCs? 

I also don't think it'd be out of character to Yuu considering how much he clings to/forced his way into having a friendship with Haruki anyway, tbh.

For future players: This should probably be considered a kinetic novel. There's only one choice, and it's a false choice.

This won't open on my Mac :( (Catalina)

But why is nobody asking Sebastian WHAT HE IS lol.

Gonna throw this out there re: the age gap. It's totally possible for two people to be involved with each other while both are under the age of 18 and then have one cross the threshold. My "high school sweetheart" and I had a three-year age gap but we started dating when I was 14 and he was 17. By the time we broke up, I was 16 and he was 19 (and still just graduated high school b/c he started school late), so - to me, at least - the 16, 19 age-gap isn't inherently "gross." 

Just figured I'd offer a different perspective based on my actual life lol.

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Hm... I generally enjoy this game but I do think there's a weird lack of significance of choices. For my first playthrough, I wanted to do a strict Rashid route, meaning I was very intentional about not choosing options that resulted in hearts with anyone else, but then scenes don't play out that way.

For example, the threesome scene with Rashid, Halim, and Adnan plays out the exact same way regardless of whether or not Adnan has ever looked at Halim as anything other than a good friend. That doesn't make sense to me. I get being like... lust drunk or whatever, but even being horny doesn't make having sex with a best friend you have nooooo romantic interest in something that wouldn't at least lead to some feelings of hesitation. It also kind of like... pulled me out of the Rashid route vibes. It would be one thing if the scene felt purely... transactional between Adnan and Halim, but the writing was such that it felt romantic between them even though that was something I'd been very intentional about avoiding, which is... disappointing. 

I think the VN could've benefited from more attention to those kinds of things depending on the path the player's on (it also adds something to the replayability because even if the CGs are the same, the scene itself reads differently)... Something to think about for future projects, I guess.

I got ending five (Jian - video call). This game is adorable.

Thanks for the update! I'll keep an eye out!

I wanted to like this. The art is great. But I just couldn't get over how much of a brat the MC is. I get he's a prince or whatever, but he reads as really immature to me. He also just seems kind of... dumb.... Well, maybe naive is a fairer word...  Does the MC "grow up" as the story develops? 

I generally enjoy this but I find myself irritated with the MC more often than not. She's very self-righteous. *sigh*

Not gonna lie, there's something about Flavio I was into for the brief periods he was around, but I love Reed too. 

Lol, it's funny to me that my two favorites are the besties: Jude & Quinn. I'm definitely curious about MC's power, and what all these weird dreams or whatever they are mean.