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Oh my god. That was so good?

Sho wasn't my initial favorite of the lineup but I love this universe too much to have waited for the other routes. And when the branch off story hit and new layers of his character started forming I wasn't ready to get as absorbed in the plot as I was. Like, wow- I'm hyped for all and every one of them  releasing regardless of who they are. Your writing's ace.

Hunter's officially first place in my heart but I feel like going through the routes will be a constant line of "yep you're the new best now i love you"

I loved this soo much. Everyone was charming and the dialogue felt natural! But I'm sad that best boy Danny boy isn't a love interest.

She's been on Lemmasoft recently and has access to the internet. No one's stopping her but herself.

To be honest I feel this project had garnered one of the most patient fan bases. Even if the developer were scared to post until recently they'd likely be met with minimal hostility. And even if that hostility came there would be others jumping to their defense as they do here in this little discussion forum.

I remember they've been online before on Lemmasoft within the past month or two. They're blatantly ignoring this project and scam or not it's really shady and disrespectful that they won't even make a one or two sentence post.

Any warnings about potential struggles with personal issues or commitment should have been put in the risk section of the KS.

I doubt they will return any money but their reputation under the name they are using (Lee Almonte/Agashi) is done for. They've ruined trust not by failing to finish the project, but due to their lack of transparency.

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Half a*s is more than no a*s.

I'm serious. People are complaining because we don't even know is there is going to be an "a*s" of anything period.

Look at the comments of people who funded this. 

"Just letting us know that you haven't forgotten about us, would be good."
"We don't care anymore abou the status of the project, just say you're alive."
"Even if it's just a comment about experiencing delays would be ok, we just want to be kept in the loop!"

Maybe put yourself in their shoes instead. Giving an update after months of radio silence isn't some form of pandering that'll ruin the game's quality. They are not pushing the dev for a rushed game. They are only asking for transparency of the game's progress as it gets done.

They should be demanding not only the game, but the wallpapers, OST, guide, art book, supporting character design rights,  and supporting character creation rights. Things they should have already had for what? More than a year? But they aren't and have been willingly patient after multiple occasions of radio silence. 

And she gave an apology,

"Hey everyone, first of all, I'm very sorry to have worried anyone... You've all been incredibly patient with us up to this point and absolutely deserve to be kept in the loop..."

only for the apology to be baseless by not warranting any actions of keeping anyone in the loop. Not even the people working with her. There is even another previous apology from a different occasions she stopped updating,

"Okay, so there has been a significant lack of contact from me over here and I really do apologize to anyone who has been worried about their investment.."

And yet she's still ghosting a third time. 

If anyone should be frustrated it should 100% be the backers. They cannot do anything to make this situation better. She can.

Edit: Actually, about 288% 👀

"Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. "

Most aren't legally persecuted unless it's a large heap of money and there's evidence of scamming and funds not being used for the product. If the backers take things in their own hands it'd be considered a civil case.

In most cases the creator is just outed as irresponsible and biting off more than they can chew. Those who give the occasional vague post every other century or never post at all because they don't want to admit failure are the ones seen as scummy.

Reputation takes a hit either way.

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Yeah, look at the backer comments in the KS and they're completely in the dark. It's been two years since this was supposed to be finished.

Agashi likely was only online the other day because they were notified of activity in the QC lemma thread. Which surprise, surprise, was someone else wondering what the radio silence is about.

There's time to lurk but not type a sentence or two of how much script is left?

[edit] It's better to be certain you're working at a snail's pace than wonder if you've abandoned this project entirely.

Also better to not blatently ignore the people who funded your project.

IMO my sympathy's saved for the backers stuck in limbo. You have individuals that invested $300, $500$1000 for this game that should have been done nearly 2 years ago.

The wait had been smoother when the release was shifted from Dec '17 to Mar '18. The dev had been making monthly updates with pictures of progress and utilized their Tumblr to keep fan engagement high. This is already taking forever but the constant ghosting and radio silence makes time just stop because there is nothing to anticipate. Go to the Kickstarter comments and you see backers having to pull teeth for any communication.

There are pretty much no choice-based VN type games to bide my time now since it's such a niche market and I've played them all. Especially since Telltale just shut down due to their own terrible management. 

I'd like to support people like Agashi who make these games but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you've got projects like this that are unreliable with zero transparency. They'll get my money when they release a tangible product.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic HOO boy
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I didn't think he would actually SAY anything but

I'm cackling.

This game just gets better every time I come back to replay it and is so packed with content that it never loses it's novelty. Thank you for bringing all of these lovely characters to life.