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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi


A topic by tricksterx created Jun 08, 2018 Views: 10,997 Replies: 41
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Check the kickstarter for the update!


"The first draft of the game's script is officially DONE. Why is there not more fanfare, you ask? Because finishing it has only brought to light what a huge undertaking editing is going to be... "

So glad for an update and happy to see it's still alive! 😭 


I was so excited, I actually cried. (>_<)


I am happy to see that the author is alright. Looking for forward to the full game. 

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YAAAY! Super excited! I played the demo and loved it, and the other game "This is My Soul" too :)))


0-0 THERE IS LIFE ALSO WERE IS THE KICKSTARTER LOCATED? IS THE AUTHOR ALRIGHT? *internal concerned screaming is happening right now*


The link to the kickstarter is in Gshen's comment.



Omg Sweet Relief that is good news im soo happy x3


hi all, has anyone heard any news since the last kickstarter update on the 8th?


We are back to the deadzone


nuuuuuuuu T^T for all this waiting we best have some shirtless cg's atleast


lmao fr


I hope the game cost is not too high considering the amount of time placed into it but eh IM SO STOKED TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE FULL GAME ARRRGH XD

Hi all, it’s been about 5 weeks since the update, has anyone seen any news since? 




I hope the authors alright. I am happy that there was life but I hope still nothing bad happened.




Today makes two months of the last announcement in their kickstarter page and tbh I feel... disappointed. I think I speak for the majority of us here when I say I don't want to rush them with the game, I just want them to be here. To give us some news. It's bad to disappear but it's just as bad to come back two months ago complaining about life and then disappear for who knows how long again. I know life happens, we all know there are people involved in this and that they have their own problems BUT I wish they had some deference with the people who backed their kickstarter. There were actual people contributing with money to this, and even if it sounds bad I think they deserve to know what's going on. Not just when and/or if the game is progressing, but to at least to show their faces to say they're on it, even if slowly. Even if some days or weeks they can't do as much as they'd like, but at least be here. Say so. Don't keep us like this, in a radio silence limbo because it's unerving, and very unfair.

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You're absolutely right, everyday I come here to see if there is any update, but everytime I'm disappointed to see there is nothing new. Man, I was so excited about this game.


Honestly I can agree -.- I just hope the others are alright to be honest.

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This is very true, this is one of the reasons that i'm very careful with kickstarters specially visual novels, they are unresponsive, they promise to finish the project one year but do so in years after years, they collect a lot of money out of the kickstarts with promises and then when it comes to deliver it feels like they are doing a "favor" to the fans, no, they payed for the project it was a payment with a promise not a donation. There are a few kickstarters that are doing things right for example Re:Legend, they keep updates on monthly basis if anything happens with the project they inform the backers immediately that is a professional treatment. I wish it was like that for all of it, because let's be honest the projects that are acting this way (unresponsive does not deliver for years on their promises) end up closing doors to future projects, on her last update she was promoting a new visual novel kickstarter, but being honest i would never back up a project that she recomends, don't get me wrong, i love her writing she truly has talent as a otome creator but she lack the professionalism that comes with it. This is just my opinion though. 



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*hears update*  *runs frantically to THE GODDAMN LAPTOP*  *FINGERS SPAZ ON KEYBOARD*  




I've been following the development of this game since it came out I'm so glad it still is alive ;----;


I am SO EXCITED for this game! I only just discovered this, and lucky me, after so much silence there is an update yaay. If I had found this earlier I would have given up and forgotten about this game. The roleplaying options are so much fun, I usually just savescum because the story is not very satisfying unless you succesfully romance someone. But while playing the demo I got so invested in just being the most competent future queen I could be, the romance options are just a nice bonus. Having choice in the interactions with side-characters is also incredibly fun and engaging. I'm already looking forward to a second playthrough in which I will be the most scandalously mouthy queen :D. The writing is also excellent, because maaan I've seen some overwritten VN's, and that annoys me enough not to buy them. I will definitely buy this as soon as it comes out.


Admin sighs in disappointment. Any news anyone? Or is it utter silence once again?


Nope, the last update was on August 13, and the last post on Tumblr was 6 months ago. I was hoping for monthly updates, but nothing for now. Fingers crossed.


Writing posts takes time and energy. Sure, it would be nice to have more frequent updates, but the author has been posting on Kickstarter approximately bimonthly (April, June, and August), and I think that's enough.  I don't want to pry into the author's personal life, but they mentioned a family emergency in the April update, and it's possible that life hasn't been good to them lately. I'd rather give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that they're doing the best they can, instead of assuming that they don't care about keeping their fans notified.

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totally right 😁, rather than assuming, better pray and hope for the best to agashi

for the time being, we can play another visual novel 😁 yayy


I get where you're coming from, but it's been half a year. Kickstarter Backers contributed more than 10.000$. The author has an obligation to them, and bimonthly updates that aren't even regular just don't live up to that obligation. I'm not even talking about having to speed up the progress, just about posting "Sorry, didn't really get anything done this month." once a month. Besides, nobody is accusing them of not caring about keeping the fans notified. Quite the opposite, this thread is full of people just wanting to support the author.


well, you're right cookiecut, we all hope for an update as soon as possible. But sometimes reality is hard and tough, give the author some time 'kay 🙂 Let's think positively


IMO my sympathy's saved for the backers stuck in limbo. You have individuals that invested $300, $500$1000 for this game that should have been done nearly 2 years ago.

The wait had been smoother when the release was shifted from Dec '17 to Mar '18. The dev had been making monthly updates with pictures of progress and utilized their Tumblr to keep fan engagement high. This is already taking forever but the constant ghosting and radio silence makes time just stop because there is nothing to anticipate. Go to the Kickstarter comments and you see backers having to pull teeth for any communication.

There are pretty much no choice-based VN type games to bide my time now since it's such a niche market and I've played them all. Especially since Telltale just shut down due to their own terrible management. 

I'd like to support people like Agashi who make these games but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you've got projects like this that are unreliable with zero transparency. They'll get my money when they release a tangible product.

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I have to agree on that. I'm not a backer and have been pretty lax about following this game, but boy, do I feel bad for the investors.

See, I wouldn't say a word if this was a free project - but it's not. People payed money for it, so now it's an actual obligation  - a job. Nevermind the delays, I understand that real life happens, but I don't believe that one can't find like five minutes per week to write at least a single sentence like "Hello, still have problems, progress slow but going, see you another week." - or have someone else do this for you. 

And if there's some kind of serious trouble, trying to sweep it under the rug is the worst thing to do in the long run, even if coming out with it seems scary.

All in all, I hope that the author does well, but I won't deny that this is highly unprofessional and maybe even disrespectful to the fans. Fingers crossed for a good and swift resolution.


as someone who backed their project I feel disappointed and just sad tbh. We just want updates, any kind. It's okay saying you didn't finish things, but say it. keeping us like this makes me afraid of what you said; if in the end this project never comes to life at least tell us so. It's fine, we will understand, life happens, people have jobs and family. But not this silence stretching until people become bitter please. We were all very excited for this project, but this has become ridiculous and absurd.




It is the year 20XX. Humanity has reached its pinnacle. The peasants are living in poverty. We no longer have life.


This is just sad.


Fun Fact Tumblr is dead also has been roughly seven months and still no update on the game.


Man that's one depressing fun fact...


Indeed -.- I want to make my own games but now its depressing to see this 

*still bitterly lurking for updates*

I get so excited whenever theres a post on here but its always just my fellow skulkers looking for updates...