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So I finished the demo and I managed to survive without dying once, yay! Also loved the final interaction between Aurelius and the Male MC, power couple uwu

Although I'm not too fond on stat-raising VN, this is an exception, so far I'm really liking the plot and find it very intriguing. And of course I can't wait how the relationships develop along the way.

Lastly I have a question, with the latest demo released, are the saves now compatible with the full version? ^^

Thanks for the reply! This made me even MORE interested in the game now.

Is the protagonist versatile?

Can't wait for the full release. Is 2020 too soon? :(

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I lost my entire gallery after the update, this is so unfair ToT Only the saves were transferred

Well shit guess this project is officially NEVER happening. 

So which characters are love interests to the protagonist? I'm very confused ^^''

Wait so what happened to the english voice actors? Is it now a full japanese cast? I'm very confused...

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So I finished the second demo, and I gotta say it has a lot of improvements I mean I already loved the game just from the first demo  you released!

The one thing I have to point out that doesn't really fit is the newly added 'fan-service'. I get it's for us to get a feel of what the relationships are going to be like once you start the route of a character BUT I feel like some of them didn't fit the characters, are out of place or just happened too soon, (Aiden and the Twins). Jun's justified because they literally share  history and were a couple, but Rei and him making out without any care in the world in front of a teacher just seemed a bit surreal. Also the twins in the first demo were more mysterious and interesting and Griffith seemed more distant and cold which was his appeal, in this new demo he is just thirsty lol. I hope on the full VN we'll get to see him develop and have more depth.

My favourite characters so far (It can change in the future) based on the new demo are  Rei (of course), Minami, Aiden and Leo. (No order in particular but I may be slightly biased towards Minami)

I finished the game already but thanks! xD

I just finished Pol's route (please protect the precious cinnamon roll ;-:) and I must say I loved the plot and how it was constructed along with the characters. Looking forward to Biel's route as well! Marc can choke lol. But out of curiosity I will probably end up playing his as well.

This VN exceeded my expectations, the creativity shows a lot in your writing which is also of high quality. Amazing worldbuilding!

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Uh... stupid question but the partial voice acting, in which scenes is it included usually? Also when will the guide be released?

You trigger that one CG by visiting Hikaru in the TV Studio after you bought the ''egg vibrator'' If i'm not wrong. It is also followed after one event, so the spanking scene (the CG) is the second one followed after the first.

How do you trigger the shibari scene and the teacher-student roleplay scene?

oh I see :( I remember back when the game was still being worked on KickStarter, phone events and date events were mentioned  somewhere but I can understand that that would have been even more work for you. It's still a great game regardless can't wait to play full version!

So I've played two routes (Shiba and Hikaru) from the beta game and I was wondering if there is going to be more content in the full game. As in phone calls events, date events and things like that?

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I'll be waiting patiently until then  ^^

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Sorry for bothering again but I was wondering if there's a guide of the game in regards to the characters events? Like the before lovers events and after lover events, explaining where and when will they be triggered and basically all the requirements. I'm really bad with stat-games ^^'' 
Haato is in a relationship with Shiba but so far I've only got 3 important events triggered (the ones showing up in the gallery) and it's like what. And no events triggered at all in the dates either.

The pink bar in the heart showing how close they are as lovers also hardly moves ^^''

I got it after a while, thank you so much for replying. I panicked for nothing ^^''

Okay so I don't know if this is a bug but I'm currently pursuing Shiba and I had the restaurant ramen event thing with him triggered at the VA Class/School but I still haven't got his number? I only have a full star with him and his emoji has a sad smile. I don't know if that has to with anything...

I've been following the development of this game since it came out I'm so glad it still is alive ;----;

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Once the full game is released the game will be partially voiced, right? As in the sêxual scenes *wink wink* will be voiced?

And is the beta version partially voiced or not? Because if it is I might just buy that one ^^''

Oh oh and how long is the game approximately? (Full game + Beta).  You did mention that the game is different from other BL games because it continues even after the characters become lovers and that's the part that attracted me the most!

After some struggle, reaaally long struggle I finally got it. I think you have to choose ''Stay close'' and ''I'm your friend not a blood bag'', and be blunt and charming/gentle I think.

For the love of me I can't seem to figure out how to get Rex's good ending, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG asdfkglld

Of course I came too late ;^;

That moment when you're not sure if Minami is as sane and cute as he looks, lol. Ironically the kid creeps me out for some reason (yanderealertmaybe?) Also, can't stop thinking if he's gonna be the seme with Rei or not xD
That would be a great twist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Okay, thanks. That explains a lot, haha xD

Hello, so far I'm still playing the demo and I'm on the 3rd of January and I've been stalking Hikaru non-stop at the cinema and at the mall, lol. I just wanted to know when do you actually get his number to invite him on dates and stuff? An Shiba's and Shuu's? Is it trough a story event or is it when they like you enough?

I'm really loving the demo so far and can't wait to play the full version. Thank you for creating this fantastic game. I'm pretty sure it will be on my top list of favourite BL novels :)