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I'm very happy that a friend recommend this game . I really fell in love with Lunaris and the characters especially Augustus. I'm looking forward to the mini stories and Errant Kingdom.

I'm so excited to hear this. I would love to recommend this to some friends but majority of them are phone users. T_T

Thank you. The new upload was fixed the issued with the Android version and I was able to finished the demo. Looking forward to the full release! 

Hello! I'm having an error in the part where Cove, Shiloh and the MC are on the way to the park. I'm playing the Android version and if you could direct me to the proper channel to send the error report. That would be helpful!

I am happy to see that the author is alright. Looking for forward to the full game. 

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Hi Sera! 

I've  tried this VN and I got to say that I love it. I only finished Lord Stanton's route and looking forward to trying out the other routes. I LOVE TWC as well so I am looking forward to Book Two! 

Much love! =) 

Edit 1: Just want to add that I love Jane Austen so playing as a lady from that period was a great experience. Like some other people here said, an epilogue would be nice to see. :)