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Hi, I was just wondering if I can do anything other than talk to the nerd and collect energy yet? Edit: btw, I know the game is currently in progress and do not want to rush you... just wanted to know what I could do so far. Thanks!

I think I got it! Thanks :3 


(1 edit) it seems that what I should've asked first was... what is a mod folder and how do I put mods in it? sorry and thank you.

Thanks so much @Magiliw ! I will make suer to try those out :)

I use a Mac and have absolutely no idea on what to use to open to mod folder so that I can use it for the game... any tips or advice? Thank you!!

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic demo endings
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Okay so  I've been doing the demo again to refresh my memory of the story line and I wanted to ask about the progress that everyone else was able to make. Personally, I was able to get 2 stats to 5 and 1 stat to 3 by the end. Also, while I was able to get the illustration for 2 of the 3 introduced love interests, I wasn't able to get one for Emry.  Has anyone else gotten something different?  

Butterfly Soup is a super adorable  one ^^


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YAAAY! Super excited! I played the demo and loved it, and the other game "This is My Soul" too :)))