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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Standard Harem Main Protagonist

A topic by Magiliw created Sep 22, 2018 Views: 22,025 Replies: 23
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Become The Standard Harem Main Protagonist You Have Never Always Dreamed To Be!

Have you always wondered to yourself: Man, how can I become the most hated existence in the community?

Wonder no more!

With this little friendly mod, you can become this certain stereotype with only ONE single mod installment!

What does this little mod do?

It slightly tweaks some numbers and chances, here and there, but nothing too serious!

The full changes are all below:

[NEW] Become That One Guy That Is Talented At Everything!



Increase strength maximum potential to 10

Increase dexterity maximum potential to 10

Increase magic affinity maximum potential to 10

Increase endurance maximum potential to 10

[NEW] Become The Dark Magician:

-> Reduce all mana cast costs to 0

-> Reduce all spell purchase costs to 0

[NEW] Become The Mage Proficient In Pastamancy:

Changes the sedations effect: Any stress/fears will be obliterated!

Changes the heal effect: Heals for 450-500 HP, additionally, people might become instantly obediant and loyal!

Changes the dream effect: Obliterates any stress! Actually, just use sedation if your day is not already long enough.

Changes the invigorate effect: Nearly removes the stress effect and it fuels your energy completely!

Changes the fear effect: No stress is created in the process, but man will they fear you!

Changes the domination effect: Nearly removes failure, if it fails, it does not hurt! Additionally they love you.

Changes the tentacle effect: Obediance and fear to the max! Set Zoey loyality to 100 if used on her.

Did not change entrancement effect: Too lazy to go through the code.

Did not change guidance effect: Just pick up dexterity

Become The Greatest Accumulation of Wealth and Power:

Increase geardrop chance from 15% to 100%

Increase enchanted item value from 1.5x to 10x

Increase sell value from common items from 20% to 100%

Increase skillpoints per level from 2 to 10

Increase your time for interactions from 20 to 50

Decrease learn points per level from 3 to 1

Become Everyones Favourite Incest Protagonist:

Decrease pregnancy duration from 31 to 1

Decrease growup time from children from 15 to 1

Decrease growup time from teens from 20 to 1

Decrease growup time from adults from 25 to 1

Increase trait inheritance chance from 80% to 100%

Increase the chance of new traits from 20% to 100%

Become Blessed By Aphrodite Herself:

Increase your own characters beauty from 40 to 100

Increase your starter slaves beauty from 40 to 100



!! But Be Warned !!

!! Being such a great personality might ruin your experience with the game. !!

Edit7: Updated

Edit8: Cleared Display Up

Edit9: Invigorate functions now as intended



See the [NEW] sections


As much as I like this mod for playthroughs where I just want to mess around, I wish you had the ability to choose which tweaks. Or at least be separate mods so as you can pick and choose what you want.

Indeed, that was also my first idea when I started this little tweaking. The problem right now is just the incompatibility with all the different mods that have the same file.

If the problem is solved, I will probably add more variety into the mix.

Who knows, perhaps Strive4Power might even add a tweak option into the game itself.

Hey the link for the new mod its not working, it says error everytime I try to download it from mega

I have removed and readded the link.

Try to download it, perhaps it works now.

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Is this supposed to make it so that i cant choose a race or make a starter slave?

I use a Mac and have absolutely no idea on what to use to open to mod folder so that I can use it for the game... any tips or advice? Thank you!!


@uphr , @TheDarkn3ss , @coduss

The problems should be fixed now with the new update, the old files were not compatible with the new version.


I personally use WinRAR to open the files, but if you have 7zip or other extraction softwares, it should also work.

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Thanks, gonna try the new version now

It works, but for a second i thought it didn't. Just had to move it's load order placement.

Thanks so much @Magiliw ! I will make suer to try those out :)

(1 edit) it seems that what I should've asked first was... what is a mod folder and how do I put mods in it? sorry and thank you.


Windows - Users - 'Your Account' - AppData - Roaming - Strive - mods

I think I got it! Thanks :3 



Invigorate functions now as intended.


@TheDarkn3ss has written an excellent instruction on where you can find the mods folder.

If you need more instructions on how to install the mod:

1. Be in the 'mods' folder.

2. (If you have not already) Download this mod or any other mod and open the file with WinRAR or other extraction softwares.

3. Place (in this case) 'Standard Harem Main Protagonist' folder into the mod folder.

4. Start the launcher of 'Strive For Power'

5. Click on the mods button, select 'Standard Harem Main Protagonist' and apply the mod.

6. Your game will shut down to replace the data, so you have to restart 'Strive For Power'

And there you go, it should work now!

Um, the only folder I can find in the rar is a script folder. Is that it?

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hi there, is this mod still compatible with the newest public update? i can't seem to get it to work unfortunely... 

Probably not. Maverick made the game more easily modifiable, but it changed the location of a bunch of things, and this mod was affected. It hasn't been updated in over a month and a half.  If you download the mod and look at the files you can see which files to edit.

@Spike how would I know the files need to be edited?

Honestly a lot of searching.

The best tool for editing this game that I've found is Notepad++, specifically for the "Find in files" feature (hit ctrl-f, third tab). You can search all the scripts at once.

Start with the main variables file - it has most of these changes - /files/scripts/

- That covers Pregnancy, selling, drop rates - lots of stuff.

Then if there's something you want to change that's NOT in, use the search all files function to find it. Search the /files/scripts folder and you can make any of the other edits.  For instance, I like to make the wolf groups much larger - more fun, and helps me raise xp faster. I open /files/scripts/ and ctrl-f "wolf" and go through to figure out what needs to be changed.

Pastamancy! I am crying. XD

Ok, so I've been trying to download this mod for so long but whenever i try to click the file with it in it it appears darked so I cant click on it any feedback would help thanks

Please update doesn't work with version 0.5.25

I've updated this mod to work with 0.5.25 over here