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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi


A topic by tricksterx created Jul 21, 2018 Views: 3,229 Replies: 25
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Hey guys. I was wondering do you have any recommendations of games to play while waiting for queen's crown to release? I also have a few suggestions if any one wants. 


Have you tried Wilder? 


Wilder is amazing. Sonnet 009 is great! Aloner is still my favorite though lol


How about The Wayhaven Chronicles?


We have similar taste in romance stories lol. I am obsessed with the wayhaven chronicles. Adam is my repressed beautiful bae. Which character was your favorite?


I love Adam too but I think I'd have to go with Nate, I'm a sucker for the charming guy with a mysterious dark past haha. Also, have you played Rose of Winter? That's a super cute little otome. Not to mention Agashi's other game, This my Soul, is very moving.


I adore Rose of Winter - that's a fantastic recommendation. :) Have you ever read Monster Pulse? It's an adorable webcomic by Rose of Winter's developer. If you're looking for time to kill while waiting for Queen's Crown, it's so worth the read.

Started reading it - thanks! 


Do you have any games like The Wayhaven Chronicles to recommend? I liked it and I really enjoy the idea of text-rpgs.


Yeah, I love text based games! Some recommendations are:

Fallen Hero (Ortega is bae)

Hero rise: the Hero Project (it's a trilogy and Black Magic is amazing every game)

Way walkers (I adored this one! Semyru <3) only sad bit it's a trilogy but the last one is not out yet

These are a few of my favorites, let me know if you need anymore suggestions. Way walkers maybe a great choice if you like fantasy romance. 


Heart of the House I'd say is on par with Wayhaven - it's a fantastic story and very atmospheric, kind of a Victorian ghost hunter romance, not to mention it's 18+ ;) 

The Superlatives is another great one, where you're a bad-ass Victorian superhero who has the option of falling in love with a mysterious super villain (or any number of interesting characters).

A Midsummer Night's Dream is super cute and hilarious, with loads of bits and pieces taken from Shakespeare.

There's plenty more from both Choice of Games and Hosted Games. Also, if you haven't tried Voltage inc. games, they're pretty good and there's a whole load of them available through the love 365 app - be warned though, the protagonists are a little bit floppy and some of the stories are a bit more sexist than the others. 


I don't have any recommendations since I'm relatively new to Otome / Visual novels , but I would sooooo appreciate some suggestions! 


I have tons of recommendations. You should try this website where it lists tons of otome games My recent personal fav is actually a text based game called the wayhaven chronicles. Honestly, it is some of the best writing I have ever seen and I have been playing otome/romance games for long time lol.


ahhhh fabulous, thanks love! 


Well there's Agashi's other otome "This, My Soul", which I really loved, though it is SciFi and I guess that's not everyone's cup of tea. I liked The Rose of Segunda, though it feels a bit on the short side. Valentines Otome is the longest free otome I've played through, and it's hilarious and sweet and just plain enjoyable. It's the sequel to Halloween Otome, which is fine but you can tell they improved a lot for the 2nd one. The Blind Griffin is short and a bit more story-focused than romantic, but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Pinewood Island a lot, but not everyone wants murder mysteries in their otomes, so there's that. 

All of these are either free or have a free demo here on


How about The Second Reproduction?)


I second the second reproduction 


Second Chance and Valentines Otome

The writing is great, and they're both free!

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Free Games

Visual Novels

- Cinderella Phenomenon: This game doesn't really have game mechanics, but it is a great game if you're more into reading and story lines. However the characters are all unique and interesting, and you even come to care for the main character as well. 

- Nusantara: Although there are some game mechanics in the game, it really is more of a visual novel. More story focused than romance. Fair warning, if you stray your attention from your main guy, you could get his bad ending. A great game though, interesting characters and nice usage of Indonesian culture. 


- 7kpp (Only Demo Available): This game is more focused on strategy rather than romance, though with the romance, there are a bunch of bachelors and bachelorettes, each unique and interesting. Be warned, this game is addicting and the stats raising part of it can be tricky. Best thing, customization MC!

Patched Games

Although I prefer English otome games over Japanese one, as they seem more original storyline wise, some of them are still pretty fun to play. 

- Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1, 2, and 3: This game is definitely like a game. Not only do you pursue a guy, but you also have to get good grade, make money at a part time job, and buy clothes and be up on the latest trends. The third game also has the option of being in a love triangle with two guys and getting a sort of three person ending? 

- Storm Lover Kai: A interesting otome game, as in most otome games you are pursuing the guy so he confesses to you at the end. In this game, the guy confesses you very early and you actually spend the rest of the game being boyfriend and girlfriend. However, being in a relationship is never easy, as you could pursue another guy while dating your guy, or if you're not giving enough attention to your guy, there is the possibility of him cheating on you. Oh, also you can send your boyfriend and possible bachelors cute little texts to each other.

Non- Free Games

Visual Novels

- Demonheart: This game is hella dark. Like, this game isn't about romance, its more about your character reacting to all the horrible things going on. Which she can either be a saint, or a absolute villain. Your choice. This game is supppeerr dark, I'm not kidding. Spoiler Alert: You got three romance options, one is a rapist and the other is a murderous demon. The other is actually decent. 


- Persona 3 PSP Version: Although the persona series is famous for its mostly male main characters, the PSP version does allow the option of being a female and pursuing at least 4 bachelors. The romance is very side lined though, kind of like the fire emblem series games. Where you can romance someone before the end of the game, but after you finished romancing them then that's it. However, the game itself is still very enjoyable if you're into battle turn games and also connecting with all kinds of characters.

- Avalon Code: A seriously underrated DS game, like I have no clue how it's not on the top boards in the English Otome Games Board. It has such a unique storyline, and it comes with a interesting battle mechanics more similar to Rune Factory 4 (so basically no turn-based, but just realistic fighting). Not to mention your character can use a range of weapons, from hammers, swords, shields, bombs, and can customize weapons, monsters, and even people as well. The romance is also a side thing in this game, but it's still a good game to play.

- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade: One of the best games in the series in my opinion, the graphics are cute, lots of nice bachelors, and farming. Who doesn't like farming? Also get to dress up your farmer. 

- Rune Factory 4: If you're into battling and farming though, Rune Factory 4 is the game for you. Like every Rune Factory  game, you pretty much start with a amnesic person who starts a farm against their will. The game allows both a male and female heroine. And the marriage candidates are all quite cute. The humor in the game is also quite good, which I find surprising in translated Japanese games. 



Hi, Brit.

First of all, your list is amazing and about 80 times more useful than the others I’ve seen.

Secondly, THANK YOU!!! Soneone told me about Avalon Code: in 2013 or something, but I forgot the name and have been trying to find it ever since. Please know that all of the hours of awesome I’m about to experience are  possible because of you.

Finally, what kind of light and/or dark magic have you been using to get patches to work. I’ve tried at least 6 different times on 3 different computers. Do they just not like PC’s? Are they Mac people- er- patches? Has the universe conspired aginst me? I don’t expect you to know the answers to all of these questions. I’m just venting here, but, seriously, thank you for putting Avalon Code: in you’re list.

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For the patches I use a PSP and DS Emulator. You could also play Avalon code and Personal 4 On the emulators as well for free. I always like supporting the artists and creators of games, but I understand that some can’t afford to. Here is some good websites for the emulators

- Emuparadise (Search for Nindtendo DS and PSP Emulator)

- (This one provides the latest version for the PPSSPP)

Roms (You can find Roms for a lot of games but I be careful when searching them up, some may have viruses, I trust emuparadise the most).

If you need help installing them, you should try searching up YouTube tutorials. There’s a lot out there. Also they should have faqs if you run into any problems. A lot of the patched games also have instructions, try going to english Otome games page. Then click on the title of the patched game. And usually there’s a link which will take you to the translators page and website. And they often have instructions on how to install the games.

Also other recommendations I have is Lucky Rabbit Reflex, the art is quite unique, and the game itself takes place in the UK I believe so the lingo is different. But the game is honestly one of the best games I ever played, and it is very similar to Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3, with the dressing up and love triangles. You can find it on steam. 

ALSO always be safe. I used to just download games left to right, and I had two viruses. One virus where someone actually kept all my family and my personal files locked and we had to pay them some sort of fee to get it unlocked. People suck. So have a good malaware program and also a antivirus program. If you can’t afford it, I reccomand getting trial versions from the sites. Those usually last 30 days, and some you can have forever with with less features. I like Malaware malabytes and AVG. But download it from the actual distributors site. Never a second party.

I actually bought LLR a few years ago. I love Rhett’s Mom. She’s never shown in-game, but she basically named all of her children after their hair color: Scarlet, Ruby, and Rhett, which sounds like ‘red’. That just really cracks me up. Plus, I adore Merle -she’s halarious- and Marious is my man.

About the other thing though, I just could never apply the patch to the other file. Everything else ran perfectly. At this point, though, I’m ready to just learn Japanese.

With Avalon Code, I’m just going to save up a bit and buy a hard copy on eBay. It’ll take a little time, because I’m OCD  about game cases, but whatever. Saving money is supposed to be good for people, right? Practicing responsibility and restraint, and probably some other word that begins with “R”. I prefer to have a hard copy of most games, anyway. Except for PC titles, which don’t usually have a hard copy version available.

Hmmm, have you tried downloading the game when it’s already patched? It’s risky, but possible. For storm lover Kai, I also struggled to patch it so I found a already patched version online. And I know Tokimeki memorial girl’s side 1 has a already patched version. Just be careful when you look for one, make sure the site is legit, and check it there are reviews to show that actual other people have downloaded it. Also my man was Rhett and the French guy too. Also loved Baby face. Though I wish his sister was available to date. 


Butterfly Soup is a super adorable  one ^^

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I'll chime in and add some of my favourites to those already mentioned. There are pure VNs as well as games with RPG-elements or stat-rising system. 

Sorry for the language, I'm not a native English speaker :) So, let's start:

Amnesia: Memories - You play as a girl who  lost her memories because of a spirit who somehow crashed into her mind. With his help she has to find out everything about her previous life while hiding her amnesia from everyone. 

I'm more into the western VNs than the Japanese ones, but somehow I couldn't pull away from my PC unless I finished all the routes in this one. It was long ago that I played it, but the plot didn't seem typical, especially the so-called true route. The MC might seem quite naive though, but her amnesia explains it I think. There are some really creepy moments, not many though.

Freak-Quency and its sequel Amplitude - I won't separate them cause I'd recommend playing them one after the other, many things will be clearer that way. The games have different plots, but the same world, so don't blow up your brain like I did when I played Amplitude looooong after I played Freak-Quency and forgot almost everything lol. Both games are more story-focused, not romance-focused, and the story is really great. Rather dark in some parts, and hilarious in the others. A nice mix if you ask me :) 

Cardinal Cross - a really exciting science-fiction story of a great scale + drama + complex relationships between the characters + LOTS of morality-related choices, where there are no really right or wrong, good or bad answers. Enjoyed this one VERY MUCH, though it is also more of a story-focused VN, not your typical otome at all. Reminded me of Dragon Age RPG series with the 3 types of MC's behaviour: kind, ironic, and evil. That concludes the likeness though, lol :D

Dandelion - Wishes brought to you - - A Korean game, that I played looong ago, but it still has a place in my heart. It's generally lighter than the previous points of my list, but has its fair share of drama closer to the endings. Though for the most part it is still a light comedy about the girl's pets turning into handsome guys. So if you have several free evenings - go for it. The game features a stat-rising system, which I heard many people dislike. As for me, it was a bit tiring, but only in the end.

Girlish Love Revolution - A game about a girl who weights 100 kg. and we have to help her to get slimmer and find her love. Its great and hilarious, features an interesting gameplay. The only drawback - the English patch is made for DS. I played it through emulator though.

Magical Diary: Horse Hall - A magical school simulator that I re-played several times. Some school system-related details are inspired by Harry Potter, but the game has many unique features, fair share of interesting plot twists, and GREAT GAMEPLAY (really, I can never get tired from the puzzles that have looooots of solutions). 

Nightshade - A VN about shinobi set shortly after the Sengoku Period. I reeeeally enjoyed it, and it is especially great that each character route is unique and opens up a story from a new angle. Some of the routes are angstier than the others, and when I say ANGSTY I mean it. I cried like a baby during some of the routes. 

Rock Robin - One of my latest favourites <3 It is half VN and half a band management simulator. Both parts are really cool though. The gameplay is not boring, and as for the story, it makes you greatly emotionally involved, that I think is great. The MC is...unique. Has a dark moments in her past, a difficult disposition and unhealthy lifestyle, not a typical otome MC, but still loveable, as for me. The drawback is, the game is still in development. The couple of routes are not finished, but the rest is ready and playable.

The Flower Shop - Winter in Fairbrook - A light-mood dating sim with the farming sim elements. A story of the girl who had to look for a part time job in a flower shop, and ended up finding great friends and (naturally) love. Great for gloomy evenings.

These Nights in Cairo - A fantasy otome VN about  archaeology and Ancient Egypt. It is not long, will take an evening or two to finish it, but the plot and characters are great. Loveable and strong-willed MC. Though, I played it in Russian. There's an English translation, but I never tried it, so I can't say anything about writing. It is great in Russian though.

C14 Dating - An otome dating sim about an anthropology student participating in a summer archaeological internship. With GREATLY developed details (I mean it, lots of interesting archaeology-related info), nice mini-games and loveable characters. Played it several times, and I never get bored :)

Backstage Pass - An amazing dating sim where you get to play as a girl working as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry. She has to combine her college life with a career, friendship and love. I personally enjoyed it since the MC is not cliched, the routes are not repetitive, plus cool graphics and voice acting.

Unmoor - Another Russian VN (that has an English translation), that I enjoyed very much. Features pleasant visuals, self-determived MC, intriguing story, beautiful soundtrack, and interesting LIs. 

Phew, I somehow got tired while writing this :) Hope anyone finds this list helpful to spend a couple of nice evenings :))))