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of course! Glad to be of help and thanks for the amazing game

Found a mac fix if you are unable to save your game or close the settings page. 

Right-click your game file-->show package contents-->contents--> Mac Os

Then you will see a picture of your terminal and the name of the game click that 

That will launch the game using your terminal and now everything will work!

I just want to say this is amazing! I wish there was more I love this story

hi there don't know if this will help ya! This is a fix if your game icon pops up then closes and never opens the game. 

if you open the terminal on mac then type 

sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/app.   
sudo xattr -dr /path/to/app.

obviously delete the path to app section and put your actually game file. you can do this by dragging the app icon to the terminal and it will copy the pathway

This is a pretty common fix on macs 

doesn't always work on first try but might help!

I don't know if you still need help but you can find the terminal by typing terminal into the search bar on your laptop. Then use the command I typed in my other comment. PM if you are still having issues!

Of course! Thank you for the wonderful game!

Anyone still having trouble:

use the fix download version 
Open terminal and type 

sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/app.   
sudo xattr -dr /path/to/app.

obviously delete the path to app section and put your actually game file. you can do this by dragging the app icon to the terminal and it will copy the pathway

this will def work :)

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Thank you so much!!! Take all the time you need. The game is gem worth waiting for :)

When do you guys think that James' route will released for the public? Is there an ETA I'm so hyped

Wait were you able to run chapter 2 on your mac?

I am also have the mac error :( endless loading loop on the opening screen for chapter 2. I am a bit worried tho because I know Rin does not offer support for mac. I will keep trying things

How do the mentors work? I got Perjin but I was wonder if there were other mentors you can get? 

btw thank you so much for this wonderful game! I have loved every moment so far :)

all text so far!

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Her tumblr page says she is working on something but is keeping it under wraps because she felt bad about people who had to wait a while on ebon light. 

From her tumblr:

"I’ve had it asked a few times and indeed I am working on other ideas, but not direct EL sequels. Nothing confirmed, though, I’m a little gun shy of announcing things now ;)"

Do you guys think the full game will be Mac supported? I really want to play but I don't have access to a windows OS :/

Thank you again for making this gem! great work :D

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i love the game but I wish Neri had a route. He is amazing! Also, is it possible to make Aurelius king? 

I am honestly really proud of this team! A lot of us expressed some distress about how chapter 3 was written and developers responded to this. 

You can see the full patch updates on the development log. 

I was feeling a bit weary after reading chapter 3 but with a team like this that really responds like this to their players--I am in this for the long haul. 

Thank Andromeda six team

So first I want to say I love Andromeda six, but was really disappointed in chapter 3.  It's funny that I played the game the day it released and only was able to play one route (when I have normally played all the male LIs). I was frustrated by the game but didn't want to say anything for days.  That is why I want to go through the problems with the chapter and explain why this chapter should have been paired with chapter 4. I think this chapter as a standalone hurts the story development, but if it was release at the same time as an additional chapter could be better spaced out. 

While chapter 3 is by no means a bad chapter, the character exposition and the pacing of the chapter seemed a bit off.  (Also, below there are spoilers fot the chapter)

The introduction of Vexx begins with a flashback with a scene where you could opt to be romantic with him. That was cute at first but we jarred back to reality when Vexx treats us poorly and ultimately wishes us dead. I get this character choice (i was disappointed by this choice by the writer but I get he is villain romantic interest....). 

So, the main character is torn away from the comforts of the man she trusted. Okay. Then when find out the MCs family is dead and her beloved sister was murdered in cold blood. Okay. 

But this constant tragedy for the MC becomes too much when even the people she trusted on the Andromeda six begin to hate her for past. Each crew member tells their tragic backstory which ultimately leads back to it begin the MCs fault.  (Dameon especially tries to sell the MC off to their family's killer , great just great for an LI). 

The best is even people she trusted on the crew like June basically say they wish the MC died along the MC's family (another win).

The irony is the only male crew member that is kind of neutral towards the MC has been a jerk the entire time--Cal. Cal wasn't too passionate about not selling the MC off when Dameon offered though. I think the author choose to make Cal act less aggressive towards the MC because they realized that he was jerk the entire time with the MC, so a negative shift would be any change to his character. The only direction was up for Cal. Don't get me wrong though--Cal is my favorite LI but this was unnatural for him. It feels incredibly jarring that the only decent person besides Ryona was one the few hostile characters upfront.

The combination of all these factors in addition to the inability to speak up for ourselves makes this chapter hard to get through. 

I wish wish wish the dev release chapter 3 and 4 together to help spread out some of the horror that affected the MC. This would also allowed our MC to have some relief in between their entire world collapsing around them.

Sorry for the long post.

TLDR: Chapter 3 isn't great by itself but instead would be done more justice if released along side another chapter.

1. The jittering effect was good but I found it really weird the zoom out from Guy's door. The zoom out from the door happened so slowly I wasnt sure if it was happening or my eyes were playing tricks on me lol. 

2.I would really love if you guys made a tumblr. I don't use discord too much. 

3. Great work on this game! Very excited to see future updates!

I feel like we won't see it til tomorrow. But fingers crossed :)

Thank you so much! Keep up the great work :)

The addition LI that will be in the game from chapter 3 on :) Seems like a real cutey lol

Tailor Tales community · Created a new topic Caine's Route

Do you guys know when Caines route will be released? I love this game and super excited for his route :)

Hey! here a fix for this problem :)

Install the game through steam 

Use the code they gave with the links to install the game. 

Through steam it should run fine

Hope this helps and the devs fix the issue of itchio tho!

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic O^O

It's honestly sad about the lack of progress for this game. I feel incredibly bad for her backers. You guys should all check out the kickstarter comments--people are getting really fed up with this lack of communication.

Yeah, I love text based games! Some recommendations are:

Fallen Hero (Ortega is bae)

Hero rise: the Hero Project (it's a trilogy and Black Magic is amazing every game)

Way walkers (I adored this one! Semyru <3) only sad bit it's a trilogy but the last one is not out yet

These are a few of my favorites, let me know if you need anymore suggestions. Way walkers maybe a great choice if you like fantasy romance. 


We have similar taste in romance stories lol. I am obsessed with the wayhaven chronicles. Adam is my repressed beautiful bae. Which character was your favorite?

I have tons of recommendations. You should try this website where it lists tons of otome games My recent personal fav is actually a text based game called the wayhaven chronicles. Honestly, it is some of the best writing I have ever seen and I have been playing otome/romance games for long time lol.

Wilder is amazing. Sonnet 009 is great! Aloner is still my favorite though lol

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Hey guys. I was wondering do you have any recommendations of games to play while waiting for queen's crown to release? I also have a few suggestions if any one wants. 

We are back to the deadzone

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic WE HAVE LIFE

Check the kickstarter for the update!

Garbage incarnate, I had not actually seen that post. Thanks for that info and I totally agree with you lol. 

About six months ago, I heard about this game and was so excited. It mixed all the good things that I enjoyed about video game--adventure, romance, strong characters. However, during the last few months it has been incredibly hard to stay a fan of this game. After delaying the release date, Agashi explained her familiar constraints and her trouble finishing the game. Delaying the game is totally fine and we all get family problems. The biggest issue is that now even after her update in early April we have not received anymore word. She wrote on the kickstarter, "It may take a few more days before I'm ready to take on any other social media platforms, but I'll get there" this post was from April. It will be June soon, almost four months from the original release date, and we only had one update and there has been no word since. As a fanbase, we all can agree that will wait patiently for the game, but I feel incredibly bad for the people who donated to the game (one individual even donated 1,000 dollars!).  I feel for Agashi, but to provide such little information after so many months I am truly disappointed. 

We all wish lol

Ain't this the truth lol

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I agree, I wish we had a date. The game probably will not release until June or maybe even July. Agashi wrote on the kickstarter page "To be clearer about where I am in writing (which is the only thing I feel ready to tackle, QC-wise, at the moment) : I've scrapped what I had originally and approaching the last chapter of the game in a way that hopefully makes the scope still feel grand, without sacrificing the player's personal involvement." So it seems like she is rewriting the ending which will take a while. The writing does not include the polishing or the finishing pieces of the art. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like with the information we currently have it will be at least a month or two. 

I was surprised how good this game is. The characters are funny and the voices are a great touch. With some more polishing, this could be a gem. Good work and I await the full game.