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Hey! here a fix for this problem :)

Install the game through steam 

Use the code they gave with the links to install the game. 

Through steam it should run fine

Hope this helps and the devs fix the issue of itchio tho!

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic O^O

It's honestly sad about the lack of progress for this game. I feel incredibly bad for her backers. You guys should all check out the kickstarter comments--people are getting really fed up with this lack of communication.

Yeah, I love text based games! Some recommendations are:

Fallen Hero (Ortega is bae)

Hero rise: the Hero Project (it's a trilogy and Black Magic is amazing every game)

Way walkers (I adored this one! Semyru <3) only sad bit it's a trilogy but the last one is not out yet

These are a few of my favorites, let me know if you need anymore suggestions. Way walkers maybe a great choice if you like fantasy romance. 


We have similar taste in romance stories lol. I am obsessed with the wayhaven chronicles. Adam is my repressed beautiful bae. Which character was your favorite?

I have tons of recommendations. You should try this website where it lists tons of otome games My recent personal fav is actually a text based game called the wayhaven chronicles. Honestly, it is some of the best writing I have ever seen and I have been playing otome/romance games for long time lol.

Wilder is amazing. Sonnet 009 is great! Aloner is still my favorite though lol

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Hey guys. I was wondering do you have any recommendations of games to play while waiting for queen's crown to release? I also have a few suggestions if any one wants. 

We are back to the deadzone

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic WE HAVE LIFE

Check the kickstarter for the update!

Garbage incarnate, I had not actually seen that post. Thanks for that info and I totally agree with you lol. 

About six months ago, I heard about this game and was so excited. It mixed all the good things that I enjoyed about video game--adventure, romance, strong characters. However, during the last few months it has been incredibly hard to stay a fan of this game. After delaying the release date, Agashi explained her familiar constraints and her trouble finishing the game. Delaying the game is totally fine and we all get family problems. The biggest issue is that now even after her update in early April we have not received anymore word. She wrote on the kickstarter, "It may take a few more days before I'm ready to take on any other social media platforms, but I'll get there" this post was from April. It will be June soon, almost four months from the original release date, and we only had one update and there has been no word since. As a fanbase, we all can agree that will wait patiently for the game, but I feel incredibly bad for the people who donated to the game (one individual even donated 1,000 dollars!).  I feel for Agashi, but to provide such little information after so many months I am truly disappointed. 

We all wish lol

Ain't this the truth lol

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I agree, I wish we had a date. The game probably will not release until June or maybe even July. Agashi wrote on the kickstarter page "To be clearer about where I am in writing (which is the only thing I feel ready to tackle, QC-wise, at the moment) : I've scrapped what I had originally and approaching the last chapter of the game in a way that hopefully makes the scope still feel grand, without sacrificing the player's personal involvement." So it seems like she is rewriting the ending which will take a while. The writing does not include the polishing or the finishing pieces of the art. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like with the information we currently have it will be at least a month or two. 

I was surprised how good this game is. The characters are funny and the voices are a great touch. With some more polishing, this could be a gem. Good work and I await the full game.

Realistically, I think the dev is gearing up to do one of two things. One the game is taking a little longer to complete than anticipated, but when she goes back online the game will be released. (I kinda of doubt this possibility because on tumblr she said that she would post a count down before the game comes out).  Second, she plans on pushing the deadline back because of personal reasons (which is 100% fair and we would all understand).  I think as a fan base we should be prepared that the game going to be pushed back again. The game was already pushed once, so I'm thinking a May/June release date. 

So it looks like the game isn't coming out today. To be honest, I'm more disappoint that the dev hasn't given any information yet. It's sad that many indie devs tend to do this. I understand that a great game like this takes a lot of love and time to complete, but that should not justify the dev from keeping us in the dark. I think we would understand if the dev needed more time, but that should have been said weeks ago. I still support the dev and agashi completely, but as a fan I think we were all disappointed in the lack of info.

The dev has not posted on her tumblr page for a while because she said she was focusing all her time on finishing the game. So maybe that is why she not posting here. However, I am afraid that this could still mean a delay in the games release.

I'm dying to know too, but we are at the mercy of the devs. All we can do is hope ^.^

This game is amazing! It blends so many of my favorite things into one perfect package:) I can't wait for the release date. Do you guys think it will be at the end of March or the middle of the month? I love to hear some your thoughts lol.