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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi

:( Disappointed

A topic by tricksterx created May 25, 2018 Views: 2,867 Replies: 12
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About six months ago, I heard about this game and was so excited. It mixed all the good things that I enjoyed about video game--adventure, romance, strong characters. However, during the last few months it has been incredibly hard to stay a fan of this game. After delaying the release date, Agashi explained her familiar constraints and her trouble finishing the game. Delaying the game is totally fine and we all get family problems. The biggest issue is that now even after her update in early April we have not received anymore word. She wrote on the kickstarter, "It may take a few more days before I'm ready to take on any other social media platforms, but I'll get there" this post was from April. It will be June soon, almost four months from the original release date, and we only had one update and there has been no word since. As a fanbase, we all can agree that will wait patiently for the game, but I feel incredibly bad for the people who donated to the game (one individual even donated 1,000 dollars!).  I feel for Agashi, but to provide such little information after so many months I am truly disappointed. 


Mmmm yeah, I feel like they should keep in contact with the fans. It doesn't have to be every day, but at least twice a month or something, idk. We don't know what's gonna happen at all. 


Hope everything's alright...


me too :( been waiting so long since the first demo came out and now its waaay past its eta




when will my precious be released >.<? when?


It's kinda... REALLY disrespectful in a way.

If this were a passion project made on the developer's own time, then I'd say no one is entitled to updates. But people went out of their way to help fund for this game rather than wait for the commercial product. They were promised transparency, yet the Kickstarter's gotten no true progress update since 7 months ago. It's ridiculous.

I want this project to do well. Game mechanics that allow in-depth agency of a protagonist's personality, actions, appearance and dialogue is a rarity. I like having the option to give a character dark skin like mine. I like being able to actually converse with characters and having different ways to respond to them. I like making decisions rather than watching scripted events.

If I wanted otherwise, I would just read a book or watch a movie with a linear, established story.

Games like this are too few, so it is a blessing when one's in development. But I can't fathom why developers will leave fans in the dark.

The latest update said a few more days before some activity, some word. And it's been two months that people have been strung along hoping that they'd get ANYTHING tomorrow, or the day after.

This game was supposed to be done 4 months ago. I'm not asking for it to be rushed. I'm asking that backers deserve at least a tweet. SOMETHING. They don't even have a release date to go by anymore.

We're stuck waiting. For all we know we could get no word about anything until next year. And it sucks.


Like, it's gotten to a point where these posts y'all make ARE my updates.

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I know exactly what you mean: I log in everyday just to see if other people have commented, let alone to see if there’s an update. I agree that everyone just wants to see some news, ANY news, good or bad we’ll take it. 


well said.

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I'm disappointed too, especially since this looked like a (very) good game, but well... that's how Kickstarter works. You don't buy a product you buy a hope and there is no guarantee the developer will keep up his/her promises. More usually not than yes, overestimating his/her abilities, long-lasting devotion to actually finish the thing, time available, scope of the project and sometimes - but that's imho the most rare case - becoming the victim of some unexpected/unpredictable events. There is a reason why there are those "evil big companies" with deadlines and employees with obligations to "deliver". Leaving the project dead without at least an apology is perhaps "not nice" but his/her very right. You can rant about it but that's all you can really do.

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"Not nice" is flippant way of putting it, considering the developer does not believe the 300+ people that gave them cash and supported them for the past 2 years are no longer worth their time.

A five minute tweet owning up to zero progress is worth more than another page of empty apologies.

"I'm really ashamed how late I've been with this update... You know that feeling you get when you know you should call someone, and you mean to, but time keeps getting away from you, and then it feels too LATE to call them, and you end up putting off the call even longer because you're embarrassed...?

That's the feeling behind this update. I'm so sorry, everyone! :( Barring some major RL catastrophe, I'll try not to disappear so long again."

This was last posted last year. Chances are they could be putting off again due to insecurities. Makes things less shady, but still just as scummy.


Garbage incarnate, I had not actually seen that post. Thanks for that info and I totally agree with you lol.