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I just had a moment of "Wait, the Arcana's on itch? There's a version of this game that doesn't have predatory microtransactions?!"

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. 

If someday this otherwise-promising game gets a version where you can just pay ONCE for all of the content and not be coerced into spending money to make the choices they know people will want to make, maybe it'll finally be worth playing.

Pretty sure this one isn't getting any more updates, but she's been working on The Wayhaven Chronicles for a while, and that one has female romance options! None of them are exactly like Arabella, but Farah's probably the closest. 

Just finished the demo, very excited for the full game! Definitely going to replay the first game in anticipation.

I did find one small typo, though. Near the end of the demo, there's the line "Near the end of the long stone tunnel, Eniri carefully fastens the piece of cloth over my eyes. Part of it falls over my nose, and I truly cannot see though." I'm guessing that last word is supposed to be through?

Just wanted to confirm, installing it manually worked, and I love the new side stories!

Sorry, I think it's a bug with the itch app, not with the game itself. I had both the demo and the full game installed, the demo updated properly but the full game didn't, so I uninstalled the demo in order to get the update option for the full game. Apparently running the update removed the full game and installed the updated demo instead, and the game's still listed as purchased under my account but the only version itch will let me download through the app is the demo. 

So that sucks, but that's the app's fault, not the update. I'll download and install it outside the app and that should fix things. 

In the full game, it seems like the Gallery, Endings, and Extras menu options have been disabled in this last update. Is that intentional? I also haven't been able to find the new extra scenes. 

I don't know if this is related, but I noticed that some download install links have a little OS symbol next to the file name, and when downloading in the app it won't show you files for other OS's. Is there a way to easily add those symbols? That might be why it's not working in the app. 

Thank you for the wonderful story! Hope you're doing well! 

Good to know, thanks!

In the opening scene, when there's a voice crying "I've ruined us, all three of us", I've played the game all the way through and I'm not sure who that's supposed to be. Is it Orchid, or maybe one of the witches who wrote the demonheart book, or someone else? Just curious. Thanks for the great game!

Me neither! Though in hindsight, I recommend playing his route again at the end, there's a few fun details that you miss if you haven't played the other routes.

I just tried and didn't have any issues. I clicked the above "Download Now" button, click the option for your operating system, both take you to a mediafire download page where you just click the green Download button which downloads the relevant zip file.

I haven't tried for Sinallion yet, but I have noticed that the character interactions are different with whoever you previously romanced. If you're going the Sinallion route, there is an option to say your character didn't romance anyone in the first game, and I'd guess that would help.

Y'know, having not been familiar with any of these people before playing, it really is a well-written and fun game. That said, it was awkward and in some cases uncomfortable to get to know these characters, say "hey, they seem cool here and they're all content creators, maybe I should check out the real people", and be confronted with the reality of some of the people and relationships IRL. 

TL;DR: It's a good game, but I will never play or read anything fictional that involves real living people ever again.

In this context, "OOC" is probably short for Out Of Character, or are they acting in a way that doesn't make sense for them. 

Based on the demo and the first Nusantara, I wouldn't think that'd be an issue, but it's hard to say, antagonist routes can be weird.

This feels uncalled for. If she wasn't talented we wouldn't be anxiously waiting for the full game, and there's no reason to believe she wasn't being 100% honest when she set out. It's been a while so it's easy to forget, but for a long time she was updating the tumblr several times a week, giving us progress updates and answering asks about the detailed lore of the setting and non-spoilery what-ifs about the LI's, they're still up so you can read through them, that's WAY more work than someone who just wants to "take the money and run" would've bothered with.

It seems fairly clear that late in development some real-life thing unrelated to the game overwhelmed her, and that really, really sucks, especially for the backers who gave money to see this game become reality, that's absolutely a legitimate complaint, but you can make that complaint without also making personal attacks.

There are some parts of Corvin's route (sorry, I forgot to note exactly where) where a bruise on his jaw will disappear and reappear, depending on his facial expression. I'll try to note chapter/conversation on subsequent playthroughs (at the time I was too distracted playing to really care).

Lol, I actually also finished Ewan first (not intentionally, just did a blind run and figured my character would be more curious about fae than any of the other research options), and obviously that wasn't a bad experience, but it's nice to have the creator's take on it. I'm glad the order isn't that significant, though. Thanks for the answer!

Just finished my first playthrough (I love this game! All the characters feel so well-developed, and the folklore and literature references are just delightful), and I was wondering: Is there a particular order that you recommend playing the routes in? 

I don't think I was wearing that object of clothing at the time. It was a shirt that clipped pretty badly with my default skirt so I never exited the outfit function with it on, that's why I deleted it. Not trying to be difficult, just trying to give relevant info.

Neil route, just after chapter 20, at the home page, when I click the "Outfit" button, I get "Loading Error - Failed to load: img/pictures/Fashion/Completed/CLTH_00008.png". There is a "Retry" button, but it results in no change. All other buttons work as expected.

I looked around a bit, found the folder in question (Tailor Tales\www\img\pictures\Fashion\Completed) with similarly named files of clothing I'd created, figured that the error file was an article of clothing I'd deleted, copied a different file and renamed the copy "CLTH_00008", and that resolved the issue. It looks like the delete function works in the short term, but the outfit function is still trying to load deleted files. But on the upside, there's a relatively easy workaround.

That's fair, and I didn't mean to attack you, it's just difficult to be told to be optimistic at this point. 

The thing is though, because there's been radio silence for so long, we don't know what we're still waiting for. AFAIK it's been 6 months since any update from Agashi, and we don't know if that time's been spent updating the game, dealing with family stuff, having a personal crisis, being on vacation, or any of hundreds of other things. We don't know what we're waiting for, and plenty of amazing looking projects never get completed, so we also don't know if the finished game will ever actually exist. 

None of this is intended as an attack on Agashi, I can't imagine how taxing it would be to have so many strangers on the internet wondering where the hell you've been, and I personally don't blame her for disengaging. But as part of the audience, the longer it's been, the more emotionally taxing it is to still be hopeful. So I don't think it's fair to insist that we still be hopeful. It's not that simple.

It's a tricky thing, because artists definitely deserve to be paid for their work, but on the other hand there are probably a ton of games on here that wouldn't exist if everyone involved wanted to be paid what they're worth for the time spent on it. I've been in a couple game jams where we had fun and it was a good learning experience but no one ever made any money, and we were ok with that.

Maybe you could share the idea and see if any artists are interested in joining you, or like the story enough to want to make art for fun (and obviously recognition and a share of the money the game makes, if it's that sort of game). Or, idk what kind of game you're planning, but you might be able to go the Wayhaven Chronicles route of having it just be text.

I mean, you're basically writing several different versions of a novel at once, there's always going to be something to tweak. I'm really looking forward to the full game, I loved Pinewood Island, and this looks even more exciting!

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I don't know if this is the right place to note this, but I found a couple typos. On Week 2 Day 2, if you're on the Security team, there's the line "I sat there for my tnire shift, bored out of my mind." I'm guessing that's supposed to be "entire" rather than "tnire".

In the medical team branch, the dialog mentions Iris handing you a "crisp white uniform", but the uniform the sprite is wearing is blue.

On Week 2 Day 4, there's the line "Iris was feverently trying to duck...", I think that's supposed to be "fervently".

Really enjoying the demo so far, looking forward to the full game!

I wish it were possible to buy this game without a paypal account. In the past I've bought other games via paypal, but there was the option to purchase the game without creating an account, and when I tried to buy this game that option wasn't available. I'd buy it with a different method if one was available, but there isn't one. 

Well there's Agashi's other otome "This, My Soul", which I really loved, though it is SciFi and I guess that's not everyone's cup of tea. I liked The Rose of Segunda, though it feels a bit on the short side. Valentines Otome is the longest free otome I've played through, and it's hilarious and sweet and just plain enjoyable. It's the sequel to Halloween Otome, which is fine but you can tell they improved a lot for the 2nd one. The Blind Griffin is short and a bit more story-focused than romantic, but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Pinewood Island a lot, but not everyone wants murder mysteries in their otomes, so there's that. 

All of these are either free or have a free demo here on

I am so excited for this game! The demo legitimately made my cry (in a good way), I think Maya might by my favorite otome protagonist ever.

I saw a comment from a while ago mentioning a tentative release date of July 2018, I'm assuming that's not still the plan, but was wondering, do you have a current tentative release date? Are we still looking at $15 for the final product, or is it likely to be more since the scope seems to have been expanded?

Any chance you could make the android version downloadable here, as an APK file? I know it's buggy, but I've already played the game all the way through, it's just more convenient to have on mobile and this is definitely a game worth replaying. I found it available on a couple other sites, just with a google search, but TBH I'd feel much better downloading it from here. 

Thanks for the great game!

I'm not the devs, but I think they used Ren'Py, a visual novel coding language that's based in Python. It's free to use and available at

The link to the kickstarter is in Gshen's comment.


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Any chance you'd make the DLC available for purchase here, for those of us who don't have Steam or an android device? Pretty please?

EDIT: Never mind! I was looking for them on this page, turns out they're each on their own game page, updating my comment here in case anyone else is confused.

Eh, there's nothing wrong with sarcasm, but if someone's making a good-faith argument that a work is racist (even if, as in this case, the argument doesn't have much merit), I think that's worth treating seriously.

Even if we ignore that the future queen could be any color, Q still isn't even the most prominent dark-skinned character we've met so far: Lliria is. We don't know as much about her yet, but she's definitely very clever, well-spoken, kind, and immaculately put-together. 

Also, where is this notion that Q is "fierce" and "barbaric" coming from? It's possible that he could be fierce, but we haven't seen anything but calmness from him so far. He seems competent and alert and very self-controlled, not "barbaric" in any way. He is certainly strong, but that's not necessarily a racial stereotype, and any of her guards would have to be strong. He doesn't speak fluently, but the text makes it clear that that's because he's new to the area, not because he's unintelligent in any way. 

It's important to be aware of racist or racially insensitive characters, but Q very clearly isn't one.