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I wish it were possible to buy this game without a paypal account. In the past I've bought other games via paypal, but there was the option to purchase the game without creating an account, and when I tried to buy this game that option wasn't available. I'd buy it with a different method if one was available, but there isn't one. 

Well there's Agashi's other otome "This, My Soul", which I really loved, though it is SciFi and I guess that's not everyone's cup of tea. I liked The Rose of Segunda, though it feels a bit on the short side. Valentines Otome is the longest free otome I've played through, and it's hilarious and sweet and just plain enjoyable. It's the sequel to Halloween Otome, which is fine but you can tell they improved a lot for the 2nd one. The Blind Griffin is short and a bit more story-focused than romantic, but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Pinewood Island a lot, but not everyone wants murder mysteries in their otomes, so there's that. 

All of these are either free or have a free demo here on

I am so excited for this game! The demo legitimately made my cry (in a good way), I think Maya might by my favorite otome protagonist ever.

I saw a comment from a while ago mentioning a tentative release date of July 2018, I'm assuming that's not still the plan, but was wondering, do you have a current tentative release date? Are we still looking at $15 for the final product, or is it likely to be more since the scope seems to have been expanded?

Any chance you could make the android version downloadable here, as an APK file? I know it's buggy, but I've already played the game all the way through, it's just more convenient to have on mobile and this is definitely a game worth replaying. I found it available on a couple other sites, just with a google search, but TBH I'd feel much better downloading it from here. 

Thanks for the great game!

I'm not the devs, but I think they used Ren'Py, a visual novel coding language that's based in Python. It's free to use and available at

The link to the kickstarter is in Gshen's comment.


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Any chance you'd make the DLC available for purchase here, for those of us who don't have Steam or an android device? Pretty please?

EDIT: Never mind! I was looking for them on this page, turns out they're each on their own game page, updating my comment here in case anyone else is confused.

Eh, there's nothing wrong with sarcasm, but if someone's making a good-faith argument that a work is racist (even if, as in this case, the argument doesn't have much merit), I think that's worth treating seriously.

Even if we ignore that the future queen could be any color, Q still isn't even the most prominent dark-skinned character we've met so far: Lliria is. We don't know as much about her yet, but she's definitely very clever, well-spoken, kind, and immaculately put-together. 

Also, where is this notion that Q is "fierce" and "barbaric" coming from? It's possible that he could be fierce, but we haven't seen anything but calmness from him so far. He seems competent and alert and very self-controlled, not "barbaric" in any way. He is certainly strong, but that's not necessarily a racial stereotype, and any of her guards would have to be strong. He doesn't speak fluently, but the text makes it clear that that's because he's new to the area, not because he's unintelligent in any way. 

It's important to be aware of racist or racially insensitive characters, but Q very clearly isn't one.