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Genuinely don't have the right words to express the brilliance of this game

The detail in every single aspect of it is astounding

Every time I play I'm enamoured

Reed's confession gave me CHILLS

I don't think I have seen a f2l route done this well before in a game 


I am obsessed with this. 

I promise you I really  said  'nooooooo' out loud when I reached the end of the  last chapter. 

You are awesome.

Then 3 parts is good for me!

I don't really mind

I guess if the story is going to be released in parts I would prefer them to be similar in length

The 18+ aspect, is that cursing?

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This is adorable! 

Will it be a commercial game?

Holy crap that was good

Positively thrilling in fact

There isn't a single character I didn't warm to and that almost never happens

The dream scene had no visuals but it still made my heart flutter

Can't wait for the next part!

Will this be available on Mac? 

It looks amazing

Will this be available on Mac?

I tried but I couldn't figure out how to get on Sho's route?

I'm excited to try it!

How is the game coming along?

I tried playing this on my mac and I got this error during the prologue

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'MatrixColor' <'Image' 'images/BGS/b2500N.jpg'> (0.76378, 0.21455999999999997, 0.021660000000000006, 0, 0, 0.06378, 0.91456, 0.021660000000000006, 0, 0, 0.06378, 0.21455999999999997, 0.72166, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1)>:
IOError: Couldn't find file 'images/BGS/b2500N.jpg'.

Looking forward to the full release!

Yeah, sorry, will the game cost money or is it free to play is what I meant.

Will this be a commercial game?

Loved the demo btw :)

I'm alive but there is nothing I have to say here, at least not until there is an update. I think this project is on hiatus now so I will stop following it.

I just wanted to know how much is being redone? Are the character's personalities and the storyline being revamped or is it just the likeness to BTS being removed and everything else staying the same?

*spoiler warning*

Nothing short of amazing,  I never expected such immersive story telling from a english visual novel. It's all so sublimely  professional.

An intelligent story and an equally intelligent presentation of it. I was reeled in right from the beginning with probably the best introduction I've ever read. Alison is so bright and witty, she was instantly likeable.  Starting not from the beginning, but from the middle like journalists often do. I liked that.

Her little quips and narrations throughout were a really nice touch. Of course the story so far is all in the past and her ominous musings are based on information we don't have  yet so it kept me on my toes, in anticipation of something supernatural to occur. I loved the little character break down and their zodiac animal definition after each new character was introduced! It's the sort of thing I expect in movies. Kind of dramatic, and in the best sense of the word.

The attention to detail was astounding, you thought about everything right down to to the shutter of the fan in the menu, the stamp-like saving sound effect when I'm saving in a slot and the slight VHS static  when fast forwarding to the next choice.

All those little noises when a character is dumbfounded or angry really reminds me of asian dramas. The voice acting is perfect too, gosh it would sound fantastic if it was fully voiced but I understand it would be quite a task. This is a very minor quip because I fell in love with the actor's voices so I wanted to hear more. Regardless the soundbites are doing their job brilliantly!

Miss Teller is my favourite character so far, I can't wait see more from her.

The soundtrack and backgrounds is simply gorgeous, major props to the composer. It gives it a real cinematic feel. The backgrounds  are beauitfully drawn too especially during the founder's day show, it was truly captivating.

I can see this becoming very popular! The premise is certainly unique and the quality is top notch. 

Is there a demo available?

Second Chance and Valentines Otome

The writing is great, and they're both free!


Is this still being made?

Nope, at least not on twitter, tumblr, Facebook or kickstarter

I think she only puts updates on her tumblr account

Love love love the animations, the backgrounds and just the general attention to detail. it's all so uniquely aesthetically pleasing I could rave about it all day! Definitely will be keeping tabs on this game. 

I did notice a couple of typos and some strange phrasing  but it's nothing to be too worried about. The demo was kind of short but I understand you are in the early stages of this game.

Great job <3 

Worked perfectly!

You fixed it, thank you! The game starts now. Haven't played through yet but I'll let you know if I come across anything else when I do!

I got an error message when I tried to start the game on my Mac [code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While loading <'Image' u'namingscreen.jpg.'>: File "game/prologue1.rpy", line 4, in script with fade IOError: Couldn't find file 'namingscreen.jpg.'. Just thought I'd report it!

Will this be available on Mac at some point?

I don't think they will give us a release date since their lead artist left and they are still looking for a new one (although this happened at the end of February so I assume most of the game is done?), things must be a bit up in the air at the moment.

I didn't know about the game not being free though...wouldn't they need permission from Big Hit or something?

Has anyone tried contacting the developer on tumblr? 

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I have a feeling the game won't be released this month, the last update was over 2 weeks ago

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Hello! I was wondering if Tranquil l Tempest is still in the works?

it is free!

I prefer the musicality of the piano instrumentals, and I think it was more evocative than the current soundtrack. Plus I felt it was a nice homage to the group. But I understand your point of view also.

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I was on 300  for Trust, pretty early on too, still died a horrible death. If I choose to leave the next morning I get the sunken ship ending. I think I picked the right answers but I can go back and try again. I am using the affection trait and I pick erik for emma, btw

This might be the best otome I have ever played. And Zane...I am actually really affected by his route, it is just so well written. If this was a rom com I would totally go watch it, the chemistry would be off the charts <3 You seriously have a gift. I am so determined to get his good ending, I just know it will be perfect