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Error Message?

A topic by weregoingkokobop created Apr 23, 2018 Views: 413 Replies: 5
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I got an error message when I tried to start the game on my Mac [code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While loading <'Image' u'namingscreen.jpg.'>: File "game/prologue1.rpy", line 4, in script with fade IOError: Couldn't find file 'namingscreen.jpg.'. Just thought I'd report it!

Whoa, thanks for pointing that out :O I'll have to check it out, much apologies for the error!


The file has been updated with the fix, please let me know if you have any other issues with the game!

You fixed it, thank you! The game starts now. Haven't played through yet but I'll let you know if I come across anything else when I do!


:D Thanks again for the heads up!

Worked perfectly!