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is there an ending with gordy? and how do i achieve the new endings?

Hey! Is Emmits Epilogue out? And is there an estimate of when Seth's route will come out? xx

I think i figured it out, but thank you for responding so quickly! Love the game! Might leave a review soon <3

Hey! Idk if i missed it, but is there a guide anywhere?

ironic title krnwsnvks;a

aaand i've been spoiled //cries

How do i get access to the guide if i installed the game during pay what you want event?


 No problem! I really appreciated the game (all parts realistic and unrealistic haha)! It's games like these that inspire me to want to work for a company on otomes one day :)

Just the game in general baffled me ahaha, guess i commented in the wrong place. Good work,though! Definitely one of the more unique otomes i've played. And although i was a bit disappointed that some guys were un-romanceable (Like Sutoro, who doesn't feel the same way) i appreciate how realistic it is, and the plot twist at the end. 

I'm so a good way?


 Just wanted to leave this here as a testament to how good this game is.

This is one of the best games- no,stories- i've ever had the pleasure of encountering. At first i had my apprehensions- I didn't like that it only had one love interest and i wasn't really attracted to Trash. But, just to showhow good the story was,It is currently 3 am as i'm writing this; i've finished it in one go. It is the first story to have me literally shaking in anticipation with my heart racing (I went wild when i got the bad ending where Trash/Carlito died). Thank you so much for making this and especially for making it free. It has impacted me so much and i won't forget about it for a long time.


I'm probably one of the few who played this game not knowing who the guys were, and i was very shocked when i saw they weren't as attractive as their characters,haha. Great game,though!

Hey how is the progress?

I love the game so far but is there any way to get a good end with the guide?

I just finished the demo and it's so cute! How is the progress?

It actually got mine,i'm surprised haha! Either i'm a really stereotypical Sag or this quiz is psychic.

hey how is progress?

hey how is the progress?

is this done yet? how is the progress?

Thanks for letting me know! Ahhhh i'm so excited? Is there a release date yet? Will it be free or no?

Is there a walkthrough anywhere?


Wish i would've seen this before playing,this is so helpful! But thankfully i kind of played in this order, except i played waltz  before rumpel because i was too eager haha. Waltz was my fav from the start.

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Completely agree! I figured waltz had loved her before,but i wanted to see more of those childhood moments so i could feel more attached and understand better. And  i feel like Lucette's feelings didn't really develop or she didn't really care about him until his spell was broken? (which i get bc she wouldnt fall in love with a kid,but i wanted to see progression there). I like Karma's a lot too but there also wasn't a lot of depth. Completely agree about the rumpel story!! Honestly,the ex thing just kinda grossed me out.  Like this little 17 year old girl is getting with a practically divorced man,yikes...but i mean it was entertaining! The game is sooo good,i only have Fritz left to finish.
(Oh,also,i felt like i wanted more progression for rod's end? idk)

Hey how is the progress so far?

OOOOOh if you ever expanded on it (maybe make it like a Heileen game) i would be over the moon! Anyways,keep up the good work! <3

An excellent little game! I wish it was perhaps longer and Ishara and Felix's romance went more in depth,or that there could have been more to Remy's storyline,but overall it's excellent as is!

has there been any progress? It's been a couple of years and i see no updates.

Thank you <3

One of the best games i have ever played. Emotional,Comedic and Deeper than it seems-I'm so glad to have found this and started my new year with it. I relate to the protagonist on so many levels and all of the characters were endearing. This is a masterpiece and it's a wonder that it is free. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this and brought it to us all! My favorite routes were Waltz(though i felt the romance was a bit rushed? like i didnt see enough development? idk might just be me,i wanted to see more of their childhood together),Karma and Fritz!^^ I honestly think this story will stick with me for quite some time.

Thank you so much! Excuse my idiocy haha i love your game <3

Is there a walkthrough? I'm the biggest dummy and can't figure some routes out!

For some reason i am unable to download this game?? It won't even begin installing

lmao fr

Thank you for answering,i finally got it! I'm so glad i paid the money to get his route,he is one of my favorites and i found myself wanting more scenes with him and Robin haha <3  I've done every route so far except Emmitt and i just want to emphasize how grateful i am that you made this game,it has to be one of the BEST games i've played in my LIFE. And i'm an avid gamer girl! I'm also so impressed that you still keep up with your projects even after such a long time! Anyways,thank you for your time and i'll stop fangirling lol.

Hi! So i've played through open mode about 2 times trying to romance Xander but it isn't working i think? Idk if i am picking the wrong options but i've only gotten one date with him at the movies and he refused to kiss after that. Am i on the right path or doing something wrong?