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Press X to doubt

Its Royal Alchemist. Its a pretty good game!

me too thats it im out

I wish

Sounds interesting! Tell me how it goes. I'm sorry I don't really know anything about CG :/ hope someone does tho!


Not the luckiest around are you? I hope so too! This is way too good to be deserted.

oooh! Thanks for clearing it up. Doubt anyone's actually gonna sue though, so the creator's rep is definitely most at stake here...

You summed it up pretty well. Delays are understandable, but it honestly takes up 5 mins tops to type out a reply.


Agreed. Out of curiosity, is kickstarter legally binding in any way? It just seems overly trusting to pay before the product is even done.


LOLLL yalll so extraaa! good detective work

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True it could backfire and its too much of a bother

Oof I saw that...its sad. Her work is too good for it to be ruined by something like this.

Man that's one depressing fun fact...

Lolllll 2020 or nothingggg

Ooh I've actually played the demo!!Thanks for reminding me of it!

I agree with this. I mean delays are inevitable, but is a person truly too busy to take 5 minutes of their time to update people who have supported them and put their trust in them? I mean I get that nervousness when you go past deadlines, but professionalism is key.

Ooof. Good luck to ya! Also whats the other game you backed? I need something to do LOL

Makes sense. Thanks for being the voice of reason in this. My hopes are no longer dead.

Boiii i hope not... btw kokobop is a bop. Listening to that shit on repeat.

That honestly would be great. Oh, I was worried because she used to update tumblr a LOT but I'm ironically glad to hear she also didn't update about the last project as much. That means its normal then huh? You take care too!

*crosses fingers aggressively*

 I hope they're doing fine too...

Tryna spice dis place up...halp welcome

Ooooh okay!

I think I got 7 in one and 3 in two...I didn't get an Emry CG either!

Hellsss yeah that would be lit

Okay, since we all are waiting anyways, let's make it more fun. When is the next update gonna be? Winner gets...I haven't thought this fully through. I'm betting November 2.

I am a very bored person.

The stakes are so high that they travel halfway across the earth to stab my vampiric, anguished heart. Alas, it might not stab me before I die of natural causes as the update speed rivals that of a languorously languid snail.

It is the year 20XX. Humanity has reached its pinnacle. The peasants are living in poverty. We no longer have life.