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Take cyber cookie, can't say no to sweets :3, I hope you have an awesome week!! :D

I really enjoyed this demo, can't wait for the full version to be release! :

I know right, a lot of my friends are getting married, it makes me really happy for them and is the perfect excuse to eat delicious wedding food XD

Have an awesome weekend, the best part of a wedding is yummy food, i mean besides the wonderful fluffy celebration of the union between two souls, but food goes in second place of importance XD

Thanks for the update, I have also being wanting to go back to Harvest Moon a new beginning, may be i should replay it again, hope you have an awesome weekend!

I loved this so much, i truly enjoy all your visual novels, your way of writing is pure perfection! The characters intereactions and story feels natural and real, just buy and finish redux extra chapter, i loved it!! I just wish there was more, i'm satisfied with the extra chapter but it is so good, that makes me want more, if you ever release any other chapters i would buy it for sure. The interaction between the protagonist and trash/spoiler donotreadcarlito are just to awesome!! 

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This is very true, this is one of the reasons that i'm very careful with kickstarters specially visual novels, they are unresponsive, they promise to finish the project one year but do so in years after years, they collect a lot of money out of the kickstarts with promises and then when it comes to deliver it feels like they are doing a "favor" to the fans, no, they payed for the project it was a payment with a promise not a donation. There are a few kickstarters that are doing things right for example Re:Legend, they keep updates on monthly basis if anything happens with the project they inform the backers immediately that is a professional treatment. I wish it was like that for all of it, because let's be honest the projects that are acting this way (unresponsive does not deliver for years on their promises) end up closing doors to future projects, on her last update she was promoting a new visual novel kickstarter, but being honest i would never back up a project that she recomends, don't get me wrong, i love her writing she truly has talent as a otome creator but she lack the professionalism that comes with it. This is just my opinion though. 

Thank, i did indeed! :)

I see, thank you very much for addressing this so quickly, i'm truly glad it was just a misunderstanding, i was enjoying the game very much and feel awful to left the story half way, but truly to me God is the most important thing in the world and the choices left me very confused, i'm glad it was just a misunderstanding, i never hear of those expressions before that was why it caught me off guard, thanks again for clearing the misunderstanding and thanks for the wonderful game and engaging story looking forward to finish it. A refund won't be necessary, my only problem with the game was the misunderstanding, truly thanks again :)

Please excuse me, First of all i want to say this i did enjoy the game (until the point i play it) but i do not seen to be able to choose anything on this choice "Laugh because God is dead" or "Stammer because there is no God", if someone anyone have different beliefs that's perfectly fine but that choice came out of nowhere, makes no sense to what i read about (i have to re-read it a few times). This may be because english is not my first language, if is an expression please let me know, if this is a misunderstanding, if is some kind of denigration of belief, then please refund my money, i want nothing to do with a denigration game.