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If it doesn’t get done then it doesn't. 

I’d agree if it wasn’t for the fact that a number of people have given her money for this. I feel particularly bad for the superbackers (people who gave hundreds; one even dropped $1000) - when money is given in good faith, you have a responsbility to at least be responsive on a consistent basis.

It’s Changeling (! I’ve been really impressed by their professionalism - of the two main team members, one has been in and out of the hospital and the other moved to a different country, but they’ve still kept to weekly updates on  Kickstarter.

Alive, but fairly disappointed. I actually backed on Kickstarter - communication was great at first so I had high hopes, but the lack of updates has gotten really frustrating. I backed another game around the same time and they’ve been wonderful, updating every week even when it’s bad news. Not sure why a similarly consistent schedule (even once a month would be ok!) has been so hard for Agashi. Fingers crossed this gets completed...

Understood - thanks for the prompt response!

Hello, quick question - it’s written that you get a Steam key with purchase, but it looks like Steam only has a Windows version of the game; does that mean Mac and Linux owners won’t be able to use the key?

Will there be any updates to add features to this game? I’m a completionist, and it’s rather frustrating to not have some way to track which endings I’ve gotten. I’m also disappointed that there’s no CG gallery when there are such nice CGs in-game.

She posted something on Kickstarter! Apparently there was a family emergency; game looks like it will be pushed back (combination of her probably not being in the best head space right now + she's apparently rewriting the final chapter of the game). Still, good to see it hasn't been abandoned!

Hey, if you're still having an issue with this - I posted an answer under MiunaShiroi's comment - hope it helps!

In case you (or anyone else) still needs help with this, it seems like the problem is permissions. First try the following: right-click on the program, chose "show package contents," then click "MacOS" and finally click "The Blind Griffin." This opens up the game; see if saving works. 

If it doesn't, try the following: instead of clicking the "MacOS" folder, go to "resources," then "autorun." Right-click "The Blind" and choose "Get info," scroll down and change the "staff" and "everyone" permissions from "read only" to "read and write." Finally, do the same thing for the file "The Blind" (I wasn't sure which file was the problem, so I changed both to be safe).  For whatever reason, I still get an error if I try to run the program normally (i.e. by clicking on the icon), but it works if I run it from the "MacOS" folder. Hope this helps!