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Pochis Makis

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Thank you so much!!!

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Im way too young to understand this on a mom level, but this is the exact anxiety i face when I have my patients in front of me. I know its not the same at all, but i defenetly get the anxiety attacks and the anguish when you feel you did or will do something wrong that will change the course of their life forever, and that need to be there with them, helping them become what they want. 

And also the shared culture of Hollywood childbirth is stupid, fuck that, lets normalise people not being all hyped up after such a traumatic expirience.

Honestly, me nether, but once you play it you get to expirience a masive new perspective of N and A personalytiesy. I think the idea of added competition really shows their true colours and how much sence it actually makes that their are eternal besties.

Tho you do suffer, A LOT, but hey, if its not worth it for you, its really dosnt show nothing new about them, its just a bit more open.

IKR?! IT FEELS UNREAL. I just came back for my 10th playthou because im scared to do the LT with N and A ;;;_;;;

These is just what ive been manifesting this past two days, thank you love! Take care!!!!

Hope everything is better! Thanks for coming back, tho i am hurt by the idea you thought this game would leave my mind. WELL IT DIDINT. Glad to have you back! Take care!!!!! I will anxiusly wait patiently <3


This was so beautiful ;;_;; Thank you so much, its so so good, your amazing and please PLEASE rest well and keep up the good quality. Wish you the best for 2023 and the rest of the year left.

I wanted the kiss, and i got the kiss. I wish we could have a second part to develp the romance deeper, but other than that i loved this so much <3

I thought like that for the longest time, but eventually i reached to the coonclusion that in the end it was never my responsaility if i gave my all to make things better. Even if the odds have always been by my side, i always remind myself that sometimes there are factors that weight more than my will to succed, and that is ok.

We all have to come to tearms with the uncertenty of our existence and the fact that pain is present whether we like it or not, form the best to the worst moments in life. So i might as well risk it now and live to the fullest while i still have time to live and the option to do as i please.

This is amazing. Just the range story wise with the dynamic system is absolutly stuning. Im subscribing to the patreon asap.

YES! Finally here! I cant wait anymore!!! XD I need more Damon in my life!

Thank you so much for the effort! Sending you hugs and lots of support!

This comment made me laugh so hard xd

OH! Then il wait, its so worth it Xd Thanks!

I  love this game. My heart strings where pulled and i now i have this sadness inside me that i cant wear off, its amazing. Please update, i cant bear the thought of this game being left like this forever. xd

Two years waiting for this, im so happy XD




Same when i aplyed for college XD

I relly want to romance Thim. ;_; But aside that, love the game!

This game kind of makes me uncomfortable because it hits too close to home.I dont know how to be vulnerable with people. And even if i try, all my relashionships end up being superficial even if i open up, am i the shalow one then? I wish i could be vulnerable, i wish i tolerated compassion from others and i wish i didint associated being in pain with being weack.

Thank you! You already made my day! OwO


(Sorry, the passion is off the charts right now. Im so excited!)

Go, dont wait, theres so much to explore in this game that you dont have to worry of getting tired. Theres so many diferent situations that its baffling to me. And ive played like...10 times now? More? Its just amazing. And without DLC´s. LOL .-.

WHAT?!?! OMG THANK YOU FOR THE SPOILER! ;;_;; Literaly crying right now. I NEED STEP 4 ! ._. Like....NOW! XD 

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XD SAME! Poor Cove, but i dont regret anything, i genuenly belive that Cove also needs to grow on his own family as well as my MC, and i adore the fact that they showed it. Thats why i think this game has a very mature way of portraiting  love in youth. You are both still growing and at the same time finding who you are. And i really like how they aproached it. ;_;

I cant agree more, tbh, im so in love with this game because its not really about getting the guy, its about growing together,not only with Cove, but with the entire family your MC has. I dont even have the will to press any negative interactions with them because i just love them so much i cant help it ;_; I cried so much at the Home moment in step 2.

Why cant we just speed time and have the new step now? ;;_;;

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After  two solid days of playing non stop the game, i can finally say that this was the most heartwarming and happy expirience i had with a VN. No kiding, the fact that as i grew my MC, Cove also grew with me and adapted to my MC personality and our delicated romance...I CANT! MY HEART! THIS GAME IS TOO MUCH TOO MY HEART!! Im so hooked up on the story that when i get my first creditcard my first purchaise will be these DLC´s...I need more ;;_;; And expect a donation, you guys deserve so much more money for making this master pice!

Please do more games like this! This is exactly what i was looking for in a VN! This is what we needed to make 2020 worth a dam -_-

Sorry for misspellings ;;_;;

This game is just wonderful. So fun! 

No problem!

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There is a button that you can click to see text in the pictures(its an interrogation). Each section goes verticaly.In the right side of the screan you can see IF and THEN, once you have the text form of the blocks you can start ordering them properly OwO.  So for example, The last section is about a tooth brush, you have to put: IF i move the mouse too fast THEN  it seted on fire. 

I hope i made myself clear but if you need me to explain it again i will OwO

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Idk if im dum or something, but i kind of got stuck in the PC mini game. Someone help please XD (I figured out, lovely game btw OwO)

Thank you for making this game.

Dont worry about the game. Please stay safe. I personally dont care how much i have to wait. Please dont stress out and dont worry. We understand and we wish the best for you and your family. Thank you and good luck. 

Just finished playing the new update. Wonderfull, simply wonderfull. Thank you for your hard worck! This games is a gem!

Funny and with a lot of personality! I loved it, i had many big laughs. Just amazing XD.