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I'm happy you are feeling better. I rarely get sick so I don't really think about it but now that you told us, I now remember that dengue is increasing in Indonesia. Goodness gracious, I need to be careful.

Thank you for the hard work, Chiel, but you could have taken another week to rest tbh...




Please focus on getting better!

wkwkwkwkwk After we give you questions, now you give us quizzes? How fun. I'll answer.

1. So my process of answering this is just intuition and I think it's Arya. It's not rare that a stoic character is actually ticklish. I bet Maya loves to exploit that weakness after she knows about it lol I actually think Kahlil is not that ticklish.

2. Kahlil definitely lol "HELLO KITTY??? OFC I WILL BUY IT!"

Well, thanks for the hard work, Chiel.

Long time no see! Thank you for the hard work, Chiel.

Sorry about the muscle and the tooth. If I'm in pain, I can't concentrate on anything at all T_T I have a lack of focus in the first place, and a little bit inconvenience will smack me down.

And wth is that with the K-Drama, sinetron, telenovela cliche plot with the MIL. I can't believe it lmao Stay strong!

Hello Chiel, long time no talk. Also, thank you for the good and diligent work you have done while I'm absent! I'm still lurking every week tho. Just know that even when I'm not visible every week, I'm still stalking you lol I'm just kidding with my term.

And, uh... what, you live in Singapore?? I see, I dunno that.

Have a great rest,



I lost my dog too. We also thought we could have taken care of her better. She was the best dog. I'm sorry. Deep condolences. Take the time as much as you need, Chiel.

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Hello Chiel, thank you for the good work. Honestly, if I still lived in Tangerang, I would actually appear in front of you, shielding you, and kicking people.

Just kidding.

Your heart is not in it anymore and he just says whatever. I think there's a lot of info already from that sentence alone. It's easy to draw a conclusion from that.

Whatever it is will happen, we will still be here. Take care of yourself.


Happy that you feel okay. I hope you will take care of yourself more, mentally and physically. The fact that you use these feelings to perfect your craft is awesome, you are a great artist!

Thank you for the good work,


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Chiel. Chiel, I'm so so sorry. I don't know what to say. I think you should rest right now, please rest, I insist. Do you have a friend who is a neutral party whom your husband trusts too (preferably married)? How about asking them to mediate? Or... couple's therapy? But... I get it... if he is the one who doesn't want to change, then whatever you do... If only one of you is the only one who actually makes effort... Why even here? But let's wait... Let's give him and yourself time...

It's valid to feel you disappointed people, but from what I have seen and from what other people have seen too, you didn't. You are fighting for what you believe and it's not wrong at all. Tbh, I want to curse at them but well... it doesn't feel right to curse at people I don't even know.

Please talk to people, to people you trust. Or if you need a stranger, you can talk to people below who have offered their ears. I don't feel qualified since this is not my expertise, but you can talk to me too. You know my Discord or if you want, I have Twitter: @kpchrs. I'm active there. I'm a master distractor, I can distract you at least for a while if need be.

If resting is hard, for whatever reason, doing a daily routine might help. To keep you busy. To keep you from falling into a spiral. Play games. Watch movies. Read books. Hug your dogs lots. Take care of yourself, Cici.

Happy belated birthday, Chiel! I think this is the third or fourth time of me wishing you a happy birthday. You have been doing a great job, as always! Go finish the Digimon and eat with hubby!

Don't wait on this game. It has been years and nothing happened. People backed this game but the dev disappears. Don't have hopes.

Hello Chiel, long time no see!
I think no one will throw you any tomato kkk I know you know of your audience's patience box. I think you should refresh yourself from time to time, for your mental and creativity.

I screamed bloody murder when I woke up to the news XD Especially for Steam, but I quickly changed the DNS so I'm fine lol I'm really concerned for the people who need the websites they block for their livelihood. I saw a tweet on Twitter from a game dev saying that they can't work for days because of it. Feel so bad. So the ones who should get the rotten tomatoes are the government!! I kinda want to strangle someone but I will make do with my pillow -_- They did worse things than blocking the websites tho, I was horrified when I read what they are going to do. What a mess. I was thinking I was gonna give up and just be a nun (jk but only half jk XD)

Well, sorry for the rant, enjoy your VN!


Was pretty bored so waiting for something to happen and then there is this update post ^^ Thank you for the update.

Congratulations, Cik/Ci/Cece/Jiejie Chiel ;_; We never met but let me call you that just once 😂

Do you not have honeymoon? Or is it postponed?

I wish the both of you happiness!

Hi, Chiel, thank you for the good work. It's no problem, life is unpredictable like that. Hope this will be resolved soon. Btw, how about you give us pictures of your doggos every week as well? 😃😃

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Hi Chiel, thank you for the hard work anyway, long time to talk, I still read all your updates. All the social media bonuses are great, they are funny!

Please take your time until you are secure 200%. Your and your family's comfort and safety are the priority. Hehe, my home is my safe space. A little difference will give me discomfort, even more if it's an awful thing like this ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh If I were you, I would be mopping the floor while screaming vulgarities, turning into an Arya is cathartic in this kind of situation.

Hope this is resolved soon. Damn you, the universe and con-struction people! (Ha get it? Con? Cuz they con you? XD I stole this joke from a game.)


Forgive me for giving you notifications, I'm just checking the page because I love reading other people's thoughts on one of my fave visual novels but OMGGGGGG ANOTHER OTOME IM DED EXCITED

I'm exactly like you, waiting to binge all the routes, even if I'm generally patient, I surprise myself for being this patient 😂 Let's wait together hehe

Hi, Chiel, happy Valentine's day, thank you for the hard work.

Covid spreading kinda scares me a bit :)) Stay healthy and safe too, Chiel.

I read two weeks ago, you are out of ideas for the QnA, I don't mind the QnAs, it is still interesting, but I think you can try something new to mix them up. I don't know, LI's POV is interesting too.


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It's okay, Chiel and thank you for the hard work. May the pre-wed events be smooth as they can be!

I like pretty long nails. I love nail polish and colors. I tried to keep my nails long back then because I wanted to imitate a certain animation character's nails (Jinx from Arcane if you know) and yes, keeping them clean was annoying. Playing action PC game was hard. I had to choose between games or nails. And I chose my games 🤣

I still keep my thumb nails long. The typo is annoying, but your fingers will adjust to typing that way. When you cut it, actually it will take time for your fingers to adjust back 🤣

But yeah, short nails ftw. Bye bye pretty long nails 😭👋


Long time no talk, Chiel, thank you for the hard work. This is PangHerHeart.

Oof! I hear Husky is double-coated, so you aren't supposed to shave their fur. But seeing that you have to, that means it is pretty serious! I hope Kiara is okay! <:o And I hope your itches are gone asap because they are annoying -_- And I wish you a smooth process with the upcoming pre-wedding.

The main purpose I come today is to tell you that... I changed my username. I changed it because it didn't sound like an easy name to call. I still use both, but actually more commonly everywhere on the internet with this username. I hesitated to change it because you have known this username for years, but I finally changed it anyway so I will help you by always reminding you who is speaking. You can call me Chris from now on!

Okay, that's all,

Chris (PangHerHeart)

It is okay. The worst that happened today is just the neverending sound of fireworks, but it's not even annoying at the slightest.

Obviously I'm not complaining, but are different lengths for different routes going to be okay production-wise? Will it not be unbalanced in any way?

Happy new year! (It has been 2022 for 4 hours here.)

So nice to read an update. I hope Leopold will take easy on you XD The time when the estimated words to be 50k per route seems just to be history right now. 

Can't believe it has been two years since the start of the development. Time goes so fast. Thank you for the hard work.

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If you don't know, I was the first person to comment on this page. You can scroll down XD Just a fun fact. And so, my review is:

This is so good T_T This is so good! I have to say that twice. I played all your flash games prior to this, but after all of that I still haven't learned what to expect from your stories. I mean, after Saccharine or Adabana??? C'mon. I should have expected some twisted, angsty, distressing, horrifying, bittersweet tragedy! I didn't really have much expectation, I thought it will be the captor/captive disastrous romance/Stockholm/Lima syndrome. While yeah, it kinda is, your writing makes it all very different and much more entertaining. I always admire your concepts and ideas! In this story, I find that Camille's narration and dialogues are the stars in this VN. I really enjoy... hmmm... how effed up Osgoode is. I have a pretty high tolerance, but if you can make me facepalm several times, then that means you are on the right track. Yes.

I really enjoy it. I binged this for three hours and I never break immersion. It is my joy to pretend to be a voice actor and voice act all of the dialogues. I give other characters an ordinary American accent. I don't know what accent Osgoode is supposed to have so I just give Osgoode a very terrible slight Russian accent to the best I can pffft Just a random fact to give you ideas of how I enjoy the VN.

Your art is maybe not the crystal clear bubblegum pop I always see, but I always love it. It gives it so MUCH vibe. It makes it very easy to be immersed in it.

My criticism is very minor, maybe just the typos and some unnamed dialogue? (I'm sorry but I don't know where.) And maybe when we go to the right hallway, you can make it slide to the right XD

I have some questions, but it is going to spoiler territory so...






1. Is Charles's secretary Emily Johnson related to Agent Johnson?

2. Why is Ivy saved in Ed 8, but not in Ed 9? How does Camille being kidnapped make it different?

3. Joseph, the Eldritch being who brings the end of the world is too big not to be elaborated!

4. I read that you will keep writing even if maybe not VNs, will we be able to read your future writing? I mean... I love your stories. I love it T_T

5. Ed 9 is my favorite for the obvious reason. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I would love to read an adventure between this Camille and this Osgoode.

6. Is twisted, effed up story always your favorite to write? XD





I have some interest in writing and this just makes me think that... maybe... writing a story in this genre is a very great idea after all...

Final verdict: This is so good and I want more :) Thank you for the hard work. You've done such a good job and I'm so happy I can enjoy your writing again.


What does ITYH mean? "I Think You're Hot"?

Long time no talk, but Merry belated Christmas, and happy new year, Chiel!

I thought so too, since the symbols are primarily in the hospital, but since Maia described him as a middle-aged man, I realized it wasn't him XD


Melted? Must be Jonah Scott.
(Sorry I am a simp of Jonah Scott's voice XD XD)

I... can't believe... After three years, I just realize NOW that Mira has the same name as a real actress. Even if I don't watch iCarly, I've heard her name plenty of times, this is so baffling of me XD XD XD

Hello Chiel! Thank you for your hard work! Well, from your greetings now I realize that you write updates from morning til night, depends on the circumstances XD

Oh my God. It is your birthday already? Happy early birthday! Let's slack off on birthdays!! >.<)/ I've officially wished you happy birthday three times now hehehe How fast time flew kinda fucked me up tho.

I'm so excited for our mysterious antagonist here! *.* AAAAAAH... AND BAD ENDING!! I'm a girl who likes chaos apparently. Only in fiction tho XD That's the beauty of fiction stories... And the beauty of the German language: Schadenfreude (look it up if you don't know it). I love this word a lot because it pretty much sums me up when reading fiction in the tragedy genre, [even though of course I feel pain and enjoy it (masochism-but-not-really)].

Based on Arya's face, I'm guessing Kahlil is doing stupid thi-- Wait, but he can't see that (no offense, Arya)... Hmm. I actually don't know. Maybe he hears Kahlil doing stupid things in the hot spring, whatever it is, and Guntur indulges Kahlil lol...

About turn-offs, I agree picky eater can be really annoying since I respect food. I always eat all of my food. I can eat veggies! (So, don't worry, Guntur!) And you look great as you are now, Kahlil. I will fight anyone who told you that. And Arya............... So... we can't be friends then? TT_TT Nooo, I have nothing against potty mouth. I have a potty mouth too sometimes T_T But, potty mouth doesn't always equal rude, and Arya, you are a rude Karen sometimes.................. hahaha You were quite a Karen when you met Maya for the very first time and ajfhlrkgoweif Oh well, I hope Maya can stand you at least, since she's the one who will be dating you all, not me... And I don't know what you are referencing with that quote, Arya. I've googled it without result lol... And Guntur, about all that talk about "the one", you want to talk? T_T


Hello Chiel, thank you for the hard work! Without fail I have stated that for the opening for all of my responses, because it is a fact. You basically employ yourself, but please I think you should have a day off. And on that day off, you can do your hobbies. I mean, my hobby is watching Youtube, collecting books, playing story-focused games, and listening to music. If they are taken away from me, I don't think I can function. Even if your job right now is your passion and hobby, it is great to refresh yourself with some other games. Moreover, because your job involves a creative mind, it is good to expose yourself to creativity from great minds, you know?

This weekly update may have been pressuring you to be productive because all people who are waiting can read it and... what, judge your productivity? But I don't think your community minds a day-off... Please slack off a bit...

[Serious Mode OFF]

Okay, I have kinda a different childhood. I feel sad to say that I've never watched the Shrek Series. If someone quotes that to me, I would react like Guntur too LMAO

By the way, @ro-ses' question is interesting lol I'm interested in finding out Kahlil's because I can't guess what is his XD

If you mean when Collin and Robin sing the "Love, Love, Love" song, then yes, most likely it's the last scene. You can check the memorabilia. If there is no "???", then that means you have unlocked them all. If I'm not wrong, the scene you are talking about is in the Date section, titled "Our Song". But if it's not and you still have "???" all over the place, then I have no other choice but to tell you to play the route all over again XD Or just unlock the memorabilia with "show memo" cheat code.

Do you still need help? Just in case, I will try to help you anyway. I think I got the same problem as you and this is what the developer told me:

"Strange. He's only available in Open Mode for starters. If he doesn't come up as a potential recruit, you may need to re-watch his final Story Mode scene to trigger the unlock again. There's also the cheat code "let's date" (F1 key by default) that you can use to unlock all the unlockables romances."

I think it is a bug or something. I recommend the cheat code because it is an instant fix. Have fun playing!

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Dear Dev, I just re-played Cupid on Steam for the sake of achievement and I can't for the life of me unlock a single one. There are people who are confused too there. Will you look into it please? Thank you.

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Hello, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work! Listen, Chiel, no one will blame you for not working if you are sick. So please, it's okay >.< Even though, my mom and dad straight up worked after their shot. Not even any worry about the side effects. I think they are superman/woman.

Ughhhhhh @.@ So complicated... I'm happy at least I think I won't need to think about fengshui and zodiac in the future because my fam is not keen on it.

Last week ask gave me ideas on more kinds of questions we can ask. I've seen a lot of "what-if" or "how would they react" questions like it on Tumblr. It seems really fun, so I will try to come up with something... Uhhh, let me think... ...My uncreative ass can't think of anything XD Let's see... how about THIS!

How would the boys react if Maya blew to their ear? (In the friend zone or flirting zone or dating zone, I think I will make you choose what is more fun to you!)


Me: ....

Me: ....Honey bee a dear and give me some digits too, please?


Me: T_T

Chiel, will it be different if it's Maya (in deep affection ig) T_T

"Lots of accidental bugs, mostly with sprite's clothes popping off." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm rolling XD

I will most definitely play this game soon! I will post my thoughts after playing ASAP or when I'm available. And AHAHAHAHA I agree with @Legendary_Zathura below XD I can't stop laughing XD

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Edit: Was going to only say that for a joke, but ehhh...

Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work!

- Your wedding is postponed? Ahh... I know a friend whose brother was going through the same thing. It must be stressful... But I guess you have more free time at the moment? If you need some break, you totally deserved it.

- BAD ENDING! BAD ENDING! BAD ENDING! *.* I LOVE GREAT BAD ENDINGS! *.* MAKE IT JUICY! (Disclaimer: No, I don't like to torture myself but I like to torture myself with feelings.)

- Been thinking to do exercises too. What do you do for the exercise every day, Chiel?

- Kahlil is so cute TwT Guntur is so intense TwT Arya is a tsundere, what is new? I love this ask XD XD My new favorite.

Noooooo, I actually love stats feature D: I love being confused and making things harder for myself. It is harder to be immersed yes, but I want to at least go through it one or two times D: ...And, oh, I guess the petitions are part of the story. That slips from me.

Okay, which server I have to send the typos to? Feedback?


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I just finished a playthrough (I consistently choose Alexander, my best boy, through it)! It is really great! Everything is NEAT, the visuals are stunning. I have praised the character sprites many times. The background CGs look superb. I think I spent a minute or two admiring your UI, from the main page to the settings page, I clicked on it one by one lol XD Even if I had to use Simple font because the default is a little hard to read ^^"

The OST sounds super good too! I think it really contributes a lot to the atmosphere. But I can't say anything about the composition of course XD I notice in Alexander's route, one OST (I called it D Minor Arpeggio OST lol... I think it is D Minor...) is repeated a lot when I click to proceed with the story. I think it is a programming problem? It is continued until the scene fades into the "Policies, Petitions, and Diplomacy" page. I can hear the OST repeated twice or thrice on this page too.

The writing is detailed. I love the narration, even though the quotation marks (the « ... ») take a little while for me to be used to it. I read slowly at my own pace and I've never been bored even for a second. Unfortunately, I can't say more about the story or characters when playing a demo because it is still only a part of the story, even more so if the game has stats feature. For me, stats feature has the downside that it is harder for me to be immersed. So I think for the story review, I will wait until we have more material for me to be able to process it in my head (maybe the final version). But agreeing with user @VersaceHostile below, the MC is truly a freaking bad bitch XD XD XD

By the way, does Lydia not have any ladies-in-waiting or maidservants? Is it not the custom? I want to ask one more thing, but I can't for the life of me remember it :D Maybe I will ask you on tumblr when I remember.


Ayael, I found a few misspells, do you want me to tell you? Maybe here or Discord or emails? I took a photo of them lol But I plan to play only one time and I don't like to overplay a demo, so the misspells may be not all. I don't know if you have fixed these tho, sorry if this is redundant.


Master of Murmurs, can I invite you to "murmur" about ourselves in the corner of the royal garden, far from sights? Thank you in advance.