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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

Confused as to how to continue route ?

A topic by TrashGobln created Jul 12, 2021 Views: 726 Replies: 3
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I am playing collins route in om , but the last scene I saw of his was when he called in sick to the show but came later and robin and him both sung . But I have not gotten any other scenes with him since then ,, no hangout scenes or anything . Is there a certain requirement i have to fill before the next scene with him starts ? ( On romance path , btw ,, don't know if that is important or not ) Thank you ,, much love <3

Do you still need help? Just in case, I will try to help you anyway. I think I got the same problem as you and this is what the developer told me:

"Strange. He's only available in Open Mode for starters. If he doesn't come up as a potential recruit, you may need to re-watch his final Story Mode scene to trigger the unlock again. There's also the cheat code "let's date" (F1 key by default) that you can use to unlock all the unlockables romances."

I think it is a bug or something. I recommend the cheat code because it is an instant fix. Have fun playing!

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i have him in open mode ,, i have all the characters i think ,, i just cant get another scene :, ( . Was that singing on stage scene the last one ?

If you mean when Collin and Robin sing the "Love, Love, Love" song, then yes, most likely it's the last scene. You can check the memorabilia. If there is no "???", then that means you have unlocked them all. If I'm not wrong, the scene you are talking about is in the Date section, titled "Our Song". But if it's not and you still have "???" all over the place, then I have no other choice but to tell you to play the route all over again XD Or just unlock the memorabilia with "show memo" cheat code.