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I am well friendo been offline for a bit because InRL i intend to graduate college or university as its called in some cases. I hope you are well and by the by. I loved your Demo. Its amazing story writing and creativity as always keep it up and stay healthy and well. 

The fact she just went MIA is the odd thing and its been 2 yrs now. 

The irony in the nicknaming lmao. I didnt know the nickname Rose was Mwar lol. 

I have played through the entire demo and Chiel i wait for more in future updates. 

I hope this finds you well and i love the story so far. Have fun with the coding madness and dont lose sleep over the game creations you make. x3 Have a good one and all the best

Ciel I know you have had a rough week but I hope this comment makes you feel better. 

Unfortunately I am running into the same problem with my electronics but cheer up. 

Played through your demo of your new game and as always friendo you are doing amazing. 

Ive nicknamed the boys accordingly. 

Kahlil = Asmodeus 

Guntur = Anon 

Araya  = Fenrir

Dio = Mephisto 

((do not ask me why i put these names of personas into boarderline hell rulers norse lore but it is indeed a thing)) 

MCS name for me is Rose 

Anyway the memes have happened the jokes have cracked and i wait for you to create more when you can. 

I hope this message brings you a bit of joy during your struggles. 

Always the best.


Update i Saved it and i said yeet sleep is calling me lol

Review memes: 

I am gonna play this womans demo because her first game was amazing so this is gonna be a heads up ciel. 

From a long time since Ive been on this account. Imma play your game once again keep yaah posted. x3 and hope you are doing well. x3

Hi everyone 

I know its been a long while since I last posted something here but on the side note of life any update on the creator for this game? 

Covid hit and is long and life moves on but its still good to hear from everyone how are you all doing?

i normally use Discord to chat with ppl but i havent set up a facebook yet lmao XD yeah im dumb

yeeee im trying to make a visual novel based on markipliers date with markiplier videos and turn it into a game. Its mainly a fan game. I know how to code the engine its just making the sprites and CGs XD 

and mine aint that good so yee ill make a facebook account and add yah on it x3

I still love this game ciel XD gods dammit. 

<.< also question for yah i require help in doing backgrounds

Hows everyone doing because of covid??

<.< Concept wise is basically taking "A date with markiplier" videos and  turning it into reality. XP

Question hows the game guys? Even for a demo it looks pretty good just asking.


Admin screams out into the void of nothingness

Ps: Agashi if you need help from others to get Queens crown done don't hesitate to ask.

-.- This is also true. 

Because all i can offer is recognition for the art. And i respects this because no one likes to not be recognized for something they love. 

But yeah the game concept itself is fairly simple though average otome. Fangame based off of someone which is why i am trying not to say much xD

Also thanks for the tip though x3 Halps

This is true. 

And to be honest 

I respect artist and in this bind i wish i could pay them more. -.- But admin sadly is broke and this would be a free to play game which is the problem on my end . Also I have tried to make better cg art but mine sucks and isn't game worthy. So yeah. As much as i would love to pay an artist 2000 bucks for arts I can't -.- AND IM PISSED ABOUT IT!


-.- And im working with a concept that i have to alter story lines since its a fangame


Norse Myth


Murder Mystery

King Henry

-.- Those are hints lmao xD a specific actor that i love has to do with these categories. x3


On a not so depressing note. 

Anyone know where i can get some good cg arts done for free? 

-.- I am currently attempting to make a fangame of my own based on someone and all the movies he has been in. XD but the problem is. I NEED ARTS  AND SPRITES! 

-.- *sighs*  Frustration is real AAACK!

Its more that my arts of cg nature suck XD SweetChiel I know how to codes. But the cg and sprites are whats bugging me currently. -.-

also meh email ish x3 XD Still halp plez -.- admin is in need of many a halps xP

OOF XD thank chus.

I am currently scheming of a fangame -.- And this scheme involves several particular things

Idea 1: -.- If your a hiddlestoner xD first idea is to make a tom hiddles fangame

Idea 2: =.= Fangames on le harrypotters x3 

So yeah XD i suck cg wise and need halp




Well I have been keeping up with the tumblr news nothing as of yet to be honest. HEY MAYBE THE GAME WILL BE A CHRISTMAS GIFT! x3 *crosses my fingers* COMMON AGASHI I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 

Indeed -.- I want to make my own games but now its depressing to see this 

Fun Fact Tumblr is dead also has been roughly seven months and still no update on the game.

This is just sad.

Admin sighs in disappointment. Any news anyone? Or is it utter silence once again?

Honestly I can agree -.- I just hope the others are alright to be honest.

I hope the game cost is not too high considering the amount of time placed into it but eh IM SO STOKED TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE FULL GAME ARRRGH XD

I hope the authors alright. I am happy that there was life but I hope still nothing bad happened.

Omg Sweet Relief that is good news im soo happy x3

0-0 THERE IS LIFE ALSO WERE IS THE KICKSTARTER LOCATED? IS THE AUTHOR ALRIGHT? *internal concerned screaming is happening right now*

Heh No problem SweetChiel I am happy to give input on your games. x3 Its kinda what makes gaming visual novels fun yah know? Being able to talk with your followers.  So you use Script+ instead of Renpy to code this game? 0-0 I have never heard of it though -.- To be honest I have been trying to make a fan game based on a famous actor known as hiddleston but sadly my art is not as good as my writing. XD But yeah. Again I love your games so continue doing great. x3 Anywho. If I can ever be of any other help let me know. x3 

More games YASSSSS XD also don't worry about the Reska route to much. He was a well built character and I applaud your team for not only the artwork but the game itself. 

Rama is dark and i can agree xD hence the reason the nickname Lucy fits but he is such a sweet cinnamon bun deep down (admin cried when Rama Senpai died)

In any case I can't wait to see the next game you come out with I am sure it will be as great and as romantic as the first Nusantara. x3 Anyway Forever a fan and hopefully now Friend 

Maria Darkchild x3

I have played through all of the routes already and have dubbed the nicknames for the bois XD

Reska = Loki because hell it works XD

Rama: SPN Lucifer 

Mitra = Thor because honestly he is a giant teddy bear. 

Now out of all of them Reska is still meh favorite. God damn that snake is a possessive flirt ahhhhhhhhh XD be still my beating heart. The part were he licks the main characters would i died. Like actually fell off my chair and passed out lol XD

I do have a few questions to ask though. 

One why is it that in Rama's route the main villian (forget his name sorry) calls him a brother? ???? 0-0 That is what was curious about all of this. 

Secondly I think the only thing that would make this game even better is being able to insert  your name into the story itself. Aside from that this game is amazing. I loved it.

Michaela.....I have only a few words to say to you right now......*breaths* 


I saw Jess playing it and died of laughter but anyway still thank you! x3 

And give James Jr. a hello for me he did an awesome job voice acting as usual. Anyway have a great month. X3

The suspense is real in waiting x3. 

Ahhhhh  THANK YOU! :3 

I do have a question for the new version of the file how do I open a Rar on a windows? X)