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Nope. The actual game is in pre-order. You can pay for beta if you want access early, and you get to play the incomplete game as they build it, and give feedback and suggestions, which they can use to improve the game as they go. Can be a pretty nice idea, when communication is good between game developers and players. Currently only one romance route is fully complete (Moocha's), and they're starting on Finn's. 

Basically, if you're someone who wants to play every route (rather than just a select few), and enjoys the idea of being able give feedback and suggestions, and would like having access to the beta, I would recommend giving it a go.

On the other hand, if you're someone who gets easily impatient, dislike the idea of having to communicate with the developers, or if you are someone who would get really annoyed by bugs or other problems, I'd recommend either buying the pre-order, or just waiting for the release.

Yeah, I was. I got it working now though. :)

For those facing problems, my experience was that the base game worked fine in the app, but downloading the dlcs in the app made it freak out. Downloading them through the website and then installing them in the base game's file worked, but then even the base game wouldn't run. So I uninstalled it, then reinstalled (still in the app), checked all the files were where they needed to be, and lo and behold, it works. Yay \0v0/

Okay, it seems to be all fixed and working now. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and it seems to have done the trick. Yippee the game won't open. The app tells me it's running when I try to launch it, but it isn't showing up. It's not even appearing in Task Manager. Which is funny, since the base version worked fine until I placed the dlc rpa files in the game folder.

Yeah, in the app it used to let you download the files, then you could insert them into the game folder manually. Doesn't seem to work in the app anymore. I'll give it a try from the website the way you said. Thanks.

Uh oh, I just got the Wedding dlc through the patreon link, and it's doing the same thing.

I was alerted to updates to both the base game and all the dlc, so I set them to download, only for all the expansions (Step 1, 2, and 3, and Voiced name) to fail with the message: 

"An error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown"

Can someone please help? I've got no idea what this means, or what to do.

I was alerted to updates to both the base game and all the dlc, so I set them to download, only for all the expansions (Step 1, 2, and 3, and Voiced name) to fail with the message: 

"An error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown"

Can someone please help? I've got no idea what this means, or what to do.


This game is still in development. You can pre-order it now, and play it when it comes out, or you can wait to buy (though the prices on games like this sometimes go up a bit after release, so I personally decided to buy it early). 

If you wanted early access to what's currently available, you can pay extra for the beta access. Currently only the character Moocha's route is complete for beta, and you can play all the way to the end with him, but no others, so if you don't like uncompleted games, it might be better for you to wait.

If you're looking for a completed game though, I'd recommend looking at their other game, Seiyuu Danshi. That's how I found this one. 

Have a nice day. :)

Finn will be my vote for the next route. His, Howl's, and Grizz's routes are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. <3

Yes, please. this is a magnificent idea.

Hey, just found this vn and thought it looks interesting. Hasn't even finished downloading yet, but I wanted to say sorry that some people are being shitty to you. I'm looking forward to giving this a try, and wish you all the best with your project. 

1-3 is where you tell Cove about the $20 his dad offered to pay you in Step 1, In the episode where you Cove and Shiloh are building sandcastles. I think 2-3 is the same thing, but in Step 2. Basically, choosing to tell Cove about the $20 in...I think it's the Dinner episode?

If you tell him in one Step, you don't get the option again later, obviously. So, I'd recommend making a save before telling him in Step 1, then once you've got the scene and the CG, loading that save and not telling him, then tell him later in Step 2.

Anyway, you don't have to stress too much if you were worried about the outcome of telling him earlier. I won't spoil but, if you need assurance, it all turns okay, even if it doesn't seem start that way :)

Not trying to sound rude, but could you guys stop using 'Spring' as a point when telling us when it comes out? I live in a country where Spring is in a completely different time of the year than other countries (September to November), so it's very confusing. 

Thx, and very much looking forward to the updated version of this lovely game. <3

You are not alone, friend. *sighs*

This whole situation feels very one-sided and quite unfair. As much as it saddens me to say, at this point we really have no guarantee that this is not a scam or that the developer isn't just dead.

I get that she has had problems in her 'real' life, but I believe that is not an excuse in this case. This IS real. If she were a fanfiction writer or someone making a game for free with no backing she would have that excuse, but in my eyes she has been payed by backers, this is now her job. By accepting that payment, she has committed herself to fulfilling the promise she made. Any other job and she would have been required to alert someone to the fact she was taking time off in advance, or she would have had to tough it out and continue the project anyway. She has a responsibility to the project, and to those she made promises to.

Fact is, if she were having problems in her personal life, some jobs might allow her to have some days off for personal leave (and even then, they wouldn't allow for such a lengthy absence) , but there are a lot of jobs that wouldn't. She would have been required to work regardless, and separate her personal life from her work life. This behavior would be unacceptable, she would have been fired and/or she would have had reimburse the backers for their contributions by this point.

Again, would like to clarify, I'm not trying to put pressure on the developer, I (and a lot of others) would just like an update to know this project isn't dead in the water.

I feel like (at the very least) the developer owes it to the backers to alert them to what's going on. Even if it's just a message saying something like, 'I had to take a break, but I'm back, working on it again.' Or 'I've had problems, will be taking a break'. Like, if she's working on it still, tell SOMEBODY and they can alert the rest of the community. If you're not working on it, or need a break, or whatever, just TELL SOMEBODY.

The community that has formed for this game has been so ridiculously understanding so far, I think you owe them something back. Just take a look at all the comments, so few of them are asking why the game isn't finished yet, or demanding you finish. The majority I've seen have been comments showing worry, or concern, not anger or cruelty.

If you see this, please consider what I've said.

I just wish there was an update simply so we knew the game was still being worked on.

I don't want to pressure the developer.

Literally the only reason I want an update is because I've been let down so many times before. I've followed so many games which have ended up not being completed that its created this fear now whenever a developer seems to 'disappear' for an extended period of time. My anxiety takes the situation and makes it something irrationally torturous.

I don't know if other people are having the exact same problem, but I guess I just wanted to share my perspective of this. *shrugs*

Sure! <3

Rather than posting it here email it directly to Meyaoi at

At least then you know they'll definitely see it and it won't get lost in the comments.

I think I took him to the flower shop and either the cafe or the restaurant. The location doen't really impact hearts much though, it's the actions you take. I seem to remember Tocchan that liked me holding/touching his hand before we were boyfriends and that he liked me touching his lips or hands after becoming boyfriends.

Thank you, I'll get on that right away. I don't know why I never noticed that the scene replay and CGs are the same... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Could someone help me with what I'm missing on Tocchan's route, please?

I've seen a few people complain about this so I immediately went and made a copy of my own save files just in case. Still haven't had this problem myself though, wonder what triggers it?

I finally saw the pink apron make an appearance, but it wasn't a CG or even a full scene. Tocchan's apron was getting old, so Haato offered his as a replacement. Not long after, foreplay started and Tocchan was wearing the apron but that's it. No other comments on it or anything, just that he's wearing it. Bit disappointing that there wasn't a scene for it but oh well.

Meanwhile I'm just realizing that I've had the Gakuran/teacher-student scene the whole time and could have told you that was the one you were missing (and how to get it) if I'd been paying attention. oops

I haven't finished Tocchan's route yet(I think I'm at September, with Tocchan as Dom/Top) but most of the default sex is indeed chibi. There are variations though, scenes that get triggered sometimes as part of foreplay or as separate scenes.

For example, I got a mini-scene during foreplay when I left a hickey on Tocchan the first time we had sex where he returned the favor. On the other hand I got a full scene in the Agency where Tocchan showed off his Sadistic side. I also got one after I got the purple dildo/vibrator, where Haato teased Tocchan and made him watch while he used it. All these scenes have their own triggers you have to find and are usually the ones that go into the extras menu.

But yeah, most of the sex scenes after dates are chibi-scenes (after foreplay).

thank you :)

Where do I send the bugs I've found? I've found more than a few since Ver9 showed up, and I'd like to report them while I know they're still relevant. None of them are really game-breaking, i think, but there's a few that are rather frustrating.

I seem to remember Meyaoi Games saying something about an email, but...?

Helpp :'(

Okay, so in my room I've found ways to increase Singing, Characterization, Technique, Charm and Knowledge, but is there anything to increase Affection? I know there's things you can do during the day to increase it but I was just wondering if there was any options during the night.

Oh, for anyone who's wondering about the options:

Singing is increased by regular lessons, paying for extra lessons, or singing in the shower during the night.

Characterization is increased by regular lessons, paying for lessons, or watching anime on a computer during the night.

Technique is increased by regular lessons, paying for lessons, or reading books on a computer during the night.

Charm is increased by watching Romantic movies at the cinema, working as a Bartender during the night or interacting with (talking to?) the mirror at night.

Knowledge is increased by watching Documentary movies at the cinema, working as a Tutor on Saturdays, reading books at the office, or watching the News on TV during the night.

Affection is increased by Donating to the Shrine(? I've never actually done this, didn't want to waste my money), talking to the Old Man in Shuu's building after he loses his wife around the middle of the year, watching Drama or Cartoon movies at the cinema or working as a Kindergarten Teacher.

Can someone tell me if I've missed any, please?

Seconded. I'd really like to know whether to expect the Apron CG or not on my current play-through or if I have to ensure he's a submissive/bottom.

Yes, this please. Even if it's just a guesstimate, it'd be nice to have an idea of when to expect it.

Yeah, I've found the best way to improve date quality is to touch them (You can buy presents but you don't need to so long as you go to a date spot with enough action points/turns). Each of them has places they like to be touched and places they don't. Touching them in the wrong place will upset them, so try to avoid it for a perfect date.

For example, right now I'm aiming for Tocchan's route. I take him to the flower shop because he enjoys it but it's also cheap (It only costs 500 to go to, so I still have money left for rent) and it gives enough action points for a perfect date. For Tocchan I touch his hand 5 times and the Smiley gets heart-eyes, meaning I got a perfect date.

Basically just make a save before a date with your crush and experiment with what they like. If you get it wrong or want to see what other things they like, just reload the save.