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I decided to try again just now (only minutes ago), to see if I'd get more lucky, but had the same thing happen again. I wasn't paying attention to the day, but it was after day 16, and we were past where we moved to the second floor.

There were 6 campers alive. I had been extremely lucky on rolls just before this point so I was very confident with my resources. I had someone on guard, over 20 wood (was trying to prepare for the upcoming 20 wood check), over 10 food, 3 medicine, and no one was even exhausted that night. Then the day ended, and I got another instant "All Campers Died" screen.

Yes. Especially on the latest occurrence mentioned, the one where I had my friend play just yesterday (so the memory is really fresh in my mind). 

She got really lucky and had a decent roll the day before it happened so she was able to get enough wood and food for all 7 Campers, had 2 medication already prepared, and had someone on guard. In addition to that, they were all healthy and fed. Then the day ended, and we saw an immediate game over/all campers died screen. 

I think it's bugged? On three different playthroughs, including the one I mentioned in the last comment, all campers just died randomly at once. I had 6 campers left in two of my runs, and in the third (when I had a friend play, to test their luck) there were 7 campers. All Wood, Food, and Health was full in all three cases, and yet they all died suddenly at the same time in each one, with no indication of why they died at all. :'(

I love the game, but I'm also quite frustrated at it.

I imagine there are some people out there who have amazing luck, were blessed by the RNG gods, and have managed to get to the ending, but I am evidently not one of them. I thought I was on my second run, as I got all the way to the attic (the furthest I've gotten so far), but then all 6 six of my remaining campers were murdered in one night, and I've had terrible luck ever since. 

The amount of 1's I've rolled would make anyone cry.

Same, I had 6 campers, ended the day, then got the "All Campers Died" screen. Don't remember what day it was, but I'm pretty sure it was over 20.

I'd like an answer to this, too.

Have you given them days off/breaks in between work days? Each only has so much stamina. You can manage their positions at the 'Ranch' during weekdays, and check their current stamina by examining them in the 'Employees' menu. Just move them to the 'Resting Area' to raise their stamina, and put them to work in the Factories to exchange their stamina for sellable items. 

Okay, so first I'd like to say that I love the base game, and that if you do too, I would recommend getting this, however I would warn you not to get your hopes too high as to the content. With that in mind:

I was excited for the plot, or what adventures we'd get up to this time. Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. Without spoiling, it seemed to dangle potential plot in your face, making you feel like it was ramping up to something dramatic, getting you speculating and excited about what was to come. And then the story twist was revealed, and just like that it ended. So abruptly that I was shocked.

"Wait, that's it?" -me after being returned to the title screen.

While I am very happy to get to re-visit this world I fell in love with so much (and the characters I love, too), I was left feeling kinda empty by  the end, due to this.

Although I did enjoy the last scene with the romance options, and the focus on the Hunter's reaction to the twist, it just felt like the timing and pacing of everything was all off.

It was also weird how different the writing was (specifically in the purpose of crafting the overall tone). The innuendos were especially heavy, unlike the original game, which made the characters feel just

Ultimately, as much as I love that there's something new for one of my favourite games in this genre, I sadly ended up disappointed in the depth of it's content. 

Thx <3

Alright. So, I've got each of the four romance endings for each pairing, but I'm curious what the other four endings are (the page above lists eight endings total).

Thing is, I'm not really up for playing through and potentially getting any bad ends right now, so I was hoping someone could tell me what the last four are and if they're all bad ones? Please?

Is there a date (or estimate) for when it will be released?

I am very much looking forward to seeing them all again. 

Will it be voiced like the game?

Can't say about discounts, sorry. No clue. For the prices though:

The $29.99 USD one is a pre-order, you pay for it now and get the game when it comes out fully. the $45 USD one has beta access, which allows you to play the game as it's being built. 

Thing is, since the latter is still early access, it's only got two routes complete so far, and is rife with glitches and problems. Thankfully, you can email the developer with the glitches you've found, and they can release patches for these problems thanks to all us players' help.

The game isn't out yet. You can get beta/early access (which only has the two routes so far) if you paid more than $45 USD, but if you paid the regular price of S29.99 USD, you only get the pre-order, and will get access to the game when it comes out only.

Did you only pay for the base (pre-order) game perhaps?

Thx, I'll keep trying to recruit him :) Hopefully, I'll get lucky

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I'm a little confused what you mean by Patreon. I don't know every reward on their Patreon site, but I don't think there's one like that on there for that price? 

Do you mean the beta version of the game, here on itch? Cause if so, it's a single payment on the game page for constant access to the ongoing beta with Finn and Moocha, if you pay $45USD or more.

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Also, side note: What kind of sacrilegious, monstrosity of a person, uses ketchup in the recipe to make sushi? XD

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Playing the Finn beta. 

I've successfully recruited every monster except the Dullahan in the Volcanic area. He was actually the first I tried to recruit, but it didn't do anything so I figured back then that you just had to recruit them in a specific order or something, but nope. I have full charm, the monster cookie recipe, all other monsters recruited, am married to Moocha, have had a child with him, and I still can't recruit the Dullahan. :( 

I have tried fighting to recruit him so many times that the sprites of the encounterable monsters all end up wandering off and disappearing from the map. 

Is it a glitch? Is he just unrecruitable at this stage of the game?

Edit: Also, I've been unable to get any 4* Volcanic ash for the medicine quest. I only find 5* when gathering, and that isn't accepted. Anyone know a way to get it otherwise?

I think I got broken glass sometimes in the slime forest, but I'm not 100% certain

I think you need to go back to school, hon. Or just do your actual research, you know, instead of immediately jumping on this like it's wrong just because you don't believe it should be possible, without any proof on your side. Meanwhile, I have the fact that it's actually taught and proven as, you know, actual science.

Not only can it potentially be caused by long dormant genes, but mutations also occur, and, as you mentioned, extreme albinism can also be a cause. So I absolutely disagree with your statement. 

If you're looking for high profile examples, or just don't wanna bother actually attempting to educate yourself, just google it. I'm sure the results will be delighted to enlighten you. Heck, online media love  jumping on stories of couples that had a baby with a totally different skin color, and the dad gets pissy or whatever, only to have it confirmed by a dna test that the baby is indeed his. Also, when asked about their most awkward deliveries, I've often heard obstetrician's use an example of when a child had the wrong skin color, and how they had to explain to the parents that it was normal. Those stories are always fun to hear, especially the parent's reactions XD

Anyhow, thank you for your opinion, but I must say, good day sir.

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Uh yes? Yes it absolutely does. It's actual science that we covered it in school in like, year nine biology. That's how a child can be born with green eyes when both parents have blue, or how in certain families a red-head always seems to pop up out of seemingly nowhere every couple generations or so. Like gosh, even today I was at a friends place, and they said that her mum was born blonde, while neither of her (yes, biological) parents are. Skin colour is no different. So long as a trait is carried in the genes, it doesn't have to be recent, it can still be inherited. It's uncommon sure, but it still happens. 

I actually have several traits myself that I inherited from my Great Grandmother, that neither my parents nor Grandparents have. One is that I have natural red and blonde streaks in parts of my hair, while both parents have just brown and black, and my Grandparents had dark hair, too. One of my uncles, inherited actual red hair, while again, his parents (my Grandparents) both had dark hair. (Edit: I also have MUCH paler skin than either of my parents. Thought this might be useful to add since your argument was specifically about skin colour, even if it works the same way).

Think of it like a big genetic lottery. The more recent a trait is, say directly from the child's parents, the more entries it gets in the lottery, and hence there's a higher chance of the kid getting those.  On the other hand, the further back in a family tree a trait is, the less entries it gets, but it still goes into the draw. It unlikely you'll draw one of the entries that has less, but it's certainly still possible. It's just science, hon. Do your research next time. :P

Taken from the game's page:

"(Please be warned that the beta is not yet thoroughly tested and your gameplay experience might be riddled with bugs). If you have any bugs to report, please send me an e-mail at"

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For the skin color thing: This actually does happen in real life, it's completely possible for a child to inherit a visible/physical trait from a family member further back than their parents, like hair, eye or skin color. I get it might be frustrating, but it's honestly kinda realistic, if unlikely.

Nope. The actual game is in pre-order. You can pay for beta if you want access early, and you get to play the incomplete game as they build it, and give feedback and suggestions, which they can use to improve the game as they go. Can be a pretty nice idea, when communication is good between game developers and players. Currently only one romance route is fully complete (Moocha's), and they're starting on Finn's. 

Basically, if you're someone who wants to play every route (rather than just a select few), and enjoys the idea of being able give feedback and suggestions, and would like having access to the beta, I would recommend giving it a go.

On the other hand, if you're someone who gets easily impatient, dislike the idea of having to communicate with the developers, or if you are someone who would get really annoyed by bugs or other problems, I'd recommend either buying the pre-order, or just waiting for the release.

Yeah, I was. I got it working now though. :)

For those facing problems, my experience was that the base game worked fine in the app, but downloading the dlcs in the app made it freak out. Downloading them through the website and then installing them in the base game's file worked, but then even the base game wouldn't run. So I uninstalled it, then reinstalled (still in the app), checked all the files were where they needed to be, and lo and behold, it works. Yay \0v0/

Okay, it seems to be all fixed and working now. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and it seems to have done the trick. Yippee the game won't open. The app tells me it's running when I try to launch it, but it isn't showing up. It's not even appearing in Task Manager. Which is funny, since the base version worked fine until I placed the dlc rpa files in the game folder.

Yeah, in the app it used to let you download the files, then you could insert them into the game folder manually. Doesn't seem to work in the app anymore. I'll give it a try from the website the way you said. Thanks.

Uh oh, I just got the Wedding dlc through the patreon link, and it's doing the same thing.

I was alerted to updates to both the base game and all the dlc, so I set them to download, only for all the expansions (Step 1, 2, and 3, and Voiced name) to fail with the message: 

"An error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown"

Can someone please help? I've got no idea what this means, or what to do.

I was alerted to updates to both the base game and all the dlc, so I set them to download, only for all the expansions (Step 1, 2, and 3, and Voiced name) to fail with the message: 

"An error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown"

Can someone please help? I've got no idea what this means, or what to do.


This game is still in development. You can pre-order it now, and play it when it comes out, or you can wait to buy (though the prices on games like this sometimes go up a bit after release, so I personally decided to buy it early). 

If you wanted early access to what's currently available, you can pay extra for the beta access. Currently only the character Moocha's route is complete for beta, and you can play all the way to the end with him, but no others, so if you don't like uncompleted games, it might be better for you to wait.

If you're looking for a completed game though, I'd recommend looking at their other game, Seiyuu Danshi. That's how I found this one. 

Have a nice day. :)

Finn will be my vote for the next route. His, Howl's, and Grizz's routes are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. <3

Yes, please. this is a magnificent idea.

Hey, just found this vn and thought it looks interesting. Hasn't even finished downloading yet, but I wanted to say sorry that some people are being shitty to you. I'm looking forward to giving this a try, and wish you all the best with your project. 

1-3 is where you tell Cove about the $20 his dad offered to pay you in Step 1, In the episode where you Cove and Shiloh are building sandcastles. I think 2-3 is the same thing, but in Step 2. Basically, choosing to tell Cove about the $20 in...I think it's the Dinner episode?

If you tell him in one Step, you don't get the option again later, obviously. So, I'd recommend making a save before telling him in Step 1, then once you've got the scene and the CG, loading that save and not telling him, then tell him later in Step 2.

Anyway, you don't have to stress too much if you were worried about the outcome of telling him earlier. I won't spoil but, if you need assurance, it all turns okay, even if it doesn't seem start that way :)

Not trying to sound rude, but could you guys stop using 'Spring' as a point when telling us when it comes out? I live in a country where Spring is in a completely different time of the year than other countries (September to November), so it's very confusing. 

Thx, and very much looking forward to the updated version of this lovely game. <3

You are not alone, friend. *sighs*