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On a not so depressing note. 

Anyone know where i can get some good cg arts done for free? 

-.- I am currently attempting to make a fangame of my own based on someone and all the movies he has been in. XD but the problem is. I NEED ARTS  AND SPRITES! 

-.- *sighs*  Frustration is real AAACK!

Sounds interesting! Tell me how it goes. I'm sorry I don't really know anything about CG :/ hope someone does tho!

Deleted post

This is true. 

And to be honest 

I respect artist and in this bind i wish i could pay them more. -.- But admin sadly is broke and this would be a free to play game which is the problem on my end . Also I have tried to make better cg art but mine sucks and isn't game worthy. So yeah. As much as i would love to pay an artist 2000 bucks for arts I can't -.- AND IM PISSED ABOUT IT!


It's a tricky thing, because artists definitely deserve to be paid for their work, but on the other hand there are probably a ton of games on here that wouldn't exist if everyone involved wanted to be paid what they're worth for the time spent on it. I've been in a couple game jams where we had fun and it was a good learning experience but no one ever made any money, and we were ok with that.

Maybe you could share the idea and see if any artists are interested in joining you, or like the story enough to want to make art for fun (and obviously recognition and a share of the money the game makes, if it's that sort of game). Or, idk what kind of game you're planning, but you might be able to go the Wayhaven Chronicles route of having it just be text.


-.- This is also true. 

Because all i can offer is recognition for the art. And i respects this because no one likes to not be recognized for something they love. 

But yeah the game concept itself is fairly simple though average otome. Fangame based off of someone which is why i am trying not to say much xD

<.< Concept wise is basically taking "A date with markiplier" videos and  turning it into reality. XP