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Neo-Gensokyo ZeroView game page

High speed bullet-time hack-n-slash in an alternate Gensokyo
Submitted by Firecat1311 (@Firecat1311) — 24 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Narrative / Writing#54.1904.190
Use of LGBT Themes#83.9683.968

Ranked from 63 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Fiore, Gubbles

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Whoa! A Cyberpunk setting!

Everything in here scores high in my book: the music is really good and fitting, the artstyle and animations look like something I'd see from a Nitrome game, and the game system is surprisingly deep!

And the story is coherent with some unexpected twists. 

What I would have liked is a pause key, even if this game is short. That didn't stop me from completing it again on Lunatic. And huh... to inform you all I think there are extra ending scenes depending on the difficulty. Which finally brings the closure I felt was missing when I played the first time on Normal. But I could be wrong, maybe the unlock condition is the amount of power, or playing it a second time. Or maybe I'm misremembering things again and I somehow skipped the ending scene involving


the members of NEO-UNDERGROUND.


Either way I thoroughly enjoyed this game! And even more after seeing the extra scenes.


The pause button is enter on keyboard, and start on controller. And yep, the extra ending scene is exclusive to Lunatic mode!



I loved the difficulty on this one, quite simple but one must learn how to dodge properly, even if there's only a couple of bosses, this was really satisfying.


Visually stunning, sharp gameplay, a cute lil story. Absolutely wonderful


how can one person create something that feels as sharp as hyper light drifter in only two weeks? i have literally no idea, but everything here is funky fresh


A solid game with a lovely story, funny gameplay and a very good pixel art. I love it <3 !

btw I think we need more about Utsuh0 and Alice (?


Like always, I think your game really shines when it comes to boss fights. Thoroughly enjoyed the requirement of learning to Abuse the Iframe. The story is simple and engaging, and +1 for the music as well. This is peak delivery.


Another smash hit from Fiore! Really love how smooth this plays. Easy to learn, somewhat hard to master but not too bad. Graphics and sound are top notch.


I thought it was going to be an old school beat'em up... OH BOY was a wrong and SO happy that with how this game turned out 


Goddamnit Fiore, save some skill for the rest of us.

The action in this game is juicy and dodge-y if that makes sense. The 4 difficulty levels vary but none feel unfair, instead they challenge you to pay greater attention to your enemies and learn strategies to get better at countering them. The animation is wonderful, the music is atmospheric while still calling back to Touhou motifs, and the Reimu calling Sanae, babe, is the highest point in this entire jam.

Ya killed it.


absolutely LOVED playing this, the writing was amusing and the visuals and music and aesthetics were all on point for the game! i'd totally be up for a full game like this


Amazing effort. I am amazed.
Gameplay is solid, music is great, writting is witty and goofy and fun, art is incredible, all around amazing. It even has some really unexpected ships that made sense in this setting, color me impressed.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I pretty like everything about this game. The controls feel so good. Music and art blends well.  Cant believe it was made such a short time with 2 people.  It has hard mode and everything. Great job!


Stellar combat, the zoom-ins and slow downs make a really big impact. Cute and stylized pixel art, amazing dialogue and character interactions, and the music & sound design was perfect to set the tone. Amazing job, great work!! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really fun game, I like how satisfying the combat feels. You really did your homework on game feel. Also the pixel art looks neat. Fantastic job there!  also red enemies that parry your attacks are too OP


An incredibly well built game with fantastic sound design and music.  Kudos to the sound girl/isopod and Fiore for this wonderful experience!


AWESOME! It also contains controller support (Which makes things a lot easier for me)! Really cool fighting game and very smooth controls. The sounds, bgm, and vfx are on point.


What a good game for a 2-week jam. Sound effects are on point, fast-paced combat is great (especially mixed with Danmaku elements). Just, amazing!


beat-em-up and shoot-em-up COMBO (OWO) awesome games as always. (=w=) recently learned there is this rating page actually... sorry.  I GIB 10/10 surprise AliceXUtsuho


Game is amazing, reminds me a lot of Crosscode in many ways, music is entertaining and uses the theme in a very cute way, 10/10

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

oooo... tasty

story is so cute and its fun to play

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