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astronomy is badass


i have done this before

it is more difficult here

and for some reason x isnt on right click

and i have no idea what it is drawing

but its still neat

i didnt survive :[

congratulations, user! you are the [[2]]st developer to have made use of rpgmaker mz! i respect the hustle. looks nice





i respect the hustle, we like marisa here, good luck in the future my friend

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but does snaunn also get a million dollars?

also i think yachie has bigger things to worry about. she is carded. i hope she can handle a dire wolf


yoshikas gimmick is impossible in ten desires and its impossible here, but unfortunately timing out isnt an option

great gimmick though, rare mizuchi anything

yeah thats what id call fire

thas a pretty nice three day textbox you got right there, and great art surrounding it

and breakout is breakout, its popular for a reason


what is this sort of thing called again? it's a bit embarassing, but i may have forgotten

ah yes, i recall now


intro sequence before titlescreen? hell yeah

it has a surprising amount of stages with good difficulty, would be nice if you could dash on the ground and do something less than a full jump but still cool

really like ya style here

i am so sorry

thought it had fullscreen when i built it

blood particles are awesome

it takes a long time to recover, maybe that woulda been nicer on some kinda hp system so you lose if you keep running into walls (although she is immortal)

the movement is good when i get a handle on it

touhou porject

my jenga was jengad at a mere size ten............but i am satisfied

funnie stone stacking stage one boss

good ploop sounds for polyp

peak.............the voice acting is smooth.............not the usual narrator but still very nice

i do not know if the oob counts as an ending but if it does i got all four

very short but very funny fantastic entry

collision is a bit jank but not a big problem

immortality? wouldn't have it any other way

no sdmg.............its ok............i can cope...................

you can nearly guaranteed not get hit if you just keep moving one direction, even moreso if you play in a smaller window because of the way enemies spawn



awedsome video game its like nothing else

thas pretty neat. circulastic


i preferred ringo way more so having to switch off felt kinda lame, i like the critical hit thing and that combined with how ringo attacks made it pretty crosscode-like (crosscode is my favorite game) so that was awesome, using out of ring instead of hp is unique

game looks good sounds good plays well lotsa juice great job all around

i hate uno

that card game is the very image of a dull infinity, the reason they tell you not to become immortal, for you will be locked in an endless ghetto of tedium, always going back and forth, always bleeding, never to hold anything in your hands again, never to live, never to die

every game of uno ive played for the last half decade has been cancelled because it simply does not end

but you

you prove that there is a way out

"right click to change color", the words that tell me that the dull infinity can be broken, that the life of the immortal need not be dreadful, that HOPE exists ANYWHERE, even as the new moon leaves the surface dark and impossible to navigate, in a whirlwind of skip and reverse turns and spellcards, IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE A CHANGE.


so many poses........lotsa drawing going on here. also contains what i believe is called a "rarepair". artificial scarcity? capitalism? cool game. i hope they get a million dollars before they have to flee the country due to mafia-esque debtor chasing

fiorejamgame no. 55 let's run the numbers here

clean art and lots of it, check
lotsa gamemakey juice, check
gamestuff is not too hard and not too easy, check
polished all the way through, check

and a serious story, this time!? we're breaking some new ground here, gat diddly dang

i do not often play puzzle games but this one goes down smooth. cool to see you do a non-actiony game (although i like actiony games)

i was unable to solve the second puzzle in bamboo introduction zone. it is impossible

also somehow i have also played another bunny-based navigation game vaguely recently

shooting is GOOD i like shooting things, i got a bit confused by the layout of the place around suika and for a bit thought that she was implying the demo ended at her but i eventually found yuugi and fought her and died and fought her and won. i like how graze gets ya your sub weapon back, i like how you can fire both subweapon and shot at once, pretty cool

also kinda hard to see my teeny lil mouse, custom cursor woulda been cool


it was kind of hard to tell who was going at any given time, as well as who would be up next. hp was kinda nebulous, i see that its like "guys in the squad" and "cumulative hp of guys" but i feel like it could have just been one of those. i didnt really look at the stats aside from defense. i get that the spoon guys get weaker at melee range but it also seems like they lose the ability to shoot entirely?


some people are saying the game is hard, i thought it was a perfect difficulty for what is more of a puzzle game than a strategy game, moving feels snappy and the sound effects are good, this is the first video game where "wait" is not an instant throw and i like the idea of it a lot. hexagon is neat

hi its me again just played latest patch and wow! addresses so many of my problems, even though they were my fault to begin with!

i hadn't actually played the entire way through, or even really done anything outside of the testzone until now, so basically like doing it normally. review: pretty awesome

patterns obviously you already know, they got that hood shit goin on, fantastic visual spectacle, although one thing i didn't realize would be a deal was that its actually quite easy to miss the "spellcard names" on the right, even though i knew they were a feature i kept forgetting they were there and didn't read what they said (which i already knew but didn't mean to miss)

the art is awesome, big fan of reisens boss sprite, i think i only saw the unshaded sketches for the talksprites before so its super cool so see how quality they turned out

you've got sound effects, actual sound effects gat damn i'll be catching up soon. thanks tami and taira komori and whoever else

even though i know its all technically ONE small cell in ONE stage youmu doesnt go ANYWHERE the cutscenes convey the movement and change of environments well, the text is pretty funny its great great game

this game is incredibly polished! lotta awesome visuals, substantial amount of patterns, even a daaaaamn spell practice............i meant to get that working too............

yeah i dont have too much else to say, i kinda stayed in marisa mode the whole time, and i kept getting pleasantly surprised at the fact that there was more to the game after i beat each boss

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engines kinda shit, node js is for lazy ass developers, the sword doesnt work during time slow segments, why does it say infinity in the top right, default controls are a and s???? no wii remote support??? whys it so damn big?????? ha ha

all in all, not as good as undertale, but substantially better. why does your 2d game have zfighting

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every single comment here they say "the font is hard to read" i say it is but thats also based. and awesome. i know about fonts and this is a badass selection. goes well with the fact that i cannot begin to pin down how this game was made. some kinda custom js and css? no idea. its cool. didn't scale to fullscreen. still cool

the backgrounds and teeny art are cool

there were a few text parsing errors but i know how that is

nice video game

boullets. lasers!

cool mechanic and a very pretty looking game. power of danmokou

it would have been nice if there was some way to see yuuka's magnetization lower on the screen or something because i did get slapped a few times just looking for the yellow

i forgot master spark was from yuuka for a seecond and got confused

i like how crazy the music is. we are very intensely reimumaning. debug enemy zone is neat to mess around with. reimu is : )

i couldn't tell if yukari was actually taking damage or not but i did not manage to defeat her

great music great physics i wish the camera would zoom out just a bit or a minimap or something

sometimes hitting things can be a bit wonky but its never really a bit deal and most things work as expected

reimu made me try a few times but its all fair

after this adventure, reisen two attempts to return to position in the lunar capital but since she is so stinky now (earth impurity) she is banned and can do nothing but ride the waves of snow for the rest of her days

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voxel kasen is awesome. thats what im basing my rating off of.

gameplay, she looks very gameplayable, there are shadows there, probably blender or something. three stars
concept well its a very big idea. very very big if she is lying on top of mountains. i assume those are supposed to be mountains. five stars
visuals are squares. four stars
audio hmm i feel like she could certainly try to lay down a beat but it might be a bit ass. the only hermit known for spitting fire is futo. two stars
story is very serious, she looks very pale, the games are presumably winter, its cold, i hope she gets better. four stars
challenge is there because my imagination is challenged in making this post. four stars
use of theme, its winter, winter is cold, cold is slowness debuff, game is late (slow), it checks out, five stars

overall, this is kasen ibaraki, potentially even in oni form. star


obviously an insane amount of high quality art here for three days, my condolences that it did not get far past that

all the detail in the talksounds and the ui is great, aya is my favorite and i hope all future aya voice acting globally will be composed of crow sounds

chiruno no sunobo-ru furenjii!

SCORE: 2600

rad as always

i dont quite get the golem mechanic admittedly though it seems like i can kind of just hit x whenever im in trouble without having to worry about running out as one does in the integer games

i kinda just held the thing on top of cirno and letty and they both died before i could see much of their patterns

AESTHETICS are super on point though and i was certainly able to appreciate cirno and lettys sprites before i cast them to the void

and as always, i cant score for shit! i did get a life while the score thing was counting up that wasnt counted in it. you can see it says i've got 5 remaining lives but i've got six up top

(2 edits)

very cool and polished little game i like it but i do not understand it

without the ability to dodge and a vulnerability time before shooting it seems like the only means of defense is shooting down the fairies, and as far as i could tell they respawn infinitely so i found it a bit hard (nuked on lunatic, nuked on hard, won on medium)

the shift to block reminds me of those arcade onrails shooters.......hit da pedal to go behind cover. it might as well be default behavior for when youre not shooting though instead of being bound to a button unless im missing something


edit: also it looks great. good pixels

the year is 20XX.
you are a demon, and your home is makai.
makai is nice. it is home.
it is expansive, and it is varied, and it is magical, and it is dark.
the sky has always been dark. this has never been a problem because water is always wet, and grass has always been red. that's just how things are.
a long time ago, your sister left home. she's older than you, and she's always been a lot stronger. after graduating from the demon's academy, she left to a place called 'gensokyo'.

she left to 'gensokyo', and she wouldn't have it any other way. even though you two were so close, even though she was all you had.

she said she wanted to see a different sky. an azure one, a scarlet one, one banded with the entire rainbow, one where water fell and stars shined.
that's stupid. that was stupid. it's just colors. there's already colors all over makai, just not up there.'s okay. people recover. you got stronger. you survived on your own. you didn't need her.
when the passage to that place called 'gensokyo' was sealed, you didn't care. you were over it. if she likes 'gensokyo' so much, she doesn't need to come back, anyway.

you're about to graduate demon academy. it wasn't for something cool like your sister. it's for 'communication via the arcane'. it isn't cool, but you like it. you learned. you worked. and you aren't going to give up on makai afterwards. yeah. you'll contribute. not like those blue-sky hedonists, who treat every day like a summer vacation. the spring of your final year, they say they're going to make an expedition to 'gensokyo', and they say they want you on the team.

well, i guess you'll do it. it's a good opportunity, and people will know your name.

it's not about finding your sister or anything, you probably won't even see her. this is a diplomatic expedition, just because nobody's heard from 'gensokyo' in many years.

you fly to the border of makai with your team, body light, mind heavy, and watch as the de-sealing specialists dispel the barrier.

before it is fully destroyed, they warn you. right now, it might be 'daytime' out there, something that means blinding light from the sky may flood in. although, it might also be 'night', which is more normal.

the barrier falls apart, and it is still dark. with trepidation, you and the team pass into 'gensokyo', from a mountainside.

it's spring, but...

it's cold, and there's snow everywhere. the sky is dark, a muddy purple.

it doesn't even look like 'winter'. winter has twisting and bare trees, frozen grass beneath the snow, lights shining in the distance...

it is as if spring has been stolen, and nothing has been given back in its' place.

your team looks upon a dark, cold, dead world. they find a village void of life, shrines with no gods or priests, and forests with only wilted trees.

uncertain about the situation, the captain splits up the team in the interest of time. each person is trained in long-distance communication, so it should be fine.

across a frozen lake, you see a great mansion. compared to the humble oriental abodes you had passed by so far, it is awe-inspiring. you kind of wish you could live there, but this place is cold.

you can fly, but you can't help but come to your feet upon its entrance. it is too grand.

the mansion's twisting prefix, once called a garden, intrigues you. it is only snow and stone, wall and floor, now, but it must have been different before, right?

you gaze toward the sky, looming over you as if a boulder ready to crush you.

sister, this isn't the place you wanted to go, is it...?

"Hi there"


that voice... k-koakuma...?

you turn behind you, and see a figure bound in heavy green robes. a person who has been living here, alone, for years.

a person who didn't succumb to the cold and have their physical bodies freeze, and a person who didn't need to rely on the faith, fear, or flesh of humans to survive.

a demon, from makai.

forgetting all your spite, all your resentment, all your anger, you rush toward her, and jump into her arms.

"Sister, I saw it"
"The azure sky, the scarlet sky, the grey and rainbow-banded skies"
"I am sorry I could never share them with you"

it's okay, it's okay.

you can't forgive her, but you can't hate her.

please come home.

"I will"
"Thank you, sister"