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bad at these quick puzzle-like games last time i got a tetris was in '92

managed to nuke almost all of the stages by mashing space to just be way faster than then and after 1 or 2 attempts with bad rng it worked out
pictured: what the game looked like after five seconds of hammering space

rhythm game concept always cool and maybe it is here if you are good at these kindza games

anyway music is jazzy and art is really nicely animated and looks super clean very well done

sus sus sus sus

whatever this danmokou engine is is clean as hell, looks better than most ren'py. second super quality unity vn ive seen this jam. looky all those cool lil effects, people jumpin in and bouncin around. autoresizing font for longer lines

about game mmm i like reimu and marisa's legal expertise, you got not one or two but four very recent touhous hanging out here all with very sharp tongues. sannyo and yachie are absolute beasts. mokou is as knowledgeable about historical dyemaking as you would expect and crimson vs vermilion is the new ladder vs stepladder (i agree with marisa). the ze☆ has seen less use recently but i think it is awesome and inclusion here is nothin but good

tl;dr: its awesome i only have like one hour to play like 7 more games before voting period ends but this one was worth it

cool jamming i likey bloons

waves seem to take quite a while to show up, upwards of like 3 minutes. no idea if they are gettin stuck on collision or what so i wasnt able to play every stage but still cool. big art is very nice and hud is pretty visible and helpful

uhh the 5 cost towers can miss a lot since the bullets they shoot are slower than the fairies thats it bye

disclaimer: i really did try my best to run this thing but after failing to get through the guix installed on virtualbox and with the fact that voting period ends in two hours its not happening. i watched the video someone posted in the comments of the game and just read everything they didnt include in it in notepad++
cant fault ya too much for not building for windows since i dont know how hard that would be with your setup but it is a tad limiting with who can play it
anyway terribly sorry about that since it seems all the comments have to bring up "running game hard :[" and you are probably tired of it

video game: great use of the public domain touhou sprites. you see em everywhere but they look nice and letcha focus on non-art things

pour one out for kanako, bringing corona to gensokyo has gotta be awful for pr. moriya shrine mighta just vanished because she gave up on getting faith

i have no idea why renko usami is in gensokyo like 50 years before she was born without maribel but i guess she is just pals with the gensokyo gals and thats alright

neat game (although i just read it did not do much playing)

its super fouckin rad!!

aside from the only slightly weird binds i got nothing bad to say its all banger. hood cirno, fairy with knife, stylin kagerou, its great

hitting enemies has fat impact with cool lil vfx, z works for most things but you can charge the thing up or use z for some speedier kills and knockback, you die kinda fast but you also save frequently

the boss is rad and the pixelart is on point. if you continue updating this as the ending implies i will be around to check it out

(also i was on v1.1)

dude below me said note lane would have been nice vertical and that was basically the only problem i had. rotated my head 90 degrees because otherwise i was hitting nothing. but actually about the game: the art was very cool and even though i wasnt looking at them much because gaming, the fighting sprites at the top were a neat inclusion. fumo

i did not encounter a single conversation note past one in the tutorial and it seemed like the game ended abruptly after the first non-tutorial song so maybe my copy was being weird but still good rhythm vn

also blocking notes is a funny mechanic but since youmu is swording it makes sense

super clean lil game with nice animations and simple pixels

puzzles are cool but it took me a bit to get the final one since it was more platforming-like

mario vs donkey kong march of the minis!? no way!

wonderful lil gameplay style here with some quick puzzles and a buncha art i skipped by clicking too fast once i beat the stage

its very cool and the inclusion of not just level editor but online ingame level browser is super rad. played all of em and contributed my own which doesnt work how i wanted it to but close enough

jump button sometimes doesnt work, maybe like a 30% success rate but didnt get in my way particularly in any of the levels, vanilla or custom

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(pictured: me being a tiny bit bad)

absolute props for the usage of newhu and the th18 extra stage track. have had to listen to it quite a bit while goin after no miss runs and this is the first arrange i have heard (it is good)

the genesis emulator or whatever you have goin on here works pretty awesomely, a tiny bit of interpolation but the pixels still look nice

would be nice to distinguish more between bombs and lives and also the seihou thing can happen where you reverse deathbomb by dying and using a bomb only to lose not only the life but the bomb on the next life

rad danmakugame as always

edit: unrelated to game but i just saw the pic on the game page with you standin next to it runnin on actual hardware with the gamer posters n stuff on the wall. cool as hell

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this shot type is so off the shits its insane. wide as balls unfocused and shotgunning better than marisa ever has focused. no idea what the hell is up with "shine" but i know it makes wriggle nuke patterns harder than momoyo's card does in unconnected marketeers. its ballin

rest of the game is funny too

edit: actual review: patterns are cool lotsa streaming bullet visibility is not the greatest but the hitbox does a cool glow and the bullets themselves all look neat even if some are hard to see

thank you i had thought i wasn't going to participate in the jam until the very last day when i magically generated the idea

graphics are super rad from the rainbow intro to the mountain tiles, physics are nice and i like the arc of the flower even if i never figured out what it did. i think i cheesed iizunamaru% by doing a super crow combo jump from the highest point in the map but the fact that i can even do that is awesome. did not get special endings but i will be sure to check em out sometime. its kinda hard to control your speed since you go from like slow -> normal -> speedy instantly instead of gradually but not a big deal since you did not make it boshy

wonderful all around

touhou can be kinda vague about things leading up to incidents in general and ddc i would say is more uncertain than any of the other windows games, and this does an awesome part at filling in the gaps. intentionally did not watch your uploads about the game before it was done so i was not expecting the minigames but they are all neat, and even though the first two are pretty simple the music and art carries. third was my favorite since you could kinda dance along to the music easily while still dodging everything and i will never say no to some vvvvvv so the fourth was cool too, especially in the escape sequence. lotsa rad art, wouldnt be surprised if some of the minigame sprites made their way to a danmaku game at some point because they already look the part

only complaint is that some segments like the aforementioned escape bit doesnt give me enough time to listen to the tunes!!! they are all very good

also it crashed when i changed audio outputs but that might be just about unfixable within a jam period depending on the engine

many thanks, the multiple windows thing is something i was thinking about for the recent gmtk jam but ended up not finishing anything for, i saw there was an extra day on the touhou one and i thought "i bet i can punch something out real fast if i am really sure not to overscope" and for once i managed to not overscope

massive respect to you and everybody else who was jamming for the whole time though i wouldn't be able to keep it up for more than a few days

i have no idea how it works but i really like the way they bounce and especially just throwing meiling against the gate continuously

there are a lot of talksprites and they are all nice. good slam jam simulator

this may very well be the most pleasant button mashing minigame i have ever played. i claw violently across two keyboards for a short while before refining my erratic slams to a mere portion of the letters, flowing between the allowed lanes as if i was playing ddr, until the final few seconds when the seas part and i return to my wanton plastic carnage

thank you for this


hitboxes were hard to figure out at first but pretty cool albeit a tiny bit cramped once i got it. hitting the boss has a rad effect but since their invincibility frames are so massive it kinda seems like it just happens randomly. i would say turn that down and bump up their hp so you gotta worry about hitting them
favorite part: you can whack away familiars and they stop shooting atcha

i am very good at sans-like things so i was doing great on kosuzu until she just decided to stop shooting and leave the screen at 1/3 hp

i know nothing about final fantasy eleven or fourteen or whatever rinnosuke's evil twin is BUT i greatly appreciate the chance to learn about this buront fellow which i did not immediately believe existed upon reading the thing in the menu but after finding a whole page on this man on the touhou wiki i have gained just a bit more stupidly obscure touhou knowledge.

also thank you for mentioning turtle head game i downloaded it months ago but forgot to play until rinnosuke brought it up

you really did it. put mpreg in touhou which has such an overwhelmingly female cast it can be comical. i don't even know what to say



i expected it to end on act one. it did not

whatever you have set up for the card game ai is perfect. it seems to get faster at matching over time as the two get to know eachother more with it being like 100% in the last two which is awesome (or im just lucky)

the font is great and there's the awesome 𝓉𝑒𝓍𝓉 𝑒𝒻𝒻𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈 with cool colours which i never would have expected from a jam game

in the technical aspect this is the most functional unity visual novel i've seen. doesn't run poorly, buttons are good, font isn't arial

and of course the art and text is wonderful throughout

i was sitting at 500+ fps all the time so i did not get to play much but i somehow survived anyway

all the graphics are rad, some real powerful dithering. music was flyin by real fast too but its got some cool stuff

this custom engine? gotta respect that even if there are a few bugs. whatever you have goin on its real clean in files, nothin but the exe and a pck

i can't believe marisa's most famous work was plagiarized............

all the detail and interactable stuff in the shrine is pretty neat

art is very good
thanks for all the extra lives died a lot
the boss has kinda a lot of hp but i also didn't realize i could switch to byakuren until i already beat it

many thanks
you're right, it's vx ace. not for any particular reason and i probably would have much preferred navigating javascript instead of ruby buttttttt vx ace is the only one i own so it was out of necessity. i didn't write most of the stuff on the code side though, borrowed a not-insignificant amount of scripts from yanfly and various other sources

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Had a massive data loss two days ago, but I've just about finished patching everything back together. (demo) release tomorrow!

woah, thanks for including it in your video! sub is yours my friend
tutorials and difficulty are absolutely where we messed up the most, mostly my fault since i made the map for ddr portion all in one very criminal sitting. at the very end we were pushing to get something that would tell ya the controls ingame but just missed it

reviewing now because i don't think i'll have time to play the whole thing before the voting period ends so i'm just basing this off of the footage i found and the concept

no idea how you got vr in jam, seems super tough to be testing constantly but congrats on pulling it off. when i first saw how massive the team was i was wonderin if everything would come together communication-wise but it seems like you got a legit thing out with the minor caveat of no build version, making the already niche vr even more difficult to try

but about the actual game: both 2d and 3d visuals are great, while i could not try the controls for myself bouncing around the ball and shooting looked neat if a bit floaty. advanced touhou vr angry birds

still clearly kind of a testing room with no particular goal or progression but honestly i don't think anything other than sandbox would have been reasonable within the jam period

i intended to post after i had cleared every stage but since the deadline for voting is coming up i will post now and edit once i get it all done

it's simply incredible. you get to plan out your whole route with free movement and then execute it whenever you want without having to restart the stage if your combo drops. buffer-like system is crazy good and i got used to it super fast even though i've never seen anything like it before

not to mention its a 3d platformer for a jam with on-point, if simple, visuals the whole way through

the "impossible to truly lose/die" feature may have been the best idea we had the entire time, cannot imagine what would happen if we just gated progress to you happening to be very good at three distinct gameplay styles

thanks for playing!

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cdi reference was originally test dialogue but we just couldn't let go of it when it was approaching the deadline. same with the slightly hidden morshu in the racetrack and we regret nothing

glad ya liked the game though, minigames seemed to be a bit polarizing mostly due to difficulty. fitting them all in was tough but since sleep isn't real and gamemaker likes jams we made it through

stepmania clone i wish i coulda tested on a dance mat, but mine broke down a while ago. to compensate i gave it about a thousand controller mappings so you can use any part of the thing to hit notes. i'm pretty sure windows calls dance mats controllers?

might be functional but you would be hard pressed to find somebody who can clear most of the stuff there on one. godspeed and thank you for checking it out

thanks for trying it out, rhythm game shouldn't have ended up as hard as it was unfortunately. story was that i was like "hey everybody's playing friday night funkin i can probably make it around that difficulty so its good for everybody" but i hadn't actually played friday night funkin in a while and sorely overestimated its difficulty


good game

played with pal (anumania), risk of raining very well, got destroyed 24 minutes and like 5 stages in when it got undodgable

difficulty probably woulda been good if we got all the items since we skipped a few, way more item variety than i expected even if most of them are risk of rain, good game thanks for the netplay

controls are a bit scuffed and collision is a bit inconsistent but overall its great. only being able to move while attacking is somethin i havent seen before and it works pretty well with meiling's simple moveset.

also animations are great and the opening/ending is perfecto

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short but you can learn how it works pretty well in that time, i imagine it would have some cool strategy bits if it was more difficult
oh yeah and the game looks slick as hell with the title and ending art

gordon freeman doesnt know anything, it shoulda been okuu in the resonance cascade

absolutely incredible, people are doing some crazy stuff with rpgmaker this jam. it might not break the confines of the engine spectacularly but this guy is still great

greatest achievement of mine is getting wriggle's minigame first try (basic counting) and then losing at eirin's twice (basic arithmetic)

looks great is funny

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could this be!? the legendary "seihou touhou", "western eastern"!?

i likey the rootin tootin shootin. yuyuko dies really fast to 2345 shot but stage is the best

awesome cartoony animation, never seen a touhou game lookin like this before. miko has way more patterns than i could expect from a jam game, and dying to them isnt a problem since getting back is so fast. super good

score: 171724

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in hard mode i truly had no idea what was going on but i finally managed to get a win out in normal. not sure if i can expect victory in a strategy game against a satori in the first place, though

looks cool, not sure why the games play so differently from how they normally do. anyway, i see an rpgmaker project file in here? this is actually in vx ace? that's crazy, well done

what, didn't enjoy the nuke that takes up 70% of the playing field? personally, fujiyama volcano is my favorite spellcard (im very sorry)