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now everybody knows

go brainless, yeah? go wacky. go positively bonkers, yeah? go mad bruv. lose your marbles, yeah? go foolish.

thanks, grov.

how can one person create something that feels as sharp as hyper light drifter in only two weeks? i have literally no idea, but everything here is funky fresh

i was trying to copy helltaker's thing of "only can use the exact correct solution to the puzzle" but since its a jam yeah i probably should have had some leniency with all the puzzles like i did with the last two. boss is a bit funky likely due to the fact that bullets still hurt you for a short bit while they are despawning, oops

anyway, thanks for playing!

my thoughts exactly

many thanks, i didn't want to do the whole game reset upon dialogue failure at first but iiiiii ran out of time and thought "puzzles are fast to get through whatever" but i probably shoulda fixed it

thanks for playing! making the puzzles with the hakkero was 100% the most fun so im glad it was cool to play. boss was kinda thrown together and i kinda wish i at least put a grid down on the map so you could easily tell where things were, but jam time limits, ya know?

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hello hello if anyone is playing and having trouble: check back here in a bit, i'm gonna make a short guide because it is a bit tough and i didnt include a level skip

edit: here it is

much appreciated, glad music worked out. this was my first time seriously trying to make touhou-like danmaku so that was what took a large portion of the jamming time. thanks for playin'

hello hello i am slow to get to replies but thanks for playin'. we were hoping to get to putting in multiple difficulties and getting rid of some of the rng but time was tight. future patch? who knows

yeah, it was a concept that when we thought of it the first time we said "woah, that sounds awesome", but it ended up having a lot of permutations that made the game unwinnable with the limited development time. we hope to polish it up a bit more in the future, but for now its' a bit incomplete. thanks for checking it out, though!

very cool short lil' game, i like just about everything about it. especially the music is pretty groovin'

wish i could comment on the end of the game, but i can't get past the duessa fight. compared to the other two, her patterns are a bit chaotic. the two where she's using four or so different flows of bullets to make a complex pattern are nice, but the opening pattern is waaay too random. the other pattern i wasn't so hype for was the short form border of wave and particle guy, really easy to get hit in quick succession. maybe my fault for playing on nightmare difficulty, but i found the other two's patterns to be a bit more fair.

my complaints are taking up a lot of this comment, but i still like it quite a lot

thanks for playing! glad i was able to make it lisa-like enough, it's something i was worried about.

yeah, i'm planning on making a version 1.1 with a reasonable difficulty + speedy text (hopefully a bit more content too?). i used a few too many random attacks in my haste to finish the game on time, and i want to make it more fair.

if you want to see the ending to make voting for some of the categories possible, i've uploaded a playthrough at, which, while having rather poor video quality, works well enough to read the dialogue.

thanks for playing, though! if you're still interested, check back after voting period is over and maybe i'll have the new version ready.

hey, thanks for playing. i pretty much agree with all of your points, and if you're still interested, check back in a couple days once the voting period is over. i'm planning on updating the game with difficulty selection along with some other stuff to hopefully fix the rng issues

in the meantime, if you want to vote based on the story/theme quality, i got a walkthrough up at

Yeah, I realize now I made it too hard and I was hoping to make a skip cutscene but I just ran out of time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for playing, though!ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)

Note: first version had a problem that caused a crash in the final cutscene. It should be fixed, but if it isn't, tell me at aeon#2682 on discord

many thanks, mister salad

sickass and a+ game, great job on everything.

story is fantastic, gameplay is fun, music is rockin.

lil question, though:

in my run, game ended after i killed heart and found the girl, and by that point my only party member was beltboy. after reading the comments for a bit here, it seems there's a few endings/routes. i played no joy pain mode, but i'm having trouble figuring out where the choices would be that could lead to different endings.