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yeah, i'm planning on making a version 1.1 with a reasonable difficulty + speedy text (hopefully a bit more content too?). i used a few too many random attacks in my haste to finish the game on time, and i want to make it more fair.

if you want to see the ending to make voting for some of the categories possible, i've uploaded a playthrough at, which, while having rather poor video quality, works well enough to read the dialogue.

thanks for playing, though! if you're still interested, check back after voting period is over and maybe i'll have the new version ready.

hey, thanks for playing. i pretty much agree with all of your points, and if you're still interested, check back in a couple days once the voting period is over. i'm planning on updating the game with difficulty selection along with some other stuff to hopefully fix the rng issues

in the meantime, if you want to vote based on the story/theme quality, i got a walkthrough up at

Yeah, I realize now I made it too hard and I was hoping to make a skip cutscene but I just ran out of time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for playing, though!ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)

Note: first version had a problem that caused a crash in the final cutscene. It should be fixed, but if it isn't, tell me at aeon#2682 on discord

many thanks, mister salad

sickass and a+ game, great job on everything.

story is fantastic, gameplay is fun, music is rockin.

lil question, though:

in my run, game ended after i killed heart and found the girl, and by that point my only party member was beltboy. after reading the comments for a bit here, it seems there's a few endings/routes. i played no joy pain mode, but i'm having trouble figuring out where the choices would be that could lead to different endings. 

pretty neato