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i hate to break the combo here but

this is the first time i have heard of this jam (i was clicking random internet links and got here) but this game is very funny. five stars. i wish i could be nicer and learn more about celestial anatomy for my next brawl with muhammad


we have thought about making a slightly upgraded package version of the kotohimegames and YES that would absolutely include all of the bullet parts, and probably also multiple difficulties since the current one is pretty much only possible for most people with the infinite lives

i did not make the text part of this game so i cannot comment on mokou's situation in ways other than "i agree" but glad ya liked it overall!

i did open the gallery i showed her many photos she hated all of them BUT that was then and this is now and i played it all again since i couldn't have loose ends right as the jam ends. got a pic aya liked

flandre is super finicky since you have to face not just yourself but renko towards them but other than that its awesome

i'm not allowed to vote for this game but i oughta leave a comment huh round it all out

but you already know huh we talk you know

SORRY for the development issues CONGRATULATIONS on the fantastic kotohimegame

don't even talk to me. you don't need to hear me speak. it is obvious. i will leave the fantastic-looking hiffu game for last

right now i haven't even started the game but i'm already impressed because BAM looks great and BAM i know you're doing it in ren'py. that isn't easy. most people stick with default font default textbox all those gross buttons at the bottom but look at how CLASSY this is. look at how CLASSIC it is. i wouldn't even be able to tell it was ren'py if it wasn't for the game's directory

heh heh....color quantized/reduced backgrounds made from real life photos................i do a bit of that................nice too bro

alright i'm done and wouldja look at that its the coolest game this jam. i knew it. can't fool me

the aesthetics? immaculate. can't even say art here because it's all of it and how it all goes together.  the ship? fantastic. don't know how you got all these shots without being on the perseverance yourself. the hifuu? on point. ten. i know about hifuu right trust me

the only slight i've got is that it's a wee bit easy but whatever right the job gets done i'm sure maribel appreciates not having to play portal 2 to not die

you already know whats goin on paper ass touhou lets hit it

although the game is only paper in battle mode! a shame. at least you get the iconic drop down status menu on space from 64. that guy was always great

the ART is nice the MUSIC works well the BATTLES are easy with all the items you get and when you get the parry timing

i do not have much to say! thank you rinnosuke for facilitating the romance and for being ""woke about capitalism""

hm yes this touhou is undertale enough for me i will take a gander

it is very good! i like the whole thing except for when i get hit

what does breaking the shield do on enemy turn? i always did it and it looked like maybe i got some gayze from doing so but i couldn't tell and it wasn't much

we have gone full circle

Waffle Jam 2 community · Created a new topic 5 mg?
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by mg (milligrams, unit of weight) do you mean mb (megabytes, unit of data)?

or perhaps the more generous 5 gb (gigabytes) because most engines cant export an empty project as small as 5 mb let alone a completed game

some people say this aint hittin the pride part of the pride jam. they must have forgotten "BE GAY DO CRIMES"

instant ten here, instant ten. look at those shaders. look at those explosions. god damn are there cgs everywhere. bussin

maybe i should try hotline miami again

look at you go huh bada bing what else am i gonna say new touhou jam game by firecat "fiore" 1311. been a while. thought you were outta the jamming game for good with your new rpgmaker and ren'py stuff which i will get to trying out oooone day

you already know whats bangin so i'll just hop to the minimal problems i've got

mostly: i am unactionable! sometimes feels like theres not enough time to react or you have to put yourself in a bad spot to deal damage (especially for the wood man books)

thats just one thing though everything else and im groovin

lets do this shit

"rated by 0 people so far"

yet we are given so much to work with! a tragedy. i have rated with less to go off of

first obviously we got those very nice very big talksprites. reisen is very purple. koakuma is very red. the background is very gameboy. neat

TOUHOU IN SPACE IM FEELIN IT i see the trailer you dont gotta tell me anything else for me to know what is going on and it is quite a thing to go on for touhou

one thing about the aesthetics though it is gonna take a lot of effort for pixelart to work in ren'py. kinda like unity. it is really obvious what is going on there and the font just doesn't line up with everything else. i'm sure you're already aware

the gifs on the page are kinda bangin. kinda awesome. wish it was playable ! stuff happens i getcha

we are almost done! building like! within a few hours!


TOOK me this look after originally trying but it being impossible

i dislike text-based interaction to begin with because it tries to be natural and intuitive but ends up being esoteric and not very natural at all (python). to be honest. same thing here. guess thats just parta the medium

but WITHIN those constraints cool game cool game i like the areas and taking everything in sight without knowing how to use any of it without a guide

the palette of touhous you got here is pretty good i like how the name is like the song and you do the three dates and they get continuously more parsee-involved

i almost got the second and third dates without a guide but for some reason the grate only does anything if you meet okuu in the dining room and i did not know i was carrying a bowl of rice in the third one

but the parts of the puzzles i did get were pretty cool. so was trying to bruteforce the game which included trying to kiss everybody

yuugi pretty funny

thanks for the guide

well wouldja look at that. its the uh. best game in two or three of the categories. by a pretty fair amount. usually it isnt so obvious

this shit plays like DIVINITY my guy FOR REAL

super short but SHIT is it pretty and SHIT is it smooth. what physics. god damn. slap these in any full game and youre set for life. you can only jump and kick and dive but each of those moves work so well.................kick sets your speed flat so its good while moving slow and bad while moving fast unless you gotta stabilize your y........................bussin


jaykingames. buddy. it must be so difficult. you bear the world on your shoulders. you are atlas, and us living on the earth can never understand your struggles. we can never understand your unique viewpoint. we can never understand the weight of your mission. all we can know is that it is a holy one. blessed be the man who never fails to bring his creations to life, WITHOUT CARE for those who do not understand, WITHOUT CARE for what will bring him fame or fortune. some would say it is art in its most pure form. you accept a prompt and a canvas, and block out all other distractions of the outside world. in that, it is perfect. or at least, it cannot be claimed to have any flaws so long as the one who wrought its genesis is satisfied.

god bless jaykingames, and god bless equestria.

that's metal as hell.

you hit me with BOOM monogame and im already seein bonus points. who needs "unity" or "ren'py" or "gamemaker" (gamemaker user)

then you hit me with BOOM very antique textbox. you dont see this kinda stuff unless you dig real deep in old flash games or some comiket stuff on vndb. i quite like it and also the attempt to work around what is presumably the textbox limitation of "shit dont work right unless its a monospace font" (i have this problem) by using a nice-looking almost handwritten style font. obvious problem: if you press enter before the box is done it skips the rest of the box. the text speed isnt slow to the point that i would mind waiting for it to complete but sometimes i accidentally just eat entire lines. second problem: when drawing the final line of a box it slows down in proportion to how much shorter the line is than the textbox, unless its the first line. funky

also third problem: i had massive consistent audio desync after the first song. almost a quarter note exactly. i would have changed the offset if i remembered how but i did not! it is only on the title screen! oops!

the rhythm minigame is cool though i like it. being a stepmania player i had to rotate my head 90 degrees to play but i also do that to read sheet music because im a dumbass so not the game's fault

the maps are pretty nice and while it is funny that you play as cirno (never seen) i hear the streams in the guitars...................mmmm.............gimme

its incredibly forgiving which is probably good for a jam entry. doesnt seem like theres any way to hit a note too early so theoretically you could just turbomash and get everything. maps are pretty good even if its not a style im used to

ART is nice. lil. funny dudes. just doin music. on the title screen there is what looks like a cg of mystia and kyouko sitting together but it never shows up ingame. shame since it looks nice! also all the backgrounds look nice! kinda like aforementioned secret comiket games. fairly awesome

fourth problem: audio goes wacky. the static area gets longer seemingly every time a song is called so im guessing you are reading some fouckinnnn data past where you should or otherwise wrongggggg i dont know i use gamemaker lmao

awesome game

congratulations, my friend. it is a banger. there are many visual novels this jam  but this one is by far the meatiest. you coulda told me any of those chapters were an entire entry and i would believe you and still rate them well

and first lemme just say: silent protagonists in video games? very overdone. in fact kind of annoying by this point unless there is a very good in-story reason. but in a visual novel? stupid bold. thats a crazy thing to manage when you are doing much more conversing than jrpging or shooting. respect

the art is consistently very clean throughout and i absolutely appreciate even the slightest changes to the default ren'py aesthetics and the font you chose is very nice

speaking of aesthetics one thing you have probably heard about is the choice of real photos for backgrounds. and you know what: i totally get it (had to do the same thing)

i ended up putting some filters on mine before slapping them in and making some tweaks so first when i saw em here i was like "lame" but upon further consideration? ya know? kinda interesting

normally settings in gensokyo are idyllic or mystical or have some really heavy theme or something as goes anime-lookin environments but the very grounded aesthetics make gensokyo seem like a real place you could go to and then get arrested for trespassing. would not have fit my game but with what you are doing here (wandering around and talking to people) it is not even a problem at all and kinda cool

i got aya good ending. haven't gone for the others at the moment but i may very well do so later

thanks color quantized larcei

if you think the battle section could be cooler boy let me tell you about a game that does exactly that. its free and out now and you can download it and run it on your computer in english or japanese for free on machines of any performance level. download today. if you do not do this you will explode

thank you very much!!

the hardest part was separating the verbiage of the lunatic princess from that of the maniacal princess

i am very lucky many people know about the very esoteric touhou information included in this game, thought i would get comments full of ????????????? because of inane references to things that only have stub pages on the wiki

when i wrote in refer to my game as among us vr experience i did not know it would show up on the main rating page! however i do not regret it


youre kiddin me you put everyone in this game. well. not kotohime. BUT thats a really big cast isnt it

you say in the guide that it would be good to have a team that has more than one attack type but i don't see why that would be necessary. against all tier four opponents you lose half your dps unless you have both people on the sole damage type they are vulnerable to, and it seems like theres no restriction on or penalty for switching teams at any time

not that i needed to use those strats because i came upon "joon + alice"

which is a team with no bomb cooldown. you can just it as fast as you want and shit just goes. combine that with shinmyoumaru + yuyuko

many lasers and not very long cooldown

and you got an undefeatable team. i didn't really have to use many others once i got these

still though very cool game lotta detail in giving everybody slightly different shots and each person their own boss attack

kotohime has approximately twenty lines and minimal screen time in her only game appearance but they are quite striking!

the artstyle thing yeah we kinda had five people helping do art and everybody was constrained in some way or another

thank you for playing kotohime game number one look forward to the other one by luyuu!! when we get our final assets together!! i promise its real!!

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i feel like the message of the game (reimu and marisa are dating (presumably)) is contradictory to the very helpful strategy of MARISA BODYBLOCK

movement is kinda floaty and weird about collision but its alright since game is easy and the art is just great lil dudes with nice music on top

letty says my game now fuckos after the human incident resolvers run out of continues and proceeds to do a pacifist lnnn run

its comical how letty it is

yeah we do a bit of last minute "we do not have an eirin sprite" in mspaint. for fun

the music is quite great, got tami to thank for that

its aight its still a funny lil guy

great ost !

there are two kotohimegames! i provided the framework for this one and we shared many visual assets but this is entirely composed by luyuu

thank you for waiting it will be here sooooon

i also really like cave story so the vague outline of a cave dweller is immediately recognizable to me. very nice though, i haven't played many mods in a while and its always good to have a comfortable control scheme and character pop up unexpectedly

and look at that you even made the on the ground sprite

i forget if the game mentions if youre gonna keep working on it or not but if ya do i will be there to see it!

i am sorry! i did not want to be too cruel since there is clearly a good amount of work put into it but truthfully i did find it hard to control

my suggestion about speeding it up is just based on my limited experience with groove coaster, and comparing the two it just felt like speed was what made one harder to read than the other for me

maybe there is a better solution! i do not know it is your game good luck

never change

i couldnt beat it because it was too HARD and ZOOMED IN and i couldnt CHEAT

but still, instant ten

the risk part: thats cool yeah i don't mind it, it just makes the design deviation there much harder to work with. cool minigame concept and i like the metaphor or symbolism in it

hello its me again you know

this is probably my favorite entry so far even though i do not know how to beat it

they are all very funny and tiny and i wish my local museum had platforming and youmu in it

i am stuck at aya and have tried many things such as incriminating youmu by taking a picture of her with cirnoium but nothing seems to work

still awesome

pictured: crimes

fantastic game great art great music cool ending i liked raiko

gotta go through that part fast. so i can ask about. blackjack. what is going on there guys please

call me sheltered but in what world is jack 11 queen 12 king 13 ace only 1

its impossible to lose the rounds when all cards are exposed and its impossible to have any strategy for the later ones since you could pull a 13 and bust from 9 on god on god

and what does joker even do? it just seems like a 0. cards look great though my favorite was the queen

and then the rhythm minigame i couldn't even tell which of the four lanes i was, let alone what the difference was between the two lanes i was given were. at first i thought up and down were the top ones and left and right were the bottom but now i just have no idea

one thing that is great though lemme tell ya

the textbox. now that is a man's textbox. spawn effects on text, shaky text, sized text, italizized text, varying talksounds, and RAINBOW text. i thought i had a good thing going in mine but this guy might just nuke it

it sure is touhou with castledvania (guy who has only played half of sotn)

i think i did a skip of nonzero skipping power by getting massive air from the orbs outside the sdm

the power system is probably cool but i never needed to use it since left click and eating the plentiful amount of food let me withstand any amount of damage right up until nue exploded

i like the platforming you gotta do to get into the sdm from the outside. thought i was softlocked from the skip for a second until i realized you gotta street smarts

cool reimu kills everything simulator

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i picked byakuren+miko and wowza what a shot. very bold. their own pride is shown in full force in the way the screen lights up the moment you press z. it uh. almost lights up to the point of it being hard to see where bullets are

i like the patterns and colouring of everything, but it feels fairly cramped and a bit fast. i'm no seihou  or traditional shmup player but i play unreal len'en and hard touhou so i am fairly confident in my ability to sightread, but i just had no hope here. stage was bam bam zoom shwoop and chimata was pew pew boingoingoingoing. these sound effects indicate danger to my lives so i ate like most of the patterns with bombs

i do like the continuity from the last game though with rinnosuke, and i liked what i saw of the boss patterns

i also notice sakura petals drop when you shoot chimata. it doesn't seem like we have pcb border here, so i'm not sure what's going on. are there bonus mechanics?

hello cave story. you can't fool me. i've pulled the same trick and i know a complete mychar when i see one

jade's house is very scary! i would not want to live there, regardless of how many chests containing a single item of touhou cosplay it held!

the lil dress up mode is pretty neat, it would be cool if there were some like levels and gameplay you could customize the guy for and then take the getup out for a stroll

aaaand the art is very nice, especially for this being a solo entry. otsukaresama

i hope jade does not fall into a hellish social media addiction

i am sorry! i stopped playing when i died while looking for money in bushes! forgot to use potions!

it's pretty hard to tell where an enemy's range is. one guy was just hitting me from anywhere in the map and i thought i was taking damage because i was running into walls

i just played it like necrodancer with no time limit or gold worries where you run into walls until the enemies step into the right spot to kill themselves on you but i couldnt tell if it was working because it was working or because the other guys just weren't attacking

the talksprites are very nice and the movement is pretty servicable

i like the thorough command options for items

that would be quite the feat to reach over the keyboard and double your input speed while keeping one hand on mouse. i think any guy crazy enough to optimize to that point deserves it, even

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helloooooo other aqwa team hows it poppin

i'm coming at you live from "other guy who made a visual novel with talksounds and minigames in a non-visual novel focused engine"

and here i'm seein a worthy competitor, yup yup.

i like how the sentence creation minigame actually has multiple possible options and isn't just "find the only set of words that makes a valid sentence" like a certain persistent part of a game series that will not be named but starts with dangan and ends with ronpa

and presumably takes you to different routes? neat. i got the village good ending, not sure how many there are total

if it was anyone else, i would immediately point out the plothole that okuu has gone to the surface in good ol hi sou ten so ku but i suppose she simply forgot. it's been a while

the biggest qualm i have is [[default unity arial in a visual novel]] because im real big on fonts and i have seen the tragedy default unity arial repeat itself too many times